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Super Fun Gifts For the Whole Family Who Actually Wants to Hang Together

Gift ideas everyone can do together as the rockstar fam you are!

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Finding the right gift for someone is a task in itself.  Finding something for the whole family?  Ever more difficult!  Relax.  We’ve come up with some really great ideas that will satisfy each and every member of your squad.

Best Family Gift Ideas 2024 - Gifts for Families This Christmas

While finding matching pajamas may look good on Instagram, you’re totally not that family.  And, let’s face it, everyone already has everything so we’ve taken the pressure off you by finding some fun presents that will check the box for mom, dad, the young kiddos, and especially your moody tweens and, of course, your teenagers who are already over it.

We’ve been hand-choosing gifts around here since 2016 so we’ve spent years (literally) researching, reviewing, reading endless reviews, and even testing in some cases.  We’ve also checked in with some of the top brands who have come up with their own famous lists to see what’s buzzing this year (outside of just what’s being viewed on TikTok) and a few major things we’re seeing from the experts at Buzzfeed, The Wirecutter, and even HGTV is that experience and activity gifts is where it’s at for families.  And gifts that fit a bit of a lower budget this year is really a necessity.

So, we’ve matched up our own internal gifting data with current trends online and even some items we even own ourselves or have gifted to our own loved ones and have come up with the ultimate list of ideas that, not only, work for the entire fam – but for different members of the family at all different ages and stages.

Overall gifting themes that are the most popular this year include things like:

  • Experiences Families Can Do Together:  Adventure Challenges, Bucket List Activities, Concerts & Sporting Events
  • Creating & Cooking:  Making DIY Ice Cream, Churros, Cupcakes – you name it (all listed out below)
  • Personalized + Customized Gifts:  Custom Family Photos, Drinking Mugs, Home Decor
  • Online Focus:  Fun Online Classes to Take From Celebrities, Last Minute eGift Cards, Ancestry Tests

So, whether your family has younger kids, older kids or (quite frankly) no kids at all there are a bunch of really unique and fun ideas below that we’ve hand-selected and reviewed ourselves.  This year we’ve also added in some additional customer reviews that you may find helpful – just in case there’s a little something to be on the lookout for when buying.


1.  The Adventure Challenge Family Edition
Adventure Challenge

$50 | AdventureChallenge

It’s time to officially for the fam to get off the couch, shut down their devices, turn away from their screens and tackle all these really fun family adventures.  This super fun book comes with 50 “scratch off” adventures and space to jot down some memory notes, add photos, and so much more.  If they’re on a bit of a budget, don’t sweat it because there are plenty of budget-friendly activities to be had.

And don’t sweat it if you have members of the fam all at different ages.  This book was created to be fun for ages anywhere from 4 to 16 years old and not matter how many people there are in the fam!  Have at it!

Helpful Review:  “So far we’ve loved all the challenges. We’ve done things that we never would have done before and had a blast! We’ve also had some challenges that we would already do, but with a new twist to provide some new excitement. I highly recommend this book!” – William A.


2.  The Movie Night Popcorn Gift Set (With Spices!)
Urban Accents

$22 | Amazon

It’s always a great idea for popcorn, but especially when it’s family movie night!  Sure you can toss a buttery bag in the microwave, but with this ultimate gift set you get the kernels to pop on your own, along with a yummy variety of spices and seasonings to please just about every member of the fam.

This set comes with 3 bags of kernels (fluffy white, crunchy red, and sweet tri-color), but more importantly it comes with 5 delicious spice flavorings like:

  • White Cheddar Cheese
  • Buttery Caramel
  • Chili Lime
  • Sweet & Salty Kettle-corn
  • Hot Sriracha

The best part is that you can add as much or as little of the seasonings as you’d like.  And with five different flavors everyone is bound to get something they like – now you just all have to agree on the movie.

Helpful Review:  “I bought this as a gift for a friend and she loves it. Each time she tries another flavor of seasoning she raves about how good it is. The fact that it is 0 calories is an added bonus. Win win!!” – Theresa S.


