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The Most Sought-After Herbal Infuser Machines Where Cannabis Can Be the Main Ingredient

Infuse amazing herbal oils, butters - you name it!

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Best Cannabis Infuser Machine 2024


BEST of the BEST

LEVO OIL Infuser








I’ve been hearing all the buzz about infuser machines and had to check this out for myself. A lot of the cannabis-friendly community is all about these infusers, but I learned that some of the top brands can be used for things to infuser outside of weed, like butters, oils, herbs, etc. So I researched the heck out these, tried some, tested some, and personally reviewed all of my top picks.

Here’s what you can expect out of this review:



Everyone is CBD’ing just about everything recently and at-home infuser machines are trending upwards in terms of sales, people searching online and, of course, the entire cannabis community getting uber creative.  In an industry that’s projected to grow to over $5 Billion in the next couple years I had to see what all the fuss was about.

Overall, infuser machines allow you to brilliantly infuse oil, butter, and the like with dried herbs.  In the original sense, I actually mean herbs (think: rosemary, basil, thyme).  However, typically marketed to marijuana enthusiasts, many popular picks allow them to make all forms of weed butter (yep, that’s a thing), a wide variety of yummy CBD-infused gummies, brownies, and everything in between.

I love a trend, clearly, but this seems to be more than just a new trend and quickly becoming an everyday essential for regular at-home use. In fact, these have become so big on TikTok that (at last look) they’ve rounded up more than 6 million video views – and counting!


While most may use it for all their weed-needs, there are some brands that actually want you to use it to make all sorts of things like:

  • Different types of foods
  • Infused-drinks (coffees, espressos, protein shakes, etc)
  • Desserts (cookies, cakes, brownies, candy, etc)
  • Self-care options like lip balms, face scrubs, shower steamers, etc.
  • Gummies/Edibles

There are plenty of recipes out there for all sorts of infused food, drinks, and at-home self-care options to find something you may be into yourself.


I’m normally not a total stick-in-the-mud (although, saying it that way kinda makes me one), but let’s be honest, most of the cannabis fans already know about these, love them, and have them.

So I decided to test-drive one to see if I could make something food-related by using one.  I’ll list the one I purchased below, but overall I actually kind of dig using it.  First off, it was actually pretty easy to use and I know nothing when it comes to cooking, baking, or anything in the kitchen, really.  Well, I can make a pretty mean iced coffee. 

I started off simple by just trying some rosemary butter.  What’s kind of cool about it is that since you’re choosing the ingredients you already know what’s going into your creations so, in some sense, it’s a bit healthier than buying from the store.  Plus, it’s kind of fun. Oh, and Keto fanatics love this.

Then I got kind of daring and tried out a recipe for Cinnamon Maple Butter French Toast.  Yes, it’s as good as it sounds.  That one was a bit trickier, but still doable.  One thing to note is that when you’re making some of these infusions they can take a bit longer than you’d think.  For example, with the french toast I had to break up the cinnamon sticks (no biggie) and then add in the butter into the machine (no biggie) and then chose the appropriate cycle and let it go for the full 1-hour required.  While an hour certainly isn’t a big deal it’s not like this is super fast and something you can throw together at the last minute, so plan accordingly!


Overall, I’m kind of hooked.  Personally, I’m not huge into weed and the like, but am definitely going to experiment a bit with CBD.  Anything that’ll help me chill the F out and help lower my anxiety level, I’m all for. 

But, I really liked it from a healthier food and drink perspective (including cocktails) and while I may not use it every single day, it’ll really come in handy when I’m feeling creative in the kitchen, during the holidays, and when I need that much deserved drink at the end of a long and miserable day.  So, yeah, I think they’re worth it.

If you’re looking to give this a go, check out my personal picks for some of the best infuser machines (so far) in 2024.



LEVO II Cannabis Infuser

LEVO OIL Infuser

One of the most popular brands in the infusion machine space is LEVO and, spoiler alert, it’s the one I bought. You’ll be proud to display this one on your kitchen counter.  It comes in a bunch of really trendy colors like robin blue, cayenne red, Meyer yellow and more. It lets you dry, activate, and infuse and, even better, it’ll allow you to store and save your settings and monitor everything via the app.  Oh, and did I mention it’s dishwasher safe?  Game. Changer.



  • Easy to use, with a simple one-button operation.
  • Can infuse a variety of oils, butters, and tinctures with precision and consistency.
  • Saves time and effort compared to traditional methods of infusion
  • Comes with a detailed recipe book and access to an online recipe database.
  • Minimal cleanup required, with dishwasher-safe components.

Just a Heads-Up:

  • Expensive price point compared to some other infusion machines.
  • Requires regular maintenance and cleaning to prevent clogs and ensure optimal performance.
  • Some users report inconsistent results, with some batches coming out weaker or stronger than expected.


At times LEVO    will have a coupon to help you save   a bit.  This time, we’re seeing some offers where you can get 10% off with email signup and even $25 when you refer a friend.

Read  my in-depth review of the LEVO 2 here.


Ardent FX Cannabis Infusion Machine


If you’re looking for one of the most popular options in the cannabis circles, go with this option from Ardent Cannabis; the Nova FX.  This one is new, improved, and bigger than their original best seller (over 3x bigger).  Cleanup is really simple and one of the best parts is that it’s smell free so you’re not going to get busted by family and friends, you know, if you don’t want to. A bit on the pricer side, but it allows you to activate, infuse, melt, bake, and more.  Have at it!



