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Yep, Sherbet the Gotta Go Flamingo Actually Poops!

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So in case you were wondering just how well 2024 was going, besides the Coronavirus, rioting, multiple hurricanes, all things politics, and that impending astroid that’s about to hit the earth, now we can welcome with open arms one of the most anticipated toys of 2024; the Gotta Go Flamingo!  And, yes, he actually poops.  What a time to be alive!

What’s Little Live Pets “Gotta Go” Flamingo All About?!

Well we’re certainly glad you asked.  If it’s one things that most kids love these days, it’s poop jokes.  So why not have a lovable toy that actually poops right into its very own toilet?!  His name is Sherbet and when your kiddos feed him his magical flamingo food he’ll actually eat it.  But that’s not all!  His long colorful neck will move all around and wiggle while he “digests” this magical mix of food.  You still with us?

Watch Sherbet Pooping Flamingo Poop 2024

After he swallows all the food everyone in your home will squeal with delight when Sherbet actually laughs and starts to sing his famous song titled, “Uh Oh, Gotta Go!”  We wish we were making this up but, alas, 2024.  And then this is when the true magic happens.  It’s time for Sherbet’s money shot!  That’s right, he’ll poop right into that big beautiful white toilet he’s sitting on.  We’re already filled with so much holiday joy!

In order to really teach your kids a lesson and prevent them from ever wanting a dog, they’ll have to use the “poop scoop” that comes with Gotta Go Sherbet and clean the poop out of the toilet.  Don’t worry, it instantly dries and can be used again and again.  And again.  Oh, and again.

Does Gotta Go Flamingo Actually Poop? Yes!

This genius flamingo will also repeat all the funny phrases you say to him, back to you.  Who doesn’t want to hear your kids poop jokes playing on a loop over and over again? While none of this is a joke, we’re kinda digging Sherbet.  And we’re predicting everyone will be talking about him this Christmas, even if it’s just for a joke gift.

What’s the Cost?

The suggested retail price of the Gotta Go Flamingo is $34.99.  It’s not too bad, but we usually feel like comedy is priceless.

When is the Official Release Date?

This Little Live Pets Flamingo is being released into the wild (aka online and store shelves) on September 1st.  You can actually pre-order him now right here on Amazon.

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