3.  The Custom Cartoon Family Print
Uncommon Goods

Personalized Family Photo

$85 | Uncommon Goods

This custom artwork of your fam provides a fresh and fun way to show of you and your loved ones (including pets!).  You can choose either the print itself or the print and the frame.  All you have to do is select how many people in your family you’d like to include (minimum of 2 and a maximum of 12) and then you can choose features and styles like hair, skin tone, clothes, etc.  They’ll also add in your name and other info if you’d like.

Helpful Review:  “In addition to serving as a Christmas present for a person impossible to buy for, this represented our 25th Anniversary and enabled us to capture our fur babies throughout our marriage. It’s a wonderful thing to see when you enter our home.” – Rita


4.  The Escape Room At-Home Game
Spin Master

$25 | Amazon

Not that there’s anything wrong with a classic game of Monopoly, but if you’re not that family you’re going to all have a blast with one of the best selling at-home Escape Room games.  Basically, you all have 60 minutes (it’s timed) to solve the mystery game and “escape” your room within that timeframe.  This one comes with three different mysteries:  Panic on the Titanic, Alice in Wonderland, and Dawn of the Zombies!

Along with these really fun games, Escape the Room also comes with the official chrono decoder, the hint decoder, 16 different keys, and the official hint cards.  The only thing it doesn’t come with is the 3 AA batteries that you’ll need for the chrono decoder.

Helpful Review:  “Using the decoder made the game more interactive! Some clues are harder than others and we did use hints. Although it does not compare to a real escape room, it was still lots of fun. We played with three people and exceeded the time limit each time. We will get better as we play I’m sure. It does come with a Demo game so you can get the feel of the game first.” – Debbie S.


5.  The “Big Blanket” Giant Family Blanket
Big Blanket Co.

$160 | Amazon

Whether you’re enjoy movie night, streaming your favorite shows or just hanging out chatting – nothing is cozier than a giant comfy blanket that basically the entire fam and snuggle up under.  And when we say “giant” we mean it.  This “throw” measures in at 10-feet x 10-feet.  Yes, really!  And it even weighs 11-pounds so it’ll keep everyone warm and calm (although it’s not technically a weighted blanket).

The Big Blanket has 4-way stretch, is super comfy and cozy, is actually temperature regulating, and is even larger than a king-size bed blanket.  Plus, it comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from.  While it’s definitely on the pricer side ($160) it’s really a great way for everyone to get together, be comfy, and spend some much-needed time together on the couch, floor, or even outside by the fire pit.

Helpful Review:  “I instantly fell in love with this blanket. I was hesitant to purchase at first with the price but I’m so glad I did. It’s super soft, has just enough weight to it that it makes it soothing, and is surprisingly cool to sleep with. It doesn’t get really hot like some of my other blankets do. The huge size is also a bonus, as I love hogging blankets all to myself.” – Lindsey B.


6.  The Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven
Solo Stove

$425 | Solo Stove

Pizza is always a great idea just about any day of the week!  And nothing brings the whole family together quite like making your own wood-fired pizza with all the toppings of your choice right from the comfort of your own home.  Well, backyard really.

The Pi Pizza oven comes from the geniuses at Solo Stove that have created the best selling smokeless outdoor fire pits and is actually really easy to use.  So it’s perfect for beginners and pizza experts alike.  This one is big enough to create a standard 12-inch pizza, but feel free to make individual personal size pizzas too so that everyone gets the toppings they specifically like.

The Pi Pizza oven is small enough to place on an appropriate table outside and weighs in at about 30-lbs so you can move it around when not in use (and once it’s cooled off, of course!).

Helpful Review:  “The Pi is superb! Extremely pleased with ease of setup, cooking performance and overall looks. My first cook was for family and friends. In short order, eight uniquely different pizzas were done to darn near perfection. Everyone was impressed with the oven and how fast the pizzas were done. A lot of fun as it brings folks together and makes for one heck of a party!” – Jana S.


7.  The 18-Piece Animal Cord Protectors

$13 | Amazon

Perfect for larger families who are tired of fighting over whose charging cord is whose.  This cute 18-piece set of funky little animals will help prevent cords from splitting, cracking, breaking and will help everyone identify which cord is theirs!  With their low price and small-ish size these also make cute little stocking stuffers when it’s that time of year!


