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Probably one of the most unique mattresses we’ve seen (and used) in a while, Purple is where it’s at.  And they’re actually even more affordable than ever before.  Check out their latest deals, best sellers, and current promo offers today!

Purple Promo Code April 2024 - Coupon & Sale

Sale Today: Up to 10% Here

Our Take:

We’d seen that famous Purple mattress showing up everywhere online for a while before we actually decided to give it a try.  Now we have to admit we’re not really a big fan of the Casper mattress in a box.  We know, we’re the worst.  We just don’t really get the hype.  But, we are obsessed with the hype around Purple.  We don’t fully understand how it’s constructed, but we basically never had a better night sleep in our life.  And, well, now that they have their own pillows we’re never getting out of bed again.  No really, we live there now.

Get 5% Off

Get an Extra 5% Off at Purple (Online Only)

Take an extra 5% off your online order just by signing up for their free newsletter.  Type in your email address and you'll get sent you own exclusive promo code to use on your order with minimum purchase.  Remember, this code is just for you and can't be shared!

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It seems like every mattress expert has reviewed their Purple mattress, but truth be told we really weren’t sure if we believed it.  Now you know how much we’re in love with our Serta iComfort from Mattress Firm.  We’ve written about it extensively.  But there’s something just different about Purple and while we got it for our guest room, we find ourselves sometimes just sleeping in there instead of our own bedroom, especially when we have visitors (we give them our bed out of the kindness of our heart).

The one that we bought (yes, we actually bought it…no one gifted it to us!) was the Hybrid Mattress.  It’s still based on their magical “grid” but it’s almost mixed with gel and a top notch coil system.  We’re super sweaty sleepers so this makes it way more breathable and cooler for us.  Adios night sweats!  Here’s the one we got in case you’re interested/want to see it:

Purple Hybrid 2 Review

Hybrid Mattress
Starting at $1,399

Buy Now

Our favorite feature(s) is really how it cradles important areas like our hips and shoulders, but still provides support for the rest of our body.  Plus, did we mention how the way it’s built helps cool you off?  Yep, we can’t get enough of that.

And in case you were wondering about their customer service and background, we’ve had a great experience.  Here’s a quick cheat sheet:

  • Made in the US
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non Toxic
  • Provides a 100 Night Sleep Trial
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Returns

What more do you need?  If you’re ready to try a totally new and innovative sleeping experience, give Purple a try.  We’re so glad we did.  We know you will too!

The Deal With the Deals:

As far as mattress go, it’s sometimes tough to find real deals taking place outside of Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  But on any given day you can save around 10% on select bundle options at Purple.  Check all those out here.

We’ve also found that, at times, they have some fun deals going on where you can get a free sheet set and/or pillows with a mattress purchase.  We’ve seen that one a few times recently, but check all their offers right here.

Oh and the standard deal that’s pretty amazing is their free delivery and free returns.  Whether or not that’s baked into the overall price, who cares?  We hate paying for shipping and it’s even worse when you have to pay for returns, so this checked all our boxes.

To Gift or Not to Gift:

Staying true to our review process, we answer the question if these would make a good gift idea and who would typically make the perfect giftee.  You may not think that gifting a mattress is an option but, honestly, it is!  We’ve done it.  But they have other cool options too.  So check out our short gift guide with some ideas for some folks who may be on your list:

There’s really something for everyone, so definitely consider them when trying to find that special unique gift for the people who already have everything!

The Deal With Promo Codes:

So the answer to this really is no.  Purple doesn’t have coupons or promo code offers in the way you’re used to.  We researched the heck out of this and when we analyzed 10 of the top sites we noticed, um, none of their codes worked.  At least for us.  And we tried.  Like, a lot.  We’re pretty sure we got locked out of their system.

We don’t offer discount codes here, but we have put together some great promos directly from Purple when you shop them on their own site.  Overall we’ve seen some offers like:

  • 10% off with email signup
  • $50 for referring a friend
  • Student/Healthcare/Military 10% discount

They may chance the percentages or offers, overall, from time to time so check out all their latest ones here.

Check out some of the best of Purple, including new arrivals, best sellers, and any promo offer happening (so far) in April 2024!

New 🏷

Purple April 2024 Promo Code Offers + Best Sellers

Forget everything you know about the "perfect mattress" and give Purple a shot.  It may jus be the best mattress we've ever slept on (like, ever).  Check out their current best sellers this month, new arrivals, and any promo code offers or coupons they may have today.

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Get 5% Off

Get an Extra 5% Off at Purple (Online Only)

Take an extra 5% off your online order just by signing up for their free newsletter.  Type in your email address and you'll get sent you own exclusive promo code to use on your order with minimum purchase.  Remember, this code is just for you and can't be shared!

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Get $50

Get a Purple-Approved $50 Off With a Friend Referral

When you refer a friend and they make a minimum purchase you'll get $50 to put towards a future purchase.  Oh, and your friend will get up to $300 off their order!

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Low as $599

Get the Official Mattress Starting at Just $599

You've been waiting for the ideal mattress, well, this is it!  Select picks are starting as low as just $599.  And check the details because some of these even come with free gifts too!

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10% Off

Take an Extra 10% Off Today

You can easily get an extra 10% off your purchase if you're one of the following groups that are currently eligible for a discount: healthcare workers, military, students, first responders, truckers, and more.  Click to get all the details.

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Low as $1399

Get the New Hybrid Mattress Starting at Just $1,399

It's the latest that everyone is pretty obsessed with and now you can get your super comfy hybrid mattress starting as low as just $1,399.  Sizes range from twin all the way up to California king and even a split king option. 

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10% Off

The Exclusive 10% Off Sale

Who doesn't love a sale?  Right now take 10% off select best sellers when you bundle and save! Check out amazing options like pillows, sheet sets, pajamas, cushions, and more.

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Low as $49

Their Official Pillows Starting as Low as $49

If you thought people loved their mattresses, just wait until you try their comfy pillows!  Select options are starting as low as just $49.  Check out their pillows for kids, plush pick, Harmony pillow, and more.

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