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So, Motivational Water Bottles are the Best Friends We’ve Never Had

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Best Motivational Water Bottles 2024 With Time Marker 64 Oz Review

Best friend in our head, Chrissy Teigen, told us to drink more water and, well, once she showed us her motivational water bottle we knew this was a new trend waiting to happen.  And so, we listened.

We know, we know.  We don’t nearly enough water during the day.  Between kicking off our day with at least 3 iced coffees and then usually capping off our night with an adult beverage, it really doesn’t leave a lot of room for actual water intake.  How we’re still alive, no clue.

But don’t freak out.  You’re not alone.  In fact, an actual water study proved that almost 80% of Americans don’t drink enough water during the day.  Dehydrated Americans, unite!

The medical community experts recommend we drink 8 glasses of water per day.  Each glass should be 8 ounces so, quick math shows us that we should be drinking 64 ounces of water each and every day.  If that was beer, we’d have no problem.  Water?  A bit of a tough one for us.

Since we’re always into trying the latest trend (and because Chrissy Teigen is basically the gospel for our daily lives) we decided to hop on the motivational water bottle craze and see if it was worth all the hype.  If you’re new to the trend, so to speak, motivating water bottles actually help motivate you, typically with time markers and inspiring messages printed on the outside of the bottle so you can see where you’re at and how much more you have to go before the end of the day (and then, you know, wet the bed we assume).

From our research we’ve seen that some of the most popular options are actually 1 gallon jugs.  Ugh. Isn’t that basically the size of a standard swimming pool?!  But don’t worry because many also come in smaller sizes like 32 ounces for beginners and 64 ounces for rule followers.  Since we’re overachievers we went with the 1 gallon option.  Gulp.  Literally.

The good news is that most options out there won’t break the bank, averaging between $19.99 – $24.99 depending on the size.  Most are see-through so you can actually help judge your intake and some even come with removable reusable straws.  Convenient.

The brand that’s really crushing the game in the motivational water bottle market is definitely HydroMate.  They’re usually one of the top sellers on Amazon too, which always makes us feel better.  A new brand we’re loving has a smart option now out there and will actually send messages right to your smartphone via the app and bluetooth connection to the bottle itself.  More on all of these below.

Overall, we have to admit, we loved it.  Truth be told, the morning started out rough for us because it seemed so overwhelming.  Plus, we still needed our morning iced coffee.  We’re not giving that up for anything.  But by the time the afternoon came around we were working and sipping the entire day.  A cool benefit?  We actually found over time we were actually eating less.  Mainly because we were kind of filled with water.  One pin prick and we’re sure we’d explode.  So, we found that we actually dropped a few pounds in the first week, which is always a bonus for us.

The not so fun part?  We pee’d.  Like, a lot.  Like, at one point we considered diapers.  But, at least it was a good excuse to get up from our desk and stretch a bit.  Our final trend verdict?  Worth it.  And, honestly, it’s kind of fun too.  So, do it!

If you’re looking to give this a go, check out our picks for some of the best motivational water bottles (so far) in 2024.


The HydroMate Motivational Water Bottle
Amazon Ratings: +9,200


Buy at Amazon

For the Chrissy Teigen Stalker

Not only is this one of the best sellers of the year, it’s the one we started out with. This half-gallon (64 ounces) will help meet your daily requirement/goal and give you a pep-talk every step of the way thanks to the visible time markers.  They come in a ton of different colors to choose from so they’re really perfect for just about anyone.

Oh, and these are BPA-free so one less thing to worry about.  It even comes with a handy little strap so you can basically wrap it around your wrist like you’re being handcuffed.  Enjoy!  Learn more here!


The Smart Bluetooth Motivational Water Bottle


Buy at HidrateSpark

For the Tech Nerds

By now you know we love all of our different little tech gadgets, so we were all over this latest smart option.  It doesn’t have the inspiring messages on the bottle but it does send them right to you phone based on how much water you’ve had! It’ll track your progress, send you reminders via the app, and so much more.  It also lights up different colors and you can choose from a bunch of different color options for the bottle itself.  Choose either 17 oz or 21 oz.  This one also makes a pretty unique gift idea! Learn more here!


The 64 Ounce With Straw
Amazon Ratings: +6,500

$18.99 (5% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

For the Budget-Friendly

Another popular pick, this see-through options has time markers with messages that help encourage you like: Don’t Stop, Keep Drinking, and A Little Bit More.  Hmm, those are all interesting word choices.  Anyway, this one has a wide mouth option so it’s perfect for the gym too (remember going there?).  Learn more here!


The 32 Ounce Fitness Bottle
Amazon Ratings: +2,700


Buy at Amazon

For the Beginner

Perfect for the newbies who are ready to try the trend, but not fully commit (we hear you!).  This one is a bit smaller and less intense than most others, coming in at only 32 ounces.  What we like about this one (besides all the color choices) is that it’s more achievable to start and then when you finish up at 1pm (go you!) they give you a positive little message and encourage you to fill up again and have it from 2pm – 7pm.  This one is perfect to bring to the gym or your workout glass without looking like  a weirdo by showing up with a 1 gallon monstrosity. Learn more here!


The Fidus 1 Gallon Jug
Amazon Ratings: +11,500


Buy at Amazon

For the Low Key Drinker

Don’t want an insanely colorful option with bubble letters like your always-on-trend teen would want?  We get it.  You can’t go wrong with this classic blue choice that currently has over 11,000 reviews and ratings.  Yes, really.  We can’t imagine reviewing a water bottle but, alas, here we are as a society.   Learn more here!


The BuildLife 1 Gallon
Amazon Ratings: +21,000


Buy at Amazon

For the Overachiever

So, as at a minimum this cute top selling choice gives you a gallon of motivation. BUT, there’s actually a choice for 73 ounces! Uh, that’s more than one gallon.  We assume if you finish this you’re basically just legally classified as a fish.  We like this unique citrus design, but choose from other fun options like hearts, calming lavender, kisses, gradient, all black, and more!  Learn more here!

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