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8 New Toys That Officially Made Amazon’s List (Including Their May 2024 Releases)

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Having a tough time truly finding the newest must-have toys?  Amazon does a great job of not only listing out the most popular options, but also sorts them by the newest.  I’ve combed through to put a list together of the latest and greatest happening this month!

Amazon New Toys List May 2024 - Most Anticipated Toy

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We’ve compiled our own list of some of the best toys for boys and girls and update it regularly.  But sometimes the best doesn’t always mean new.  While Oct – Dec is when some of the biggest toys and games are released (just in time for Christmas), each and every month new must-haves are released into the wild.

So, I’ve consulted with Amazon’s toy list to see which are truly new and appropriate for kids of just about any age. The toy industry as a whole recently released that they’ve experienced over $25 billion in sales.  Another study shows that over the course of your kids lifetime, parents will spend around $6,500 on toys.  Is it just me or does that seem a little low?

Either way, each month I’ll be updating this list so you can check out the most notable and anticipated toys of the month.  I’ll just with the newest picks and then archive each below so you’ll be able to go back and see what was buzzing over the course of the year and not just the month we’re in.

 THE NEW PICKS / May 2024 


5 Surprise Mini Fashion Toys:  These are the mini toys your kids have been loving for a while now, but the newest release is this cute mini fashion option that comes with 11 high-fashion bags, beauty essentials, and accessories to collect. You’ll never know what you’re going to get. Read more here!


Fidget Toy Jigsaw Puzzle:  Yep, these still love their fidget toys to help them calm down, reduce stress, anxiety, and just chill the heck out. This one is a a jigsaw puzzle that’s very reminiscent of Tetris, has 26 different geometric patters, and comes in a bunch of eye-catching colors to choose from. Read more here!


Bluey Garbage Truck:  They’re obsessed with Bluey and all his cute adventures.  This time around he’s on trash duty. This fun trash truck also comes with Bluey and Bin Man figures, two trash bins, and the truck. Read more here!

The Complete 2024 List

A totally unique way to discover what’s new, buzzing and – quite possibly – even on sale today.  I’m updating and adding to this list each and every month.  Browse below (current – Jan) and enjoy!