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20 Unique Gifts for Grandparents Who are Way Cooler Than You Think!

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Because grandma and grandpa aren’t at home baking cookies and taking naps anymore.

Gifts for Grandparents 2024 - Best Grandma & Grandpa Gift Ideas

There’s a myth that your grandparents are tired all the time, never really leave the house, and know nothing about technology.  Ok, sure, some of the tech stuff may be a little true – but times are so different these days and so are they!  They’re active.  They’re doing things.  They’re hanging out with their friends and, quite honestly, they’re taking advantage of happy hour more than you are!

So, what do you get the grandparent who really already has everything?  If you’re facing that dilemma, there’s only one way to go this year and that’s ‘unique!’ They’re actually fun to shop for because they’re like your parents but, you know, way more fun.

There are a lot of traditional ideas out there but, you know what, that’s not really them is it?  Well that’s not us either! So we’ve researched some of the most clever, unique, and even funny ideas they’ll actually enjoy receiving and won’t make them feel old!  Plus, we consulted actual grandparents (our parents) who made fun of our old gift guide because they informed us no one their age wanted any of it.  So we revamped the entire list. Ugh, thanks?

Check out some of the best gifts for your grandparents (so far) in 2024 – especially when they already have everything and want nothing.


The Personalized Grandparent Gift

“My Life Story So Far” Journal
Uncommon Goods

My Life Story So Far


Buy at Uncommon Goods

The perfect gift for the grandmother or grandfather who wants to jot down their life experiences to share with the rest of the family so they can always get their sage advice. They can start with the early years and work their way up.  It’ll truly become something the whole family will treasure for years to come. Learn more here!


The Fun Retro Choice

Crosley Radio Retro “Pay Phone” Wall Phone
Amazon Ratings: +1,400

Crosley Retro Payphone

$69.99 (22% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

Super fun and nostalgic, this working phone also has a function coin slot and bank to collect the money if you want to actually pay for your call just like the old days.  If not, it still works as a functioning phone.  It also comes in pink and red.  Learn more here!


The Funny Choice

What the F is My Password Log-Book
Sweary McLeary
Amazon Ratings: +600


Buy at Amazon

Because, let’s be honest, they can’t ever seem to remember their passwords! Perfect for the folks with a good sense of humor, it’ll let them keep all their passwords, websites, and more organized an in one place. TBH, we could all use this!  Learn more here!


The Activity Choice

The Michael Storrings Puzzle
Amazon Ratings: +3,000


Buy at Amazon

We’re all doing more and more puzzles these days, but this is one of our favorites of the season!  This really cute London scene is 1,000 pieces and really fun to put together.  Plus, if they’re sick of their “cat puzzles” this is a nice change of pace.  We actually own this one and have already done it twice.  It’s actually calming.  Learn more here!


The Scented Choice

The “Grandma’s Kitchen” Candle
Homesick Candles


Buy at Amazon

We all have great memories of grandma’s kitchen (assuming she baked) and now you can pay it forward with this hand-poured scented candle by the same name. This one smells like the most comforting dessert she’s ever made.  For real.  Learn more here!


The Thoughtful Choice

The “Letters to My Grandchild” Cards
Lea Redmond
Amazon Ratings: +2,200

$13.34 (11% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

They’ll love filling out 12 different letters, all with different themes.  For example, they’ll be asked about things like “A Special Story About Our Family,” or “My Wishes For You Are..” and so many more.  They’re ll meaningful and will become something you’ll want to keep forever.  As an added bonus, these were once listed on ‘Oprah’s Favorite Things’ holiday list. Learn more here!


The Long Distance Choice

The Long Distance Touch Lamps


Buy at Uncommon Goods

This is such a great way to stay in touch with your grandparents and let them know you’re thinking of them!  When both are hooked up every time you touch your light, your grandparents light will light up.  It’ll let them know you’re thinking of them right at that very moment.  When they touch their lamp, yours will light up and it’ll let you know they’re thinking about you.  So cool.  Learn more here!


The Coffee Lovers Choice

The Amazing Hydro Flask Coffee Mug
Hydro Flask
Amazon Ratings: +550

Hydro Flask Mug


Buy at Amazon

They’ll love this because we are obsessed with ours.  This must-have coffee mug will keep their coffee hot for up to 6-hours and their cold drinks cold for up to 24-hours.  Yes, for real!  It comes in a bunch of different colors to choose from as well.  Learn more here!


