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7 Magical Encanto Toys That You (And Bruno) CAN Talk About

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It’s official.  We’re all obsessed with every member of the Madrigal family from Encanto – a little movie you may have heard of? If your kids (or even you) are looking for some of the newest and hottest toys from the magical Disney movie, I’ve found some total amazing finds.

Best Encanto Toys + Dolls 2024

It doesn’t even matter if you have young kids in your house, the fact of the matter is that everyone can’t get enough of Disney’s ‘Encanto’ and now their official toys, dolls, and apparel are flying right off the shelves.

There’s really nothing that Lin-Manuel Miranda can’t do.  At last tally, Encanto has made almost $100 million in the United States and more than $240 world wide.  And if those numbers aren’t shocking enough, the whole “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” song and trend continues to takeover TikTok with more than 3 billion (yes, billion) video views – and counting.

To say that we’re not all jonesing for the latest merch from the movie from our favorite Madrigal family (and friends) is an understatement.  Whether you’re looking for official character dolls and figurines, LEGO playsets, plush stuffed animals – you name it – I’ve been able to find a little something for everyone.

My only real advice to is to make sure you’re picking out your merch from reputable retailers where they’re able to sell fully-licensed products from the movie.  You don’t want any counterfeits! Because this can totally happen, I’ll only be recommending toys from Walmart, the Official Disney Store, and the Amazon Toy Catalog.

Check out some of the best (and new) toys, dolls, and overall gift ideas from Encanto (so far) in 2024.

1. The Mirabel Singing Doll

Singing Mirabel Doll

$25 | Disney Store

$25 | Walmart

Perfect For Ages:  3+

If they love Mirabel (you you know they do) they’ll love this official 11-inch doll that’ll actually sing The Family Madgrial from the movie.  She’s fully posable, her accordion and glasses can come on and off, and – even better – the batteries are actually already included.

2. The Madrigal Family 6-Pack

Madrigal Encanto Family 6-Pack Figures

$24 | Amazon

Perfect For Ages:  3+

Take the entire Madrigal family home with this super cute 6-piece figure set that come with accessories too.  The dolls are cute and small and fun to play with and let your imagination run wild.  In this set you’ll get Mirabel, Antonio, Pepa, Luisa, Isabela, and Julieta.

3. The Madrigal LEGO House

Madrigal LEGO House

$50 | LEGO Store

Perfect For Ages:  6+

The official LEGO set is hard to get (already), but it’s such a fun way to build the Casa de Madrigal and play with a bunch of different characters.  This set comes with 587 pieces to build the 3-story magical house, comes with Mirabel, Antonio, and Abuela, and has five different rooms to play in.

4. The Bruno Funko Pop

Bruno Figurine Funko Pop

$12 | Amazon

Perfect For Ages:  6+

I always love Funko Pop’s interpretations of different pop-culture characters.  This time around they’ve created a really cute Bruno that proudly stands 4-inches tall.  Now you can talk about Bruno.

5. Antonio’s Tree House Play Set

Antonio's Tree House Play Set

$30 | Disney Store

$25 | Walmart

Perfect For Ages:  3+

One of the cutest members of the Madrigal family, Antonio’s Tree House Play Set comes with a cute little Antonio doll, plus six different accessories that complete the set like a capybara, a toucan, and even a giant boa! There are even secret hideaways, a waterslide, an actual swinging hammock, and more.

6. The Encanto Deluxe Doll Set

Encanto Deluxe Doll Set

$100 | Disney Store

Perfect For Ages:  3+

This is the doll set from the Encanto movie that’s flying off the shelves.  It’s a bit on the pricy side ($99.99) but it comes with Mirabel, Isabela, Luisa, and Antonio.  Their sizes range from 11-inches to 13-inches and even has accessories like the popular capybara, toucan, jaguar, and – of course, the accordion.

7. The Magical Casa de Madrigal Play Set

$80 | Disney Store

Perfect For Ages:  3+

I hate to even call this a doll house because it’s really so much more than just that.  Inspired directly from the movie (it’s pretty close), this 15-inch play set house has three floors, seven rooms, and even comes with the Mirabel doll.  You’ll have fun decorating it with more than 14 different accessories for the room and – even better – has 6 different light, sound, and music features that really are truly a magical experience.