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If, like me, your love language is experiences (and not having to mortgage your house to afford that experience) then going to a concert, your favorite MLB team, a local comedy show – you name it, then scoring some tickets is where it’s at.


Now I want to give full disclosure.  When it comes to ticket sales, I’ve had a ton of luck with Stub Hub.  I used to use Ticket Master, but have had less luck with them lately.  My latest obsession is Vivid Seats.  I got my last 3 tickets from them, paid a normal price (or at least what seemed normal) and even saved a couple hundred dollars overall.


We all know that tickets can be so expensive, but this month Vivid Seats is making it more affordable than ever by giving you a free ticket with minimum ticket purchases.  Get all the deets here!

There are clearly a ton of ticket brokers out there and unless you’re a pro (which I am not) it can be scary to buy online.  Personally, I’ve stayed away from sites like Craigslist and eBay (for obvious reasons).  But I decided to check out VividSeats, especially as they were named as one of the best ticket sites for sold out shows.  Taylor Swift, anyone?

What’s great about them, in my opinion, is the trust level.  You know you’re not getting screwed over and you’re not hit with as many “after cart” fees as some other sites.  You know how some sites sell tickets for, like, $100 and then when you are about to check out you basically pay another $100 in fees?  Vivid hasn’t been like that for me.  And they really have last minute tickets for hard to get events like:

  • Concerts:  Adele (in Vegas), Billie Eilish, Elton John, etc.
  • Sports:  MLB playoffs, the Super Bowl, World Series, Spring Training, etc
  • Theater:  Hamilton, Hadestown, Mean Girls, etc

How I Saved at Vivid Seats

Everyone always wants to know about things like promo codes and coupons when it comes to taking some money off the final price of their tickets.  I spent a while looking around to find some discounts online, but with Vivid Seats they really on have active coupons directly on their site.  So, please, stop wasting your time looking for them everywhere else.

When I bought some tickets for Hadestown (the NYC show) I was able to get $50 off my ticket.  They actually have an offer where you can take up to $100 off depending on what you’re purchasing.  They leave the code right on their site, which you can find here.

I also discovered they have a great rewards program which, once you sign up, you get a “stamp” for every ticket you purchase.  After 10 stamps you get rewards you can use on your next purchase, which can mean free tickets.  Check that out here!

Below I tossed together some important areas of their site you should know about and, if you’re looking for Adele tickets, be sure to snag those while they’re still available.  Hope this help you out!

Vivid Seats Promo Codes & Rewards - July 2024


Vivid Seats really has tickets at totally great prices, can be trusted, and are totally secure. Check out some of their newest events, deals, and any coupons or discount codes they’re newly promoting this month.


We all know that tickets can be so expensive, but this month Vivid Seats is making it more affordable than ever by giving you a free ticket with minimum ticket purchases.  Get all the deets here!


Get ready to front the cash for your friends because right now when you purchase ten tickets, they’ll give you one ticket for free.  I recommend buying them for your friends (let them Venmo you) and then you get your ticket for free!


Today you can get an extra 10% off your tickets when you use their official promo code at checkout.  Get all the details here.

Discount Code:  SAVINGS20

20% CODE

If you’re a new customer and subscribe via email to their newsletter (it’s worth it) and make a minimum spend on tickets, they’ll provide you with an extra 20% off you can use on your first set of tickets!

Discount Code:  WELCOME20

$20 OFF

Every little bit helps!  You can now take a quick $20 off your tickets when you spend $200 with their active promo code.  Restrictions apply.

Discount Code:  VIVID20


It pays to be a student (finally!).  Vivid Seats has teamed up with UniDays to provide eligible students with a 10% discount on their next ticket purchase.  Quickly get verified and they’ll provide you with your own 10% discount code.

NOW $25

Whether you’re a baseball fan, football fanatic, basketball lover or any other sport – so many tickets are now priced starting as low as just $25.

10% OFF

Who’s ready to hit up the concert scene?  Check out some of the most sought-after concert tickets this year and find out how to take up to 10% off your purchase.  Adele, anyone?

If you’re a fan of Vivid Seats, check out some other brands we’ve covered that we love where you can save, like a 20% coupon at Fanatics, a 20% promo code for GOOP, and even $20 coupon for Pura Vida.  Find a little something for everyone!