8.  The DIY Churro Kit
Uncommon Goods

$40 | Uncommon Goods

Another great quick and simply way to gather everyone around in one place for a fun activity….making churros!  You no longer have to travel to Disney to get your hands on these because now you can make your own churros from the comfort of your own kitchen.  This yummy kit comes with everything you need to create up to 40 cinnamon-sugar churros, including the mix itself, the reusable piping bag and reusable tip, the thermometer, and more.


9.  The Matching Christmas Family Pajamas

$25 | Amazon

Sure it’s a bit cheesy, but if there’s really one time of year where everyone in the fam can wear matching pajamas it’s Christmas!  We chose the ones that are the least embarrassing and ones that they’ll actually wear all year round.  From the famous PajamaGram company, these matching sets come in green and red or red and grey.

Helpful Review:  “Super cute pajamas for the whole family.  I had difficulty finding family pajamas that were cute and made of a comfy material. These hit the mark and are wonderful! One note to add is the size for my 5 month old was very big, but we were able to make it work.” – B.G.

   FOR THE TRENDY CREW [/su_highlight]

10.  The Trendy Felt Message Board Skinny Letters

$14 | Amazon

We always love the idea of a retro felt message board, whether you want to place it in your kitchen, living room, or even hanging it on your wall.  You can add you own personal messages for the whole fam each and every day.  What we love about this in particular is that the letters are totally unique from almost all other brands, with totally skinny letters and symbols to use on your own board. Unfortunately you have to purchase the message board separately, but you can pick that up here.


11.  The “Do You Really Know Your Family” Game

$25 | Amazon

You know your family, but do you really know them?  This super fun trivia and activity game is perfect for ages 8 years old and up, and comes with trivia cards and challenge cards that everyone can play with.

Trivia questions can include things like:

  • What was my favorite family vacation?
  • What do I wish we could do more as a family?
  • If I could live in any other city or town, where would it be?

When it comes to challenges, those activities can include things like:

  • Draw something with your eyes closed and with you as the judge, choose who did “the best.”
  • Make an animal sound and have the judge choose which family member made the sound “the best.”

It’s all light and family-friendly fun that will help create laughter, memories, and time spent together.

Helpful Review:  “We play games a lot as a family. We have some young and some older, so we have to find something that is fun for everyone. This game was a favorite immediately!!! We laughed and really enjoyed playing together. For reference: we have 3 kids ages 14, 12, and 8.” – R. Bash


12.  The Family Artifact Recordings

$129 | Artifact

Every family has a story – a history and a promising future.  What an amazingly unique way to professionally capture the story of your family with interviews from whomever you’d like.  With Artifact you’ll simply let them know who they’ll be interviewing and what the discussion or topic will be about.  Artifact will then schedule an over-the-phone or computer interview with them at a time that works best for them.  The interview itself will last about 30-minutes or so.  After the interview Artifact will professionally edit and “clean up” the recorded interview – leaving everyone with an amazing 20 minute episode that sounds great.


13.  The Indoor Electric S’Mores Maker
Nostalgia Store

$30 | Amazon

You can never really go wrong with a S’Mores maker, especially one that is for inside your home – making it the perfect gift for just about any time of year.  This top selling maker has an electric flameless heater that’ll help make your S’Mores quickly and at that golden shade that you’re looking for.  It even comes with 2 roasting forks making it easier for more than one person to use it at the same time – just like you’re sort of around the campfire (but not sitting outside freezing!).

Helpful Review:  “This works great! Easy to clean up even when someone sticks their marshmallow directly on it! You need it by an outlet to plug it in safely and it does get hot so older children can use it but not younger. We loved it when we took it on a large family vacation!” – Babs V


14.  The 100 Movies Scratch-Off Bucket List Book
Uncommon Goods

$30 | Uncommon Goods

Everyone is a critic and when it comes to the best movies ever made we can all agree to disagree, but this scratch-off book makes it really fun to watch some of the most buzzed about movies of all time by scratching off the secret image, read a fun fact about the movie, and then allow you space to rate it (star-rating system) and even your overall review.  Think of it as a quick and fun book report, but for movies!


15.  The Muffin & Cupcake Maker
Holstein Housewares

$36 | Amazon

Who doesn’t love cupcakes or muffins?!  This official cupcake maker makes it really easy (and pretty fast) to make up to 6 delicious desserts at a time.  It even has a non-stick coating so you don’t have to worry about your muffins or cupcakes getting stuck inside, only to have to dig them out!