The Calming Choice

The Essential Oil Diffuser
Amazon Ratings: +9,700

$26.24 (13% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

This one is our personal favorite essential oil diffuser (we own two) because, not only does it emit some amazing fragrances, but it also changes colors and has a really pretty metallic tree scene around the base.  You can choose a bunch of different colors to set your mood and get your zen on.  Learn more here!


The Tech Choice

The Pix-Star Digital Picture Frame
Amazon Ratings: +6,300


Buy at Amazon

It’s the perfect option if they’re not on Instagram or Facebook and still want to see pictures of your and your kiddos!  This top-rated digital frame is super easy to set up, looks great, and the best part is that you can send any photos you want directly to them and they’ll appear right in their frame.  So cool.  Learn more here!


The Grandma Choice

The Hand-Painted ‘Grandmother with Child’ Sculpture
Willow Tree
Amazon Ratings: +4,200


Buy at Amazon

This is a great reminder of the love between a grandmother and a grandchild.  Inside the box also comes a card that says, “A unique love that transcends the years.”  She’ll love it. Learn more here!


The Grandpa Choice

The Sculpted Grandfather with Grandchild
Willow Tree
Amazon Ratings: +1,200


Buy at Amazon


The Magical Choice

The ‘Grandmas are Magical’ Unicorn Tee


Buy at Amazon

Just like moms, grandmas are even more magical!  This cute unicorn t-shirt comes in a variety of cool colors like light pink, baby blue, crisp white, black, and more.  See more color options and sizes here!


The Family History Choice

The AncestryDNA Kit
Amazon Ratings: +45,000

$59.00 (40% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

We’re digging this at-home DNA kit.  You basically use your saliva, send it back to Ancestry, and in 6 to 8 weeks they’ll let you know exactly where you came from and could even possibly get you in touch with other relatives too.  Discover the breakdown of your heritage and know just where you come from.  Learn more here!


The Cool Choice

The Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger Box


Buy at Uncommon Goods

Now this is the coolest thing ever!  All you do is simply gift someone this small ‘lovebox’ and whenever you use the app to send them a message the heart on the box will spin (alerting them that there’s a new message) and all they have to do is open the box to see the message you’ve just sent them!  It’s the perfect way to let that special someone know you’ve been thinking of them.  It’s like a new take on that famous ‘long distance touch lamp‘ that basically broke the internet last year! Learn more here!


The Personalized Choice

A Personalized Cartoon-Like Family Portrait
Uncommon Goods


Buy at Uncommon Goods

So cool and fun!  This personalized artwork of the whole family is something they’ll be super proud to display. Learn more here!


The Helpful Choice

The Tile Sticker Keys & Phone Finder  (Combo Pack of 2)
Amazon Ratings:  +8,000

$32.32 (19% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

If they’re always losing their phone, their keys, their wallet (you name it) then this is the perfect gift for them!  You can use your app to immediately ‘ring’ where your lost stuff is, track it on the map, and more. Learn more here!


The Memories Choice

The Patchwork Memory Bear


Buy at Amazon

If they don’t have time to make an entire quilt, this cute little bear is perfect for them.  This little bear is made up entirely of your clothes (or your kids clothes, grandkids clothes, niece or nephews clothes, and more).  Simply send them in the package back to the company (in the pre-addressed bag) and in a few weeks you’ll receive your very own little bear quilted in your clothes. How cute!  Learn more here!


The Papa Bear Choice

The Protective Grandpa ‘Papa Bear’ T-Shirt


Buy at Amazon

He’s the one that protects the whole family!  This cool ‘papa bear’ shirt comes in a variety of colors like navy blue, light blue, white, heather grey, and more.  See more color options and sizes here.


The Fitness Choice

The Apple Series 6 Watch
Amazon Ratings: +20,000


Buy at Amazon

A top seller from Apple, this smart fitness watch will help track their activities, be their own virtual personal assistant, be used as an elevation tracker (helpful for those who tend to fall from time to time), a GPS helper, a heart rate monitor, and so much more.  Oh, and they can receive and send calls, texts, and more!  Learn more here!

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