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Gamers of the world, UNITE!  Gamers of the world who want to save some cash on their prized games, unite harder!  We’ve found some of the best GameStop sales, deals, and promo offers going on right now this month.  Here’s everything you need to know!

GameStop Promo Code May 2024 - Coupon + Sale

Sale Today: Up to 50% Here

Our Take:

There’s something so magical (really) about walking into a GameStop and browsing the aisles (or walls) for some of the latest games for our favorite consoles.  To us, it was always like shopping in a bookstore.  You were surrounded by people who shared your same interests and, well, you could literally spend the entire day in there just walking around and dreaming.

While recent reports confirm that GameStop is (sadly) looking to sell their business and has been closing some of their stores recently, that doesn’t mean that you still can’t get great deals on some of the most popular games around!  Some of their most popular areas include things like:

If you’re looking for ideas on how to save the most we recommend you always go with their “pre-owned” selection.  Believe us, these have come a long way from perhaps your “pre-owned” games from stores (read: yard sales) when you were little.  These are basically like pre-owned certified cars these days.  And better yet you can save upwards of 40% off by going this route.

Our other favorite way to save is to join their “Power Up” Rewards program.  Basically once you sign up (depending on which level you sign up for) you can earn anywhere between 10-points and 30-points for every dollar you spend.  Once you get enough points they’ll transfer over to reward dollars you can use on future purchases.  We love this because, well, we’re buying stuff from them all the time anyway!

The Deal With Their Sales + Promo Codes:

There actually are a few times during the year where we’ve experienced the biggest GameStop sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday where you can typically get up to 40% off some of their most popular options.  If you don’t want to wait for those sales events, they actually have a pretty active deals section directly on their site – including a new “deal of the day” every day.  You can check out all their active sales right here!

When it comes to promo codes, they do accept them at checkout.  The only catch is that you can only get official promo code offers or coupons directly from their site.  We don’t have them here and other third-party sites that claim to have exclusive codes may not be entirely accurate (or even working!).  The good news is that they do have some offers they’re promoting so we thought we’d share some of those with you.

Shop our picks for some of the best GameStop promo sales, deals, and more in May 2024!

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GameStop May 2024 Promo Code Offers + Deals

Check out all the latest amazing sales at deals at GameStop this month. Coupons and promo code offers can always come in handy so check out the ones they're actively promoting on their site. We're peeping some great deals on all things Xbox One, PS4, games, gaming bundles, tech gadgets and more!

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~ New Releases ~ Save On New and Upcoming (and Pre-Release) Video Games For This Month

How pumped do you get when trying to get your hands on the newest video games being released?! Click through to check out some of the newest (and pre-release) video games available this month. You can even pre-order many of these well before the official release date. These releases are updated from right now all the way up until 12/31/2018. More Less

16% Off

Take an Extra 16% Off Select Pre-Owned Games & Even DVDs!

Why break the bank by buying new games? We always say to go the pre-owned route when it makes sense. And, well, right now it makes sense because at GameStop you can take 16% off pre owned games and DVDs. Press the button to reveal the secret coupon code and then copy and paste it over at GS when you checkout. Restrictions apply. More Less

Up to 50% Off

Snag Up to 50% Off Select Pre-Owned Gaming Bundles

You really can't go wrong with 1/2 pricing, right? Well, you better hurry because for a limited time you can save up to 50% off select pre-owned bundles. Check out ones from Xbox, Nintendo Wii, PS4, PS3, and so many more. This really is one of the best ways to save! More Less

Up to 40% Off

Enjoy Up to 40% Off Select Xbox Items Today

Xbox fans unite! Check out over 200 Xbox items on sale right now. Some are even up to 40% off the original price. Can't beat that! More Less

Up to 50% Off

Take Up to 50% Off Select Items During the Clearance Sale

Who doesn't love a clearance sale?! For a limited time you can save up to 50% off select items for just about everyone out there. Check out the major savings on games, gaming consoles, collectibles, and so much more. As of right now there are over 6,900 items where prices are majorly slashed! Get them while they're still available. More Less

Up to 35% Off

Save Up to 35% Off Select PlayStation 4 Games & Devices

GS didn't forget about the PS4 enthusiasts out there! This month you can take up to 35% off select PS4 games, devices, accessories, and more! More Less

The 5 Best Perks & More Ways to Save, Like, Right Now!

1.  Get Your Free Shipping Today:  Free shipping really is the only way to go when ordering online.  Places like Amazon have totally spoiled us into thinking it’s insanity to have to pay to ship.  Well, you can actually get free shipping at GS today (well, sort of).  As long as you spend at least $35, you’ll officially be qualified to get your order shipped to you free of charge.  And there are currently over 12,000 items that ship within 24-hours, so you’ll be able to get it pretty fast!

2. Get Coupons Emailed Directly To You:  While many companies pretend they never have coupons, GameStop actually wants to send you some.  Here’s the deal.  All you have to do is sign up for their newsletter and you’ll not only get exclusive access to super-secret discount codes, but you’ll also know about the latest releases before almost everyone else.  Plus, whenever they’re running a promotion or major sale you’ll be able to see it first too!  We once got a 20% off code ‘just because.’

3.  Become An Elite Pro Rewards Member:  There are so many rewards programs out there, but if you’re a big gamer like we are becoming an Elite Pro member is really the way to go.  Once you sign up you’ll gain access to secret deals, get some decent percentages off and more.  Here’s some of our favorite things about the program and what you’ll get:

  1. Earn 30 points for every $1 you spend (as opposed to the 10 points others will earn)
  2. Get 20% off pre-owned games and accessories
  3. Enjoy an extra 20% trade credit on tech, accessories, and games
  4. As part of the ‘welcome offer’ when you guy 2 pre-owned games, you’ll get one for free
  5. Get 2-day free shipping when you spend just $35

4.  Studying the Weekly Ad Can Save You Cash:  No one really gets a weekly ad mailed to their house anymore, but you can stay up-to-date on the latest deals, by checking out their Weekly Ad page here.  This is where you’ll see some special savings, bundled deals, and more. Plus, you can actually download it and print it out for yourself too!

5.  Get the Power Up Rewards Credit Card and Save:  Ok, so we’re not usually big fans of signing up for the store credit card.  It always makes us feel like we’re doing something wrong!  As long as you spend within your means and, like us, fully pay off the card when the bill is due, you’ll be in good shape.  If you do sign up you’ll get some pretty sweet perks like 15,000 bonus rewards points, 5,000 bonus points for every $250 you spend, and more.  Currently there are no annual fees and you can choose to pay your card of each month or over time.  Again, we recommend to only sign up for this if you can pay it off in full each time.  Don’t go into debt just for the bonus points!  And, of course, some restrictions apply.

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