Helpful Review:  “I purchased this unit on a guess to make life a little easier. I was right! I cheat and purchase store bought muffin mix. Betty Crocker has small packets of “just add water” muffin mix that makes 6 muffins. It takes about 2 minutes to mix the batter, toss 6 paper muffin cups into the machine and fill the cups with batter. Set the timer for 8 minutes and presto you have 6 warm muffins in 10 minutes total time! Super simple!” – Mom2Yorkies


16.  The At-Home Murder Mystery Night
Uncommon Goods

Murder Mystery Game

$45 | UncommonGoods

Create a really fun (and don’t worry, safe) murder mystery night right in your very own home! This 1920’s-themed murder mystery is like you’re all playing a real life Clue game.  It even comes with old-timey murder weapon props.


17.  The Play-n-Free Ice Cream Ball

Ball Ice Cream Maker

$56 | Amazon

Why not make everyone work for their ice cream?  Look no further than the Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball! This super unique and pretty fun ice cream maker lets you create delicious homemade ice cream in minutes, without any electricity or special equipment required.

All you have to do is fill the ball with your favorite ingredients, add some ice and rock salt, and roll it around until the mixture is frozen. Then, just open up the ball and enjoy your very own homemade ice cream! It’s pretty perfect for making small batches of your favorite flavor, or trying out new recipes. And cleanup is easy too – just rinse the ball out with warm water when you’re done.

This ball actually makes homemade ice cream in just 30 minutes.   And while it does work, everyone in the fam will have fun wondering if rolling and kicking it around will actually turn it into ice cream!

Helpful Review:  “Made enough delicious ice cream for small portions for 3 kids and 2 adults. We used cream because it freezes fastest and tastes amazing! To make ice cream we sat on the floor in a circle, played music and rolled it back and forth quickly between us. Stirred once, after about 12 minutes and rolled around for another 7 minutes. Delicious!” – Christina E


18.  The Michael Storrings 1000 Piece Puzzle

Michael Storrings London Puzzle

$17 | Amazon

A super fun and beautifully illustrated jigsaw puzzle that the whole family can take part in!  This 1,000 piece puzzle is the hustling bustling streets of London, but check out other options, too, like New York City, Paris, the beach, and more.


19. The Breo Box Tech Gift Box

$145 | Breo

Finally out of all the zillions of subscription boxes out there there’s finally a really amazing tech one that features some of the coolest gadgets, electronics, and gear.  Your fam will received around $300 worth of gadgets and you’ll only pay a fraction of the price.  You can choose a season delivery option or go with just a one-time or once per year option.  They even have a section where you can purchase specific products that have been included in the past that are some of the most popular.


20.  The ‘100 Things to Do’ Scratch Off Poster
Uncommon Goods

100 things to do poster

$15 | UncommonGoods

If there was ever a year to really focus on that ultimate “bucket list” this is the year!  There are 100 fun activities to do and when you all complete it, simply scratch it off the poster.  It’ll keep everyone busy and having fun together at the same time.


21.  The Masterclass Gift Subscription

Masterclass Family Gift Idea

$15 | MasterClass

A fun way for the whole family to learn some really amazing skills, ideas, and more from some of the most popular thought leaders and experts around.  You’ll have access to more than 85 different experts and hundreds of classes you take online at your own leisure.


22.  The Microwave Popcorn Popper

Microwave Popcorn Maker

$20 | Amazon

Making popcorn for movie night has never been easier or more fun.  This famous microwave popcorn maker will make fresh popcorn and you can even place a pad of butter on the top so that it naturally melts right in with all the delicious and fresh popcorn!


23.  The Ancestry DNA Kit

$99 | Ancestry

If you’re looking to trace your family history, Ancestry DNA is a great place to start. With more than 16 million verified users, their database is one of the largest in the world. And with their new auto-clustering feature, it’s easier than ever to find matches and connect with distant cousins and other family members you may not have known about (but only if you want to).

They currently offer two different tests – an autosomal test and a mitochondrial test. The autosomal test is recommended for most people, as it covers all of your ancestors back to about 800 AD. The mitochondrial test is only recommended for people with specific last-names or who are interested in tracing their maternal line.

