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The Baby Alive Baby Shark Dolls Can Totally Swim in Water*

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*well sort of.  If you thought you were almost done with all things Baby Shark, well, think again.  This exclusive Baby Alive doll is officially morphing into a real life Baby Shark (doo doo, doo doo doo doo).

Where to Buy Baby