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So, Podcast Cameras are Totally on Trend Because We All Want to Be Famous!

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Best Podcast Cameras 2024 - Video Live Streaming For Podcasts

We better fix our face because video podcasts are on the come-up and more and more podcasters are filming themselves and uploading to places like Youtube or even live streaming.  So it only makes sense that podcast cameras are one of the most sought after pieces of must-have equipment to help get your fame on!

Don’t get us wrong, we’re total fame whores.  Proud of it.  We’d plaster our face on anything in our master attempt to sell-out in all the ways.  Podcasts use to be the safe place for folks who just wanted more of an old-timey radio experience.  But that’s all really changing, especially lately.

A recent study shows that just under 20% of podcasters are now recording video (as as well as audio).  And around 10% are now live streaming.

The tricky part is that there actually aren’t a ton of actual cameras strictly for podcasting so it can be a little tricky to navigate that world to figure out what you actually need, what’s somewhat easy to use, and what’s going to make you look and  sound your best.

One of the most important features when choosing one for yourself is to make sure that it has the capacity to film you for as long as your podcast is going to be.  On average, over 50% of all podcasts range from 20 minutes – 60 minutes.  So be sure to choose a cam that’ll capture all your genius like you’re the new Joe Rogan.

If you’re planning on live-streaming (don’t mess it up!) there are certain cams that will really only work for that.  If you don’t need to live-stream, there are a few options in the 4K HD/DLSR space that may work too.  We’ll break down some of the best options based on most peoples needs, where you can buy them, and even mark them if they’re currently on sale.

Right now we’re seeing prices range anywhere from as low as $119 all the way up to $999 (yes, really).  If you’re new to the game, honestly, don’t buy an expensive one.  First off, you may not need it.  Second, it may have way more bells and whistles you’re not even interested in.  Pick up a more basic model, play around with it – which is perfect for beginners – and then, if you’re still into it you can always upgrade and take your podcast, visually, to the next level.

Some of the bigger players in this space include Sony, Panasonic, and Canon – which you can never go wrong with.  We’re keeping our eyes on RODE, who has some of the best overall podcast equipment around, especially when it comes to microphones.  We’re taking an educated guess that they’ll get into the cam space shortly.

Ok, so for us we’re actually going to say screw it, but that’s only because we don’t currently have a podcast (not yet at least!).  However, if you do, we definitely say do it!  As more and more people start incorporating video into their podcasts it’s going to be tougher to catch up, so get in it early.  Plus, thanks to all things “pandemic” a lot of these are actually hard to find in stock online.

If you’re looking to give this a go, check out our picks for some of the best podcast cameras (so far) in 2024.


Panasonic Full HD Podcast Camera
Amazon Ratings: +600

Panasonic Podcast Camera


Buy at Amazon

For the Serious Podcaster

It’s one of the top sellers on Amazon (and their choice too), but you never can really go wrong with Panasonic.  This isn’t really a beginners model, but it’s not top of the line either.  So it’s perfect if you’ve been into video’ing for a bit, but want to upgrade to something a bit more sophisticated without going over-the-top.

What’s really cool about this one is that the wireless twin camera will use your smartphone as a sub-cam, meaning you can successfully shoot from two different angles at the exact same time!  It even has high quality audio (although we always recommend a kick-ass mic) and has noise reduction too, which is always needed!  Oh, and did we mention you can live-stream with this one too?  Perfect!  Learn more here!


Sony 4K HD Podcast Cam
Amazon Ratings: +340


Buy at Amazon

For the Long Recordings

If you’ve been recording for a while and want something a little more elevated, go with this best seller from Sony.  One of the best features outside of the 4K HD clarity is that you should be able to record about 2-hours.  With most folks stopping at the 60 minute mark, this should provide all you need if you’re continuing to ramble on (like we usually do!).  Learn more here!


4K Digital Podcasting Kit
Amazon Ratings: +900


Buy at Amazon

For the Beginner

It’s the perfect choice for the beginner who’s ready to get their hands wet and test-drive the wild world of video!  It’s a bit no frills, but perfect for starting out.  This kit comes with some of the essentials you’ll need like the mic, a remote control, and more.  Don’t worry, it’s still 4K and even has a touch-screen.  It’s perfect for uploading to Youtube and whatnot.  Learn more here!


The Single Podcaster Cam
Amazon Ratings: +160


Buy at Amazon

For the Solo Shooter

If you’re not working with a team of other co-hosts (or even one other co-host for that matter) and are just shooting yourself, this is a great option and pretty affordable too.  This set comes with the HD cam itself (free-standing, which is helpful), a high-quality mic, and an LED ring-light so you’ll always look your best.  Seriously, ring lights are total game-changers.  It’s actually pretty easy to use, set-up, and is a real space saver too. Learn more here!

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