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Now You Can Buy a Real Live Christmas Tree From Amazon Because, Amazon

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Next time you’re ordering your bulk supply of toilet paper on Amazon, add a real live 7-foot Christmas tree to your cart and see if it’ll ship free with Prime.

Pre Order Live Real Amazon Christmas Tree 2018 - Where to Buy 7 Foot Amazon Prime Shipped Xmas Trees

The depths of the internet is going crazy over the announcement that Amazon will be selling (and shipping) fresh live 7-foot Christmas trees right to your door this holiday season.  According to a recent report from the Associated Press, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of live Christmas trees online like Norfolk Island Pines, Douglas Firs, Fraiser Firs (and more) and they’ll ship it to you.  No, for real.

So what will these magically shipped trees cost you?  The price we’re seeing in Amazon’s holiday preview book is $115.  But pricing could vary depending on the type of tree you purchase.  The 7-foot trees will be shipped out within the 10 days of them being cut down and shipped to you in a large box.  They’re not including water or any of that special Christmas tree food in the box, but Amazon thinks that won’t make a difference and that the trees will totally travel fine and show up to your door ready to open and decorate.  And did we mention that some of their live Christmas trees will qualify for free Prime shipping?  🙌🎄

Apparently you’re going to be able to pre order select trees and Amazon will begin selling these at some point in November of 2018.  The best part is that you can even schedule when you want these delivered so you can make sure you’re home and ready to decorate.  Something tells us that shipping it on a Saturday may turn into chaos.  We’ll see.

If you’re totally digging the idea of ordering your live tree online and having it shipped directly to you, you’ll probably be psyched to know they’re also going to sell live wreathes, garland and more!  They’re even selling the cutest little live Charlie Brown Christmas Tree this year too!

Making the list of Amazon Christmas ‘must-haves’ is their live 7′ Fraiser Fir Christmas Tree from Bottomley’s Evergreens Farm in North Carolina.  Bookmark this page (do people still even do that?!) because we’ll be updating it as soon as you can start buying these (including pre-order) online.  In the meantime, check out some really cool Christmas tree options now!

Amazon’s Live Charlie Brown Christmas Tree by Costa Farms  – Buy It Here
Amazon Live Christmas Trees Shipped via Amazon Prime 2018

Buy Now

How cute is this real Charlie Brown Christmas tree!?  This live little guy one comes with ornaments and a gift tag.  It starts out super small (anywhere between 10-14-inches) and can grow up to 6-feet if you want it too!

The Best Selling Artificial Christmas Tree – Buy It Here

Buy Now

As we all wait for the live trees to be sold, check out this best-selling artificial tree at Amazon.  It’s a 7.5-foot pre-lit tree with 550 LED lights! See more best-selling tress here!

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