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It’s official.  We’re obsessed (and we mean obsessed) with our Dodow device.  We’ve never slept better and, more importantly, we’re no longer taking our melatonin supplement.  It’s basically like a miracle and, well, if you’re in the same miserable sleeping boat as we are, it’s time to definitely give them a try.

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Our Review:

Like so many people out there, we’re terrible sleepers.  We’ve tried everything; melatonin, chamomile tea before bed, taking a warm shower, not eating spicy food, stopping coffee after 10am, etc.  You name it, we tried it.  And we failed.


Get Your Official Dodow Now For Only $59.99

If we've sold you on giving it a try, well, now's the perfect time!  Get yours for only $59.99 and get ready to start sleeping way better.

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The closest we’ve come to falling sleep quickly is our melatonin supplement.  It usually helps us fall asleep, but then we wake up after 3 or 4 hours and, well, then we’re up for the night.  Plus, we typically feel all groggy and out of it the next morning.  So after researching for a while online, we finally came across a review of Dodow from the folks over at CNN.  We were intrigued.

We purchased one almost immediately and once it arrived we were psyched to test it out.  At the time of our purchase they were offering a 100 day money-back guarantee, so we figured what’s the worst that can happen?  For us, it’s been a total sleep game changer.  First of all it’s super easy to set up and even easier to use.

At first we thought it would be odd looking up at the ceiling and pacing our breath based on the light pulses, but it actually did work!  You can either choose the 8 minute cycle or the 20 minute cycle and even adjust the brightness of the light in case you want it a bit softer.  We chose the 20 minute cycle but, honestly, we have no clue if we even made it that far.

The breathing exercise actually made us feel like we were calming down.  It was almost like meditating.  And since we were focusing on that we weren’t going over the endless chaos in our head over deadlines, if we’ll sleep, what that kid said to us in third grade that made us feel bad, and everything in between.

Over the course of the most we were definitely falling asleep much faster, which is amazing.  We’re not going to lie and state that all our sleep issues are gone, though.  We’re typically a pretty anxious person so it’s common to wake up in the middle of the night (regularly) and be up for hours running a variety of lists and to-do’s through our mind.  When this happens (and it still does) we tap our Dodow and go through an 8-minute cycle and, for real, we’re falling back to sleep within the 8 minutes. It’s kind of shocking, completely a miracle, and we’re grateful.

So if you’re sleep challenged like we’ve been, definitely give them a try!  It worked for us and we hope it works for you too!

The Deal With the Deals:

Overall, we came up short when researching to see if/when they ever run a sale.  Unfortunately, ours wasn’t on sale when we purchased it, but was priced at just $59.99, which wasn’t too bad at all.  We had seen that you could get $10 off during Black Friday on Amazon, but we purchased ours post Black Friday so were totally out of luck!

To Gift or Not to Gift:

These actually make a really unique gift for just about anyone on your list.  We’ve added it to our our tech gift guide, but we also put together this short list of who would really love to be gifted this:

The possibilities really are endless but, either way, they’re going to totally love this!

The Deal With Promo Codes:

So here’s the real deal with promo codes.  Unfortunately at this time, no, Dodow does not offer coupons or promo code offers of any kind.  And, to be clear, we don’t have any here either  (although we wish we did!).

It doesn’t mean they won’t eventually offer them but, at this time, you’re out of luck.  Even when you see them listed on all those other sites that claim to have exclusive codes – beware – because they likely don’t work.  We recommend to just shop direct on their own site to see what they may be offering today.  Check them out here!

Check out some of the best of Dodow and their must-have sleep device in July 2024!


Get Your Official Dodow Now For Only $59.99

If we've sold you on giving it a try, well, now's the perfect time!  Get yours for only $59.99 and get ready to start sleeping way better.

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Dodow July 2024 Promo Review + Current Offer

We are 100% hooked on our Dodow and have, quite honestly, never slept better (so far) this year.  Check out all their amazing details, how it specifically works, and any promo offer they may have going on today.  No promo code or coupon needed!

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