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Macy’s always seems to be having a pretty amazing “One Day Sale” but all the deals can be pretty overwhelming.  We’ve researched and then broke down the top (and best) sales, deals, promo codes and, of course, active coupons you need to know about!

Macys Promo Code April 2024 - Coupon + Sale

Sale Today: Up to 40% Here

Macy’s really has almost everything we could ever want and need.  Outside of those “One Day” sales,  some of their most famous deals revolve around bedding, clothes and, of course, jewelry but there really are so many more sales going on that it’s almost tough to keep up with.  They’re pretty great about letting you know, directly from them, what their latest coupon codes and “free gift” deals are each month.  Some of our current faves that you should know about include:

✔︎  Take an Extra 25% Off Right Now During Checkout – Learn More Here
✔︎  Score Some Free Shipping Today – Learn More Here
✔︎  Every Active Promo Code (Updated Daily) is Here – Learn More Here

You can typically score free shipping on almost everything (usually furniture isn’t applicable) when you spend just $25.  But the best one we’ve used ourselves is getting an extra 25% off one item when you simply sign up for their email or texts with your email.  Once completed (for free), they’ll email or text you over your 25% off code.  Pretty sweet!

One of the things we love the best about Macy’s is that they’re always running some kind of sale.  Remember when they would have commercials on every single day promoting their “1 Day” sale that happened, uh, 5 times a week?  Bless them.

Overall your best bet when it comes to saving money is to check in to see exactly what kind of promos they’re running on a given day.  One place to stop and check out is here on Macy’s special ‘deals’ page where you can see all the one-off stuff they’re putting on sale or giving away for free!  It’s a lot of add-on items (like a free umbrella with the purchase of a specific fragrance).

We also highly recommend signing up for their email/newsletter.  Sure they’ll email you daily (you can change preferences) but you’ll immediately save 25% off your next purchase once you sign up, plus you really will be in the know when it comes to one-day sales, random items at amazing prices, and more.

Check out some of the most active Macy’s promo codes, blowout sales, and killer deals (so far) in April 2024.  Happy shopping!

New 🏷

Macy’s April 2024 Promo Code Offers, Coupons + Awesome Deals!

Macys always seems to be having some kind of pretty big sale just about any day of the week.  Stay on top of all the deals with these helpful promo code offers, coupons, and overall killer discounts they're promoting on their own site today!

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Get 25% Off

Take an Extra 25% Off at Macys (Online Only)

Bring on the savings! Now you can get an extra 25% off when you simply just sign up for their newsletter with your email address and/or their app. It's super simple and once you sign up you'll receive an email letting you know you now have that 25% promo code bonus (hint: they keep it in your online wallet to make it super easy to use at checkout).

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Free 📦

Earn Free Shipping or Free Store Pick Up

There always seems to be different shipping offers happening, but right now our favorite one is just plain old free shipping on your next order when you spend just $25.  Some restrictions will apply, but overall this is a great one!  Plus, click through to learn how to get free store pick-up too!

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Free Gift!

Grab a Free Beauty & Fragrance Gift Here!

Click through to see the latest free beauty and fragrance gifts with purchase right here!  And be sure to check out their exclusive beauty flash sale where we're spying best-sellers ranging from 40% - 50% off original prices!

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Up to 50%

Get Up to 50% Off Select Bath Towels, Mats, and Robes

Time to upgrade your bath supplies? This month you can save up to 50% off these select bath towels from major brands you love like Martha Stewart, the Hotel Collection, Tommy Hilfiger, Charter Club, and more. Stock up and save now!

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Up to 50% Off

Save Up to 50% Off Select Top Selling Mattresses

Ready for that new mattress upgrade you've been semi-dreaming about? Now you can take off up to 50% on some of these select mattress during this crazy sale going on right now. Choose from top selling mattress brands you love like Sealy, Beautyrest, Serta, and more!

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Up to 30% Off

Snag Up to 30% Off Select Shoes!

For a limited time this month you can enjoy up to 30% off select shoes at either a regular or sale price. Choose from a variety of top-sellers in areas like sneakers, heels, dress shoes, casual, boots, booties, and even some sandals and slippers too!

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Up to 70% Off

Major Jewelry Sale: Up to 55% – 70% Off!

Start your holiday shopping super early this year thanks to the insane jewelry sale going on right now. Enjoy anywhere between (up to) 55% - 75% off select fine jewelry items during their clearance sale. We saw a $1,000 ring on sale for $400. How sweet it is!

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Up to 40% Off

Take Up to 40% Off Select Cuisinart Products Right Now!

Who doesn't love all things Cuisinart!? Well right now you can take up to 40% off these select Cuisinart products this month. We're talking about over 150 different options! Choose from cookware, toaster ovens, food processors, coffee makers, mixers, microwaves, and more.