  • Easy to use and operate – even if you’re a beginner.
  • Versatile –  can make a variety of infusions including butter, oil, tincture, and more.
  • Precise and consistent, ensuring accurate dosing.
  • Virtually odorless, reducing the risk of strong cannabis smells.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Can also be used to decarboxylate cannabis.

Just a Heads-Up:

  • Can only make small batches at a time.
  • Can be a bit difficult to clean compared to some other similar models.
  • Some users report uneven heating, leading to inconsistent results.


Another great incentive comes from    Ardent’s current coupon code  where you can get $40 off your order along with free shipping, which really helps.


MB2e Magical Butter Infuser Machine

The Magical Butter Infuser

Probably the most common known among the infusion community, you can snag this one on Amazon for a relatively low price (in comparison to some other brands).  You can make tons of different things like brownies, smoothies, cookies, sauces, soups, and a whole lot more.  I loved the cleaning cycles where you can choose from 1-hour to 8! Plus, this one comes with a purity filter, silicone oven mitt, and cookbook.



  • Can make a variety of infusions including butter, oil, tincture, and more.
  • Precise and consistent, ensuring accurate dosing.
  • Can make larger batches compared to other infusion methods and some other machines.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Can also be used to make other recipes such as soups, sauces, vitamins, and more.

Just a Heads-Up:

  • It seems to provide more of an odor than some of the others I reviewed and researched.
  • Still on the expensive side, considering some others in this price range, I found to work better and look nicer.


If you end up shopping direct at Magical Butter,  you can use their 10% coupon  when you sign up for their emails.  I’m also seeing 25% off site-wide right now too.


Nebula Boost Decarboxylator

Nebula Boost Decarboxylator

The Nebula Boost Decarboxylator & Infuser is a game-changer for all those cannabis enthusiasts who enjoy creating their own edibles and infusions at home and without breaking the bank.

With its user-friendly interface, precise temperature control, even heating, dual functionality, odor control, and safety features, it simplifies and enhances the process of decarboxylation and infusion. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis chef or a beginner, this is definitely one stylish-looking machine to check out.



  • While it’s on the smaller side, you can’t beat the price especially compared to most others.
  • It’s really easy to use, has precise temp-control, heats evenly, and both infusing and decarboxylating your cannabis.
  • This one is pretty compact so it won’t take up a ton of space on your counter if you want to leave it out or just slide it back into your cabinet.

Just a Heads-Up:

  • Definitely on the smaller side, so while it’s good for personal at-home use if you need to make wildly large batches you may want to go with a bigger version.
  • You’re still getting a bit of an odor to it while preparing, but definitely less than if you were to try doing it in your oven.
  • A few times the lid has popped off, but that was probably due to my own error.


STX Infuzium 420

STX Infuzium 420

The STX Infuzium 420 is a solid countertop infusion machine designed for cannabis infusion, tincture making, and other herbal infusions.

The capacity is pretty decent too, with a  large 2.5-liter capacity, allowing you to make large batches of infusions at once.

Its digital control panel with preset infusion settings make it really easy to use for butter, oil, tincture, and more.

When it comes to temperature control and programmable infusion time, this machine allows for precise temperature control, with a temperature range of 85 to 250 degrees and you can program it for a  specific infusion time, ensuring consistent and precise dosing.

Best for weed oil/butter lovers and those looking for a popular option (currently more than 2,200 reviews on Amazon!) that focuses on butter and oil, this one may just be your best bet.  You can create all the fun butter or oil concoctions you want.  In fact, you can even make up to 8 sticks of butter and it comes with pretty much everything you’ll need, including the 80 recipe cookbook.



  • Large 2.5-liter capacity for making large batches of infusions.
  • Precise temperature control for consistent and accurate dosing.
  • Programmable infusion time for customization.
  • Versatile – can be used for a variety of infusions, not just cannabis.
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty for peace of mind.

Just a Heads-Up:

  • Large size can take up significant cabinet space when storing.
  • May be too powerful for smaller infusion batches, leading to inconsistent results.
  • Some users report that the machine is difficult to clean thoroughly.
  • The noise level can be quite loud during operation.



LEVO Ultimate Bundle Set


LEVO made my list again, not only because they are truly the best of the best – but because they’ve now put together the ultimate bundle that comes with everything you need to get going and more!

Not only can you save almost 30%, but it comes with total must-haves like:

  • 1 infusion spray bottle
  • 2 gummy trays with lids and droppers
  • 1 herb press
  • 1 green herb block tray
  • 1 extra power pod
  • 2 different cookbooks


There’s really so much you can do and you can even choose your own color too.


Ardent Oh Em Ghee Bundle

Oh Em Ghee Bundle by ARDENT

One of the top sellers again this year, this bundle also makes the perfect gift!  Not only does it come with the official Ardent FX (see above), but also the vessel, the Gen 2 FX Infusion Press, and the ghee.  It’s a great option for the true infusion lover on your list.


So, now you hopefully feel like you know a lot more about a wide variety of infusers, their different uses, and even how to use them.

My final thought is that these really can be such a fun addition to your kitchen and, at the end of the day, they do take some time to learn and perfect.  But, once you do you’ll be using it all the time.  Have fun!