25 Totally Unique Valentine Ideas For Everyone On Your List

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It’s another year and already time for another gift.  If you’re truly stumped on what to get your Valentine, you’re not alone – but we’re here to help you discover some truly unique ideas that are perfect for just about any type of Valentine on your list.

Valentine's Day Gifts 2023

Sure the most traditional gifts for the big day consists of flowers and jewelry.  Especially jewelry.  According to ABC News, Americans will spend over $4 billion (yes, billion) dollars on jewelry specifically for Valentine’s Day.  But don’t worry if jewelry really isn’t your jam or don’t have the funds to spend as much as you’d normally like this year.  We totally feel your pain.

So this year our gift guide is going to be a bit different since this year is still so different than what we’re all used to.  We’re breaking down our list to include the following cute people in your life like:

One common theme this we’ve been seeing since last holiday season is that people are looking for gifts they can send via email and/or without having to actually go into a store. They’re also looking for ideas that you can do with the person you’re giving it to.  Remember, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to show your love (although, sure, that always helps).

Shop some of the best V-Day gifts for just about everyone on your list in 2023.

For Women

Coco Chanel Perfume

Christmas Gifts For Her 2023: Coco Chanel Perfume For Wife 2023

Buy from Nordstrom

You can never go wrong with perfume, especially this best seller. It smells clean and fresh and something just about any type of woman would love and appreciate. Learn more here!

The Online Masterclass

Buy from Masterclass

Also a great last minute idea,  she can take an online ‘Master Class’ with an actual expert!  There are currently over 85 different classes (and experts) based on her interests and she can do this at her own pace and from the comfort of her own home.  Learn more here!

Your Vows as Art

Buy from Minted

A total romantic win, customize it with any text you want, choose the colors, pick the type of frame you want, add your names, dates, and more!  She’ll love the sentiment. Hopefully you remember your vows?  If not, just write in something loving.  Learn more here!

The “You Are Loved” or “You Are Enough” Tee

You are Loved / You are Enough T-Shirt

Buy from Amazon

It’s the reminder we could all use these days!  Plus, the tee is really comfy and comes in a bunch of pretty amazing colors.

The Bouqs Flowers
The Bouqs Company

Valentine's Day Flowers 2023 Gift

Buy from Bouqs

These are some of the coolest, most unique, and popular flowers you can get online (and at a really decent price). In fact, you may have even seen this company on Shark Tank in the past! For the perfect flower bouquets for her any time of year, but especially this Valentines Day.  Learn more here!

Homesick Love Candle

Buy from Amazon

Simply stated, but an important sentiment nonetheless.  This popular candle smells like beautiful roses, peonies, and sandalwood.  She’ll wish it came in a perfume too!  Learn more here!

The ‘Cozy Chic’ Robe

Buy from Nordstrom

This is the robe she won’t want to take off!  Outside of it being super comfy and cozy, it’s machine washable and won’t ever shrink or pill.  See more colors here!

For Men

The Scentbird Monthly Cologne Box


Buy from Scentbird

Finally something he’ll actually want to get in the mail each month.  Give the gift of a new cologne to try out each and every month. There’s enough cologne in each shipment that he should be able to use about 2-3 sprays per day for the entire month!  Learn more here!

The Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Buy from UncommonGoods

You know he loves his hot sauce and now with this official kit he can make and bottle his own right from the comfort of his home!  Learn more here!

The Dior ‘Sauvage’ Cologne

Best Cologne 2023: Sauvage

Buy from Nordstrom

It’s officially the best selling cologne of the year.  It smells amazing and is actually pretty affordable. If you’re looking for a new cologne for him to try out this is definitely the one. Learn more here!

The Arccoss Golf Caddie Smart Sensors


Top Cool Tech Gifts 2018: Arccos Caddie Smart Golf Sensors

Buy from Amazon

Golf + Tech = True Love.  These smart caddies will let him know the actual distance to any point on the course and thanks to artificial intelligence they’ll be able to provide personalized club recommendations and helpful strategies, tips, and tricks. Learn more here!

The Everlane Cashmere Sweater

Top Gifts For Husband 2023: Everlane Cashmere Sweater in Navy 2023

Buy from Everlane

Because you can never go wrong with an amazingly comfortable cashmere sweater.  And you’ll actually be pretty surprised with the price on this one (spoiler alert:  it’s affordable).  Choose from a ton of different colors too. Learn more here!

For Them

The Long Distance  ‘Thinking of You’ Touch Lamps

Buy from Amazon

They’ll love how every time you’re thinking of them (or they’re thinking of you) when someone touches their lamp the other person’s lamp lights up, no matter where in the world they are. It’s something we all need these days.  Learn more here!

The New Ancestry DNA ‘At Home’ Kit

Buy from Ancestry

Not only can you learn more about where you’re from, but now you can also learn about where your ancestors moved to, what their journey was, and how you fit in to that today! There’s now even an app that goes along with it. Learn more here!

The DIY Chocolate Truffles Kit

Buy from UncommonGoods

If they like spending some time together in the kitchen, this is a pretty fun pick for them.  They can make their own delicious chocolate truffles that really can’t be messed up.  Maybe they’ll even share them with you?  Doubtful. Learn more here!

The Crosley Bluetooth Record Player


Buy from Amazon

Everything old is new again!  Perfect for those who already have everything, all those old records they have stored in the basement can now be played again!  They can play their records, utilize bluetooth, and so much mre. See all color options here!

The InstaShiatsu Foot Massager

Christmas Gifts For Him 2023: InstaShiatsu Foot Massager 2023

Buy from Amazon

An at-home foot massage every day?  Check! They can choose from four different types of massages (including a heated one!).   Learn more here!

For Kids

The ‘Choose Kindness’ Tee

Buy from Amazon

What a great way to send a positive message out into the world. This tee comes in a bunch of different youth (and adult) sizes, colors, and styles. Learn more here!

The ‘Not Parent Approved” Game

Buy from Amazon

Everyone is obsessed over this one!  It’s like ‘Cards Against Humanity’ but for children and 100% family friendly. Learn more here!

The Throw Burrito Game

Buy from Amazon

This new best-selling (already) game is perfect for kids, totally family friendly (and fun) and is basically a dodgeball card game all while throwing and dodging these squishy burritos.  Amazing!  Learn more here!

Hatchimals Pixie Crystal Flyers

Buy from Amazon!

The latest from Hatchimals, you can choose either a purple or pink flyer and this magical fairy will actually fly on her own all over the place.  She’ll even follow your hand when you move it around so you can instruct her to fly high or low. Learn more here!

5 Surprise Mini Brands

Buy from Amazon!

These are the cutest little things ever.  Each capsule comes with five surprise mini brands like soy sauce, spam, airheads, mentos, and so much more.  Collect over 100 of them!  Learn more here!

The Fjallraven Backpack

Buy from Nordstrom

It’s the bag every tween and teen wants (and has been begging you for).  It’s water-resistant, is big enough to hold a standard laptop or Chromebook, can be held as a bag or has the straps to use as a standard backpack, and comes in a ton of really cool colors!   Learn more here.

The Felt Letter Board

Buy from Amazon

Felt message boards is where it’s at this year.  This old-timey board comes in a variety of different colors and lets them really show their creativity by coming up with some fun messages on their own. Learn more here.

The Five-Minute Journal
Urban Outfitters

Buy from Urban Outfitters

The best way for them to take just five minutes per day to answer a few quick questions, set their intention, jot down what they’re grateful for, and more.  We actually have this one and it really is pretty life changing.  Learn more here!

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