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A Very Newport Harbor Christmas

Ho ho holy crap Allie’s parents new house is completely insane. The entire episode of Douche Bag Creek should have just been about their house.

Newport Harbor: “Chrissy the Virgin”

Surprisingly they haven’t pulled the plug on Newport Harbor…er…I’m sorry I meant “Douche-Bag Creek.” On this very special crapisode of Douche Bag Creek, Chrissy alerts

Newport Harbor: The Prom. Yeah!

It’s another craptastic episode of “Newport Harbor: Laguna Beach 4 – Return to The Hills 3.” This is a very special episode because not only

Newport Harbor: The Lame BBQ

It’s amazing how horrific this season is and I don’t mean horrific like, “it’s actually pretty good and a train wreck and I need to

Newport Harbor: The Bikes

Ah Laguna Beach, I mean Newport Harbor. What a great show. After watching the latest episode I’ve realized that the most interesting thing of the

Newport Harbor Recap Palooza

What a treat. Newport Harbor. Or as I like to call it “Laguna Beach 4: Return to The Hills Season’s 1-3.” Let’s see how this