Once you’ve taken the test, you’ll receive a report that shows you how much genetic information you share with other Ancestry DNA users. You can also use the site to build a family tree, and they have an extensive online library of resources to help you research your family history.


24.  The Eero Mesh Complete WiFi System

Google WiFi Extenders

$169 | Amazon

When everyone is using just about every single tech device in the house all at the same time your WiFi can totally slow down.  This pack of 3 mesh WiFi system will cover up to 5,000 sq. feet and help speed things along.  Totally worth it!


25.  The Kids Against Maturity Game
Kids Against Maturity

Kids Against Maturity Game

$20 | Amazon

If you love playing Cards Against Humanity, you and your family will love this kid-appropriate game that’s pretty similar and just as funny, but totally clean!  It’s one of the top games for kids this year so snag it while you can.


26.  The Personalized Family Hobby Mugs
Uncommon Goods

Custom Family Mugs

$30 | UncommonGoods

Personalize each of these really cute mugs with each person in your fam, along with their favorite hobby.  You can add their name too!


27.  The DIY Screen Printing Kit
Uncommon Goods

T-Shirt Screening Kit

$132 | UncommonGoods

A bit on the pricer side, but now you can all make your very own t-shirts, tote bag designs, and so much more with this really amazing at-home DIY screen printing kit.  It comes with everything you’ll need to start creating and, don’t worry, it’s safe and easy for beginners too.  Get your business going!


28.  The Animal Portraits Memory Game

Pet Memory Game

$20 | Amazon

If your fam has kids that are bit younger (but not too young) everyone will have fun with the classic Memory Game, but with a cute and quirky animal twist.  Match the animal portraits to win!  Seriously, who doesn’t want to play when there’s a monkey dressed in a sweater and blazer?!


29.  The Giant Yard Pong Game
Yard Games

Yard Ball Game

$46 | Amazon

It’s like the classic tabletop game some of you may have played in college, but now it’s giant and totally family-friendly.  It comes with 12 giant red plastic buckets and two large balls.  Play as teams of 2 or more and see who can sink the most balls to eliminate the buckets! It’s perfect to play outdoors, but if you have the space it can be a blast inside too.


30.  The “You Are Loved” Tee

You are Loved / You are Enough T-Shirt

$20 | Amazon

Simply stated, but a totally needed reminder that everyone really is loved.  This super comfy tee comes in a variety of colors and styles for both men and women.  It’s like wrapping them all up in a giant hug of love even if you’re not nearby.


You usually can’t go wrong with a food basket of sorts.  Well, unless you get them all apples or oranges or something lame like that.  So, we’ve hand-picked a few of the current best sellers that just about everyone in your crew will enjoy.  Our personal favorite is the chocolate caramel crunch basket.  While it can always make a great Christmas gift, you can send this one for just about any occasion.


If the family has young kids, you really can’t beat a fun and interactive game that everyone can take part in.  Most importantly, find something that’ll bring on the laughs and you’ll start making memories almost instantly.  We hand-picked three really fun (and pretty funny) games families with younger kiddos.


Sure we want everyone to curb their screen time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find the perfect present that’s basically just one gift that’ll work for the entire gang.  We hand-selected the mini portable movie projector for when you want to bring movie night outside, the ultimate VR gaming headset where you can basically all escape into the metaverse, and the must-have charging station so everyone can charge their devices in just one location.


Losing a loved one can be one of the most excruciating experiences and whether you’re looking for more of a sympathy gift or something that you want to give them for their birthday, Christmas, or to commemorate their life there are a few ideas we really loved.  If you’re looking for a more extensive list, The Today Show put together a helpful resource guide here.


Of course their littlest (or biggest) member of the clan is their beloved pup!  We’ve come up with three ideas that, sure, are mainly for the dog, but something the whole family can get in on.  Our personal favorite is the Furbo Dog Treat Tosser that’s also a dog cam but, yeah, it’ll also toss treats at your command even when you’re away from home.


Nothing beats the whole crew playing video games together.  It’s fun, high-stakes, and someone is bound to get yelled at  (mainly the parents).  Sure, most gaming consoles are super expensive so these won’t be for everyone.  But we did include a retro Nintendo that’s plug-and-play and comes installed with more than 800 old-school games!

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