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So Mushroom Coffee is Totally a Thing and These Brands are Crushing It

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Best Mushroom Coffee Brands 2024 - Review

Instagram told us mushroom coffee was a thing.  We ignored it.  The Today Show mentioned it’s the latest trend.  We’re all in.

We’re suckers for trying new trends.  We know, so cliche.  But anything that claims to help us feel better, look younger, sleep more, and every other box we can check…is something we’re always up for.  If someone was offering head transplants, we’d sign up.

This time around we’re tackling the wild world of mushroom coffee.  On the real, everyone has been buzzing about it lately, especially after the start of the new year.  Now, we’re big coffee drinkers so the thought of changing up our morning routine was scary.  And, TBH, it sounds pretty gross.  AmIRight?!

But here’s the deal.  It’s actually not gross.  No really.  Hear us out. It actually pretty much tastes like your favorite cup-of-Joe.  Do people still say that, by the way?  Either way, there are a bunch of claims about the benefits of adding this to your diet and while we’re 100% not medical professionals we left that to the actual professionals at the Cleveland Clinic.  Here’s the takeaway:

Some potential benefits may include:

  • It may help reduce inflammation.
  • Rich in antioxidants, it may help boost your immune system.
  • Containing less caffeine than regular coffee, it may help with improving sleep and less anxiety.

The brand that’s really crushing the game in the mushroom coffee market is definitely Four Sigmatic.  They’re currently, by far, the market leader and at last look have generated over $20 million in revenue.  So apparently Instagram really can help people?

Overall, we went with Four Sigmatic’s K-Cups because (a) we’re lazy and (b) it just seemed easier. We make ours as iced coffee every morning and, so far, so good.  We can’t say we know if it’s really helping our immune system and, well, we take pills for our anxiety anyway so who really knows if it works.  Either way, if it’s a way for us to get something healthier into our system and we don’t have to really change our overall lifestyle, well, we’re all in!

The final deal?  We liked it.  We didn’t love it, but definitely more than liked it.  Like, we’d ask it out on a second date.  And, no, it doesn’t taste like you’re drinking mushrooms (thank God!).  So, do it! 

If you’re looking to give this a go, check out our picks for some of the best mushroom coffee brands (so far) in 2024.


Four Sigmatic Organic Mushroom Coffee
Four Sigmatic
Amazon Ratings: +8,100


Buy at Amazon

For the Organic Obsessed

If you’re ready to try this out this is the brand to go with (in our opinion).  This one contains lion’s mane, which is said to help with focus, memory, mental clarity, and overall function.  It comes with 10 packets so it’s perfect for your morning routine or when you’re on the go and, don’t sweat it, it doesn’t taste like mushrooms. Learn more here!


La Republica With 7 Powerful Superfoods
La Republica
Amazon Ratings: +600


Buy at Amazon

For the Superfood Obsessed

Another great pick, this yummy option contains 7 superfood mushrooms, has options for either 30 servings or 120 servings, and is actually sourced from superior farms so you can feel good about that!  This action-packed option contains lion’s mane, reishi, cordyceps, chaga, maitake, turkey tail, and shiitake mushrooms.  Don’t worry, it tastes good. Learn more here!


Sun Alchemy Mushroom Coffee Packets
Sun Alchemy
Amazon Ratings: +470

Buy at Amazon

For the On-the-Go Drinker

Containing 12 packets you can toss this in some hot water and bring it with you on the go or just stash it in your office draw and mix it up when you need a little extra clarity and a little extra kick. Compared to some others we’ve reviewed the price wasn’t too bad either.  Learn more here!


RaHygee Chaga Mushroom Coffee
Amazon Ratings: +140


Buy at Amazon

For the Dark Roast Fan

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit darker and tastes a bit strong, you’ll probably be into this one.  It’s main addition is Chaga, which is said to help with inflammation reduction.  Currently there are three different options to choose from, but this is the current fan fave.   Learn more here!


Sacred 7 Mushroom Powder
Sacred 7
Amazon Ratings: +2,100

$22.99 (23% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

For the DIY Fans

If you’re a stickler for your own brand of coffee and just want to add to it, go with this viral wonder from Sacred 7.  It’s just an extract powder and you can simply add some to your own favorite brew to enjoy the overall benefits.  TBH, we keep a bag in our cabinet so we can just add it when we want and skip it when we’re not feeling it.  You do you.   Learn more here!


Four Sigmatic K Cups
Four Sigmatic
Amazon Ratings: +480

$29.99 (14% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

For the Lazy (Like Us!)

If you’re lazy like we are and just want to toss a k-cup into your Keurig and call it a day, you’ll love this.  These K-Cups with lion’s mane come 24 pods to a pack so it should last you almost the whole month.  Unless you’re really like us and go with 3 a day…it’ll be gone before you know it.   Learn more here!

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