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From Sheets to Comforters, This is the Best Time to Buy Your Bedding

And January is *not* the only month where you can score a deal!

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Best Time to Buy Bedding 2024

Here at Trendsicle we’ve been covering sales and deals every month on hundreds of popular products since 2017.  From years of data we’ve discovered some of the best times of the year to score the best deals (here’s how we do that).  This time around we’re covering bedding (sheets, pillows, comforters and more).  Let’s do this!

Whether you’re just looking for some great sales on super comfy sheets, down comforters, bed pillows, blankets – or a combination of all of those, finding the best time of the year to get the best deal on all types of bedding can be confusing.  Don’t stress because we’ve used our own 5+ years of website data where we’ve run sales on over 300 different bedding essentials and ran that against the top retailers who were having these sales all throughout the year to discover which month(s) is actually the best. 


By the Numbers

Quick stats and facts based on our own internal data, experience, and years of covering sales on bedding.  Plus, it’s fun to see numbers move, right?

# of Years Covering Bedding Sales


# of Bedding Sales Analyzed

individual sales

Avg % You Can Typically Save

0 %
on average

The Best Month to Buy New Bedding

Let’s just cut the chase.  As you’ve probably guessed, we’ve found that January is absolutely the best month to to buy all types of bedding must-haves.

Many of the top retailers we cover offer major clearance sales to make room for new inventory after the holiday rush. You can find significant discounts on bedding sets, including sheets, comforters, duvet covers, and pillowcases. Keep an eye out for “White Sales,” a tradition that dates back to the late 19th century when department stores held sales on white linens in January.  And don’t worry, it’s not just “white” bedding essentials that are discounted throughout January!

More Times When You Can Score Bedding Deals

It’s almost like we could say that you can find a great deal just about any month of the year.  But, in all reality, there are 5 major months where we’ve seen the biggest discounts on things like sheets, blankets, pillows – you name it.  Below we’ve broken down the specific months where we see (1) the most sales run and (2) the biggest discounts and (3) why we’re seeing it.

February:  As Valentine’s Day approaches, many retailers offer promotions and sales on bedding items as part of their Valentine’s Day specials. Look out for discounts on romantic-themed bedding sets, especially online.  But it doesn’t just stop with V-Day.  Usually we see upwards of an extra 30% off during President’s Day Weekend.

July and August:  Mid-summer sales events, like Fourth of July sales and Back-to-School promotions, often feature discounts on bedding. Retailers offer deals to attract shoppers looking to refresh their bedrooms or prepare for college dorm rooms.  And don’t forget the highly anticipated Amazon Prime Day which, historically, takes place in the 2nd – 3rd week of July.  

November and December:  Black Friday and Cyber Monday are prime opportunities to snag bedding at unbeatable prices. Many stores offer doorbuster deals and significant discounts on bedding sets both in-store and online. Additionally, holiday sales leading up to Christmas can present excellent opportunities to find discounted bedding gifts.

Off-Season Sales:  If you’re looking for savings on bedding that may not work for the current season (heavier or lighter comforters, flannel sheets, linen sheets, etc) you may want to stock up and save during the off-season.  Off-season sales, typically in the spring and fall, can also yield great deals on bedding. Retailers may discount items from the previous season to make room for new collections. Keep an eye out for clearance sales during these times.

Best Times to Buy SPECIFIC Types of Bedding

Again, pulling data over 6 years on bedding “overall” was pretty helpful.  Luckily, however, we were able to filter and narrow dow by “type” of bedding; bed sheets overall, silk sheets, down comforters, bed pillows, etc. It was surprising to see that many of these have the best deals all in different months.  Check out the quick list we’ve pulled together so you can use it as a cheat-sheet for when you’re ready to buy:

Bed Sheets (Overall): January for White Sales and July for mid-year clearance events.
Linen Sheets: Late spring or early summer for off-season discounts.
Flannel Sheets: August or September for back-to-school sales.
Jersey Sheets: November during Black Friday sales.
Microfiber Sheets: Year-round, but look for deals during major sales events like Cyber Monday.
100% Cotton Sheets: January for White Sales or during mid-year clearance events.
Silk Sheets: July or August during summer clearance sales.
Comforters (Overall): November for Black Friday or January for White Sales.
Down Comforters: October or November for fall clearance sales.
Bed Pillows: January for White Sales or during back-to-school sales in August.
Feather Beds: February or March during end-of-winter clearance events.
Bed Blankets: September or October for pre-winter sales.

The "Worst" Month to Buy New Bedding

If you’re looking for discounts on “new” bedding for the current season you’re in we recommend avoiding purchasing at full price during peak seasons like spring and early summer when demand is high, and retailers are less likely to offer significant discounts. Additionally, waiting until the last minute to buy bedding for specific events, like as moving into a new home or hosting guests, may limit your options and result in higher prices.

Some Top Retailers to Find Best Bedding Buys

When hunting for bedding bargains online, consider checking out the following websites:

Amazon:  Amazon offers a vast selection of bedding options from various brands and sellers. Keep an eye on their daily deals and lightning deals for limited-time discounts.

Overstock: (now Bed Bath & Beyond) frequently offers discounted bedding sets, often with substantial savings compared to retail prices. They also have a clearance section where you can find even deeper discounts.

Wayfair:  Wayfair is known for its extensive collection of home goods, including bedding. Look for their frequent sales events, such as Way Day and holiday promotions, to score great deals.

Macy’s:  Macy’s regularly runs sales on bedding, especially during major shopping events like Black Friday and Memorial Day. Sign up for their newsletter to receive notifications about upcoming promotions.

Target:  Target offers a range of affordable bedding options, and you can often find clearance items both online and in-store. Keep an eye out for their weekly ad for bedding deals.

In Conclusuion

With strategic timing and a bit of patience, you can score fantastic deals on bedding throughout the year. Whether you’re looking for a complete bedding set or just need to replace a few items, keeping an eye on sales events and shopping smartly can help you save money while creating a cozy and stylish bedroom retreat. Happy shopping!

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