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Up to 25% Off

Up to 25% Off Select Lancome Beauty Products

Calling all Lancome fans! If you love Lancome and are looking to save some cash, well, then this is the sale for you. Right now you can save upwards of 25% off these select Lancome products like highlighters, firming creams, eyeshadow, mascara, and more.

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Up to 50% Off

Up to 50% Off the Martha Stewart Home Essentials Collection

Even if you don't love her you certainly love her home decór, kitchen gadgets, table settings, sheets, linens and, well, everything else she sells. You'll love her even more because right now you can enjoy up to 50% off select items in her Home Essentials collection. And that's a very good thing!

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The 9 Macy’s Shopping Secrets That May Be News to You

1. Downloading the Macys App Saves Money:  If you’re an avid Macy’s shopper then downloading their app won’t really be a big deal.  It’s good for three cool reasons.  First, if you have the app and are walking through the store you’ll get alerts letting know about sudden deals taking place. Second, you’ll basically become an employee because you’ll now be able to scan barcodes yourself to check on things like price, color options, in-stock status, and more.  Third, and most importantly, once you first download the app Macy’s will give you 25% off your first order when purchasing through the app.  Learn more about their app here.

2.  Free Shipping Does Exist With This Trick:  Alright so if you’re a Macy’s Star Rewards Gold or Platinum Member you’ll get free shipping on your items (you still have to use your Macy’s card though), but what about all the rest of us?  If you don’t want to have to spend up to either $50 (if they’re running a special) or the $99 (if they’re not running a special) here’s a really cool trick to try out.  Macy’s allows for free shipping when you purchase a beauty item so all you have to do is add a cheap beauty product to your cart and everything else in there will ship for free too!  For example, head over to their beauty section, click on their travel-sized products, and then sort the price by “lowest” and you could grab something for $2 – $3 and then everything in your cart ships for free.  That’s the cheap way out, of course.  You can always just pick up a beauty product you actually want and need but, if not, go with that handy little bargaining strategy!

3.  Become an Email Subscriber and Get 10% Off:  Ok so that was pretty self-explanatory.  When you give Macy’s your email address and become a subscriber to their newsletter they’ll then provide you with 10% off your next purchase.  That’s a pretty quick and simple way to get some money off your total!

4.  Get Your Price Adjustment STAT:  If you purchased something at one price and then within 10-days you see that the same item is now on sale, Macy’s will honor and adjust that new price. Just remember that it has to be within those 10-days.  They’re not always the best about being accommodating if you see it priced lower after those 10-days.  There are also some restrictions to be sure to check out their site for all the things to watch out for.

5.  Colored Price Tags Mean Something:  The color your seeing on your price tag when shopping in-store actually does mean something.  We always assumed it did, but never knew what.  Until now!  Here’s the deal:

  • Yellow Price Tag:  These prices are the absolute lowest they’ll ever go and will stay that price until they’re either sold or pulled from the floor.
  • Blue Price Tag:  Tags that have blue on them mean that this is the second-to-last price adjustment you’ll be seeing on the specific item.  It’s still a great sale price, but if the tag is blue it’ll still be going on sale one more time and will eventually turn into the yellow tag ‘final’ clearance price.

6.  Ordering Online and Picking Up In-Store:  Sure, ordering online and then picking up in-store kind of defeats the convenience factor of, you know, shopping online but it can save you some extra money from time to time.  When shopping online and in the checkout process sometimes Macy’s will have a button you can check that will offer you additional savings if you pick it up in-store.  Type in your zip-code to see if it’s available and if there’s a promotion going on. If so, we’ve seen instances where they’ve given up to 20% off our next order.  Plus, we saved any shipping charges so it’s a real win-win.

7.  Prices Ending in “.98” Have a Catch:  If you see an item priced ending in .98 (example: $19.98) that means it’s part of the “Everyday Value” promotion at Macys which, at first, sounds great because it really is a great price.  However, that “.98” means that it won’t be eligible for a coupon or promo code.  Bummer.

8.  Competitor Price Matching Exists:  Macy’s will hook you up with a competitor price match guarantee if you find the same item somewhere else for a cheaper price.  However, there are some exclusions like they won’t price-match with Amazon, eBay, Bed Bath & Beyond, or Costco.  The price also has to be within 10-days of you originally making your purchase.

9.  Text with Macy’s and Get a Discount:  Ok so it’s not exactly like that, but if you sign up with Macy’s via text-messaging (meaning: providing your cell number to them so they can text you sales, deals, and more) they’ll also provide you with 25% off your next purchase once you initially sign up.  It’s not really that bad, but if after awhile you’re tired of the messages, just unsubscribe and call it a day  Just make sure you’ve already received and used that 25% off!

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