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40 Sweet Ways to Gift Your Favorite Aunt

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Because she’s more than just your favorite aunt.  She’s your best friend.  And, well, that one time she bailed you out of jail so you totally owe her.  We’ve come up with some great gift ideas she’ll actually want this season!

Birthday Gifts for Aunt 2024 - Gift Ideas for Aunts and Auntie

There’s honestly nothing better than an Aunt.  You may call her your “ant” or “auntie” but one thing we can all agree on is how special an aunt actually is.  She’s like your mom but, you know, way cooler.  And as you get older she becomes your friend and confidant.  She’s been there for you pretty much your whole life so make sure to let her know how special she is.  By that we mean “use your words.”  But when that part is over, you’ll need to buy her a little something.

Shop our picks for some great aunt gift ideas this year.  Some ideas are more traditional (read: it says ‘aunt’ on it) and others are just great options she’ll love because she rules.  Presenting the best gifts for aunts (so far) this year:

The Traditional Aunt Gift

Alex and Ani ‘Aunt’ Silver Bangle Bracelet – Buy It Here

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Because she absolute loves Alex & Ani and this ‘not over the top’ charm bracelet features a silver charm that has “Aunt” in the middle surrounded by additional charms.  It’ll really show your gratitude for her all year round. Learn more here!

For The Magical Auntie

The “Aunts are Magical” Unicorn Tee – Buy It Here

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Because aunts really are magical!  They basically do everything for you and, to be honest, are a bit cooler than your mom.  Just saying.  Learn more here!

For The Coffee Addicted Aunt

The I ‘Heart’ My Ant Coffee Mug – Buy It Here

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Perfect for younger kids to gift their aunt or ‘ant’ as so many of us lovingly call them.  By the way that ant really is as cute as a bug.  See what we did there?  Coffee time!

The Luxury Choice

The Super Comfy White Bathrobe by Snowe  – Buy It Here

Comfy White Robe Gift 2024

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Yes, this is the bathrobe is seems like everyone on the InterWebs has been freaking out over all year.  And now we understand why.  First off, it’s super comfy.  Like, for real, really comfortable.  It’s made of 100%  long-staple cotton, is really plush, and has a super comfy shawl collar. Check out the color options here.

The Cool Choice

The Motivational Bracelet – Buy It Here

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This is one of our faves.  This bracelet is a really popular option that not only looks cool (and is a best-seller), but also gives back to people in need!  Learn more here!

The Phone Accessory Choice

The Kate Spade Floral iPhone Case – Buy It Here

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This is one of our favorites of the season!  The case itself is clear and, yes, those are actually raised jewels scattered throughout the pretty flowers.  This one is for the iPhone X, but there are other options too! Learn more here!

The Must-Have Choice

The New Magic Hands Neck/Back Massager – Buy It Here

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Oprah swears by it and these neck/back/body massagers are selling out all over the place.  Perfect for those who sit and work in front of a computer all day, are always on their feet, or could just use an amazing body massage after the gym.  Pick one up for yourself while you’re at it.  It comes in 3 different colors too! Learn more here!

The Relaxing Choice

The Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser – Buy It Here

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Because, yes, she totally deserves moments of zen all throughout the day.  This is one of the best-sellers (and affordable) essential oil diffusers this year.  It’s super quiet, has LED lights that change color, comes equipped with a timer, and even automatic shut-off.  She’ll be calm, cool, and collected before she even knows it! Learn more here!

The Experience Choice

Local Event Tickets – Buy It Here

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Send her to her favorite upcoming concert or sports team! You can choose the gift card option and let her choose the event (and you can even have the gift emailed to her when you want!). Maybe she’ll even take you with her?  Learn more here.

The Gym Choice

The ‘After This We’re Getting Pizza’ Duffel Bag – Buy It Here

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Because who wouldn’t want to celebrate their workout with some pizza!  This pink cotton duffel has leatherette handles and also comes in other colors with other funny sayings. Learn more here!

The Floral Choice

The Most Beautiful Flower Delivery from Bouqs  – Buy It Here

Hot Christmas Gift for Wife 2017: Flowers Every Month 2018

Buy Now

These are some of the prettiest flowers we’ve seen in a while.  You can choose next day, best sellers, or even super popular flowers that are grown by local farmers at the base of a volcano.  Learn more here!

The Zen Choice

The Hanza Bath Bomb Gift Set of 8 – Buy It Here

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She’ll love totally relaxing in the tub with these handmade and totally organic bath bombs!  There are 8 that come with this set and provide options like:  relax, heal, restore, balance, and more.  Plus, they’re made right here in the USA! Learn more here!

The Fun DIY Choice

The Bubbly Sparkling Wine Making Kit – Buy It Here

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She loves her wine, so why not let her try her hand at making some sparkling wine of her own right at home!  This one is from the famous Brooklyn Brew Shop.  Learn more here!

The Bedroom Choice

The Super Comfy Percale Sleep Bundle Bedding Set – Buy It Here

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Because she deserves to sleep in luxury and her bed sheets could use an upgrade.  These are the sheets everyone is buzzing about online this year.  Don’t leave her out in the cold!  There are a ton of other colors and bedding options and styles available too.  Check out more colors and styles here.

The Retro Music Choice

The Victrola Vintage Record Player/Turn Table in Lavender – Buy It Here

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Now she can play all those old vinyl albums she’s got stored away!  Or, let’s be honest, the new ones she’s buying since ‘vinyl’ is officially back!  This vintage inspired player plays 3 speeds (33, 45, and 78) and for a modern twist it also is bluetooth/wireless enabled so you can even play your own music through it.  How awesome is the lavender color, by the way?  It also comes in other cool colors too! Learn more here!

The Ultimate Party Choice

The Rainbow Party Cup – Buy It Here

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She’s a real party animal at heart and always on trend so she’ll love this rainbow keg cup!  Don’t worry, she can use it over and over again because it’s not one of those disposable kind (hand wash only!).  It also comes in gold and copper too!  These are honestly so cool! Learn more here!

The Everyday Choice

The Popular ‘Outdoor Voices’ Leggings – Buy It Here

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She’ll pretty much want to live in these. They’re super popular, super comfy, and come in a variety of colors like charcoal grey, black, light blue, green, and more.  See more colors here!

The Tech Choice

The Belkin Lightning to USB Tassel Charger in Grey – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Now she can charge her iPhone, tablet, and more when she’s on the go!  This sleep leather tassel will go perfect with almost any of her bags, is super useful when she’s in a jam and needs ‘the juice.’  It also comes in other leather options like pink too.  Learn more here!

The Cozy Choice

The Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Throw Blanket – Buy It Here

Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket 2024 For Aunt

Buy Now

She’ll totally love curling up on the couch with this super comfy throw blanket all fall and winter long.  Why can’t every day be Sunday?! This throw comes in a bunch of different color options too.  Learn more here!

The Nostalgic Auntie Gift

Natural Wood Engraved ‘Best Aunt Ever’ Picture Frame – Buy It Here

Best Christmas Gifts for Aunt 2017: Best Aunt Ever Wooden Picture Frame 2018

Buy Now

Because sometimes a traditional gift really is the best gift.  This engraved frame says “Best Aunt Ever” which is pretty accurate because she really is.  Toss a picture of yourself in there, you know, for good measure. Learn more here!

The Magical Choice

The Corkcicle Tumbler Insulated Travel Mug in Sparkle Pixie Dust – Buy It Here

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Now she can bring her drink with her to go and make sure it stays at the perfect temperature!  This one is triple insulated and will keep her cold drinks cold for up to 9-hours and her hot drinks nice and warm for up to 3-hours!  We love this new color, but they also have about 25 other color options to choose from too!  Check out more colors here.

The Relaxing Choice

The Herbivore ‘Coconut Milk’ Bath Soak – Buy It Here

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She’ll love pouring some into her hot tub and soaking for hours.  This will help hydrate her skin, leaving it super soft and smooth.  Plus it smells great with scents of coconut and warm vanilla. Learn more here!

The Home Bar Choice

The W&P Copper Pineapple Cocktail Shaker – Buy It Here

Buy Now

She’ll love entertaining and shaking up cocktails in this three-piece copper pineapple shaker set!  It also will look great in her place displayed out in the open, a real conversation piece!  This one comes in copper, but we’ve also seen them in gold, silver, white, and black. Learn more here!

The “Like a Mom” Choice

The Mom2 Tee in Navy Blue & Purple – Buy It Here

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Ok, so she may not be your actual mom, but she’s always been like a mom to you.  In fact, she’s mom²! Check it out in a bunch of other colors too!

The Yoga Choice

The Gaiam Non-Slip Yoga Mat in Citron Sundial Print – Buy It Here

Buy Now

It’s always a good time to upgrade your yoga mat!  This one is lightweight, yet thick and durable.  It has a sticky non-slip texture and comes in about 24 other colors, prints, and options.  Plus, it’s pretty affordable for a yoga mat.  Learn more here!

The Home Chef Choice

The Keyboard Waffle Iron – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Who doesn’t want their waffles in the shape of an actual computer keyboard!?  Plus, think of all the syrup you can store in all the keys.  Hello spacebar! Learn more here!

The Home Decor Choice

The Chic Gold Slate Drink Coasters – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Seriously, how awesome are these gold coasters?! They’re round, chic AF, and come 4 in a set.  They also carry them in silver slate and rose gold! Learn more here!

The Cat Lady Choice

The Giantex Astronaut Pet Carrying Backpack in Golden Rose – Buy It Here

Buy Now

How cute will her little dog or cat look in this astronaut backpack when she’s brining them around with her wherever she goes?!  Don’t worry, it’s totally breathable, roomy, and comes in a variety of other color options like light blue, leopard, black, light green, and more.  Learn more here!

The Camera Choice

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Film Camera in Brown – Buy It Here

Buy Now

It’s a nod to the old days, but with all the modern bells and whistles.  She’ll get the instant photos she wants in a variety of style options.  Plus, it’s perfect for when she’s already totally over taking a selfie every five minutes. Learn more here!

The Coffee Choice

The Keurig K250 Single Serve Coffee Maker in Oasis – Buy It Here

Buy Now

She’ll love making coffee just for her in the morning and she’ll be proud to display it right on the counter because the color is to die for.  The size is perfect and will allow you to brew over 4 cups of coffee before you ever have to even refill the water reservoir.   Check out the other delicious colors like plum grey, peacock blue, sandy pearl, turquoise, red, and black! Learn more here!

For Your Aunt Who’s Your BFF

The ‘Best Friends’ Pizza & Fries Tee – Buy It Here

Buy Now

How cute are the french fries and the pizza!  She’ll love wearing it and thinking of you (and her favorite foods).  You can also get them as individual t-shirts where you wear one and she wears the other.  Here’s the ‘Best’ french fries one and here’s the ‘Friends’ pizza one!

For The Candle Obsessed Aunt

The Diptyque Baies Scented Candle – Buy It Here

Best Christmas Gifts for Aunt 2017: Candle 2018

Buy Now

A sweet mix of freshness, zest, and fruity notes will liven up her home and have her thinking of you each time she lights this chic AF candle. Learn more here!

For The Active Auntie

The S’Well Ultraviolet Water Bottle – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Because this is the water bottle of all water bottles!  Plus, you can’t go wrong with ‘Ultraviolet’ anything. Learn more here!

For The Strong AF Aunt

The Vintage Inspired ‘Feminist’ Tee – Buy It Here

Feminist T-Shirt Gift for Wife 2018 - Gifts for Her

Buy Now

Let her show her feminist pride (and you show your support for her) with this chic distressed “FEMINIST” t-shirt.  This one is in heather grey, but they also come in baby blue, grass green, dark heather, and pink.

For The Zen Aunt

The Fresh ‘Sugar Lemon’ Bath Cubes – Buy It Here

Best Christmas Gifts for Aunt 2017: Fresh Lemon Bath Cubes 2018

Buy Now

Because being the world’s best aunt can be exhausting and she really wants to zen out, especially in the tub. Learn more here!

For The Sleepy Auntie

The All-Season Down Comforter  – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Because, sure, sometimes she just wants to sleep in.  This comforter is the one everyone is buzzing about online. Learn more here!

For The Aunt Who’s a Friend

The Gorjana Power Stone Bracelet in Rose Gold – Buy It Here

Best Christmas Gifts for Aunt 2017: Gorjana Power Stone Bracelet 2018

Buy Now

Because this bracelet helps promote positive vibes just like your favorite aunt does.  Plus, rose gold!  Learn more here!

The New Auntie Gift

The ‘I Love My Aunt’ Onsie/Bodysuit for Baby – Buy It Here

Best gift for new aunt 2017

Buy Now

Because, sure this is more for the bay, but it’s perfect for a new aunt and a great way to surprise her with the news that you’re expecting.  Learn more here!

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