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The “Oh My Gif!” Collectible Toys are Actually Pretty Genius!

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Your kiddos (and you) are pretty obsessed with Gifs so it was only a matter of time before there were collectible toys that were released that would bring them to life, thanks to OH MY GIF!

OH MY GIF! Toy 2024 - Where to Buy In Stock Online 2024 Series 2 & 3

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As this insane year continues to truck on, so do all the toys your kids are asking for.  That never takes a break.  One of the hottest must-haves of the year are the collectibles from OH MY GIF!  If they love their 5 Surprise Mini Brands (and we know they do) they’re going to love these little cuties that actually move and provide funny messages just like their favorite online gifs!

What is OH MY GIF All About Anyway?!

These are the latest toy obsessions from Moose Toys that brings popular online gifs to life.  We’re a tad late-to-the-game so they’ve already released Series 1 and Series 2 (Series 3 is rumored to be out before the upcoming holiday season).  What’s really cool about these (besides being super cute and funny) is that each Gifbit (that’s what they’re called) has their own movement, surprises, and message when you move them.  Some you tap, some your push, some you twist, and more.  Revealing the funny message is probably the best part!

Right now there are over 60 different Gifbits to collect.  The good news is that these usually come as a package deal so you can get multiples at once.  The current team teams include:

✔︎  Besties
✔︎  Wow!
✔︎  Goals
✔︎  Fail
✔︎  Current Vibe
✔︎  Sup

They even come with their own AR code so you can shoot them on your smartphone or tablet device and share them with your friends!

Some of the most popular ones right now are:  Pickle Puggo, Typing Away Catly, and Working Out Doughboy.  These are all really super fun!

What’s the Price Going to Set You Back?

The good news is that these are actually pretty affordable.  The suggested retail price for a pack is just $9.99.  We’ve seen them on places like Amazon for as low as $9.59, but click through to get the current price.

Where Can You Find Them In Stock?

So these are, literally, flying off the shelves and they’re super tough to come by as your kiddos have been begging you for them over the past few months.  Check the current in-stock status from the top retailers who carry them below:

✔︎  Amazon – Check In Stock Status
✔︎  Walmart – Check In Stock Status
✔︎  eBay – Check In Stock Status

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Working Out Doughboy

Pickle Puggo

Typing Away Catly