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The Parachute Presidents’ Day Sale is Giving 20% Off Their Famous Mattress

Now is the ~ perfect ~ time to score an amazing deal on the latest Parachute mattress!

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Parachute Mattress Sale 2024

  • Parachute Mattress Sale is Happening This Presidents Day
  • Extra 20% Off Their Mattress
  • Starts on 2-14-2024
  • Ends on 2-19-2024
  • Sneak Peek the Mattress Here!

We have fantastic news for all the Parachute Home enthusiasts out there!  You know Parachute doesn’t have a ton of sales throughout the year, but – breaking news – they’re actually offering an extra 20% off their famous mattress this Amazon Prime Day!

Why is the Parachute Mattress So Popular?

Outside of the mattress just being so super comfy, their Eco Comfort Mattress is really like a superhero for the planet! 🌍

From tough-as-nails tempered steel to the cuddly softness of organic cotton and pure wool, their mattress is like a cozy hug for you and the Earth.  Ok, maybe we’re taking that to the extreme – but you get it.

But wait, there’s more! If you’re like us and concerned with things like chemicals and other things that can be bad for you, Parachute banished foams, adhesives, and chemical flame retardants from the making of their famed mattress. No gimmicky layers here – just pure, unadulterated comfort without any toxic stuff. Because, really, who wants to snooze on a mattress that’s anything less than dreamy?

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Sleep soundly knowing you’re on a mattress that’s not just comfy for you but also a high-five to Mother Earth. The Eco Comfort Mattress: where snoozing meets sustainability in the comfiest, coolest bedtime story ever!

Oh, and did we mention their amazing trial and returns deal?  You’ve got a full 100 nights to cozy up on your fresh mattress and decide if it’s your dream sleep pal. We totally recommend savoring every snooze during this trial period!

If, for any reason, your mattress doesn’t spark joy, fear not! Reach out to their fantastic customer service team, and they’ll gladly accept returns within these 100 dream-filled days.

What are the Presidents' Day Sale Dates?

Presidents Day is officially on Monday February 19, 2024.  But we have some really great news.  Parachute is starting their sale super early this year.  In fact, the mattress sale starts on February 14th and ends at 11:59pm on February 19th.  Starting on Feb 14th?  We know who our Valentine is this year!

What Can You Really Save?

So yeah, for real, you’re going to get an extra 20% off their mattress.  And, yes, in every size they carry.  Here’s a breakdown so you can better get a feel for just how awesome this deal is:

  • Twin Mattress:  $1,500 is now $1,200
  • Twin XL:  $1,500 is now $1,200
  • Full Mattress:  $2,200 is now $1,760
  • Queen:  $2,400 is now $1,920
  • King:  $2,600 is now $2,080
  • California King: $2,600 is now $2,080

The Official Parachute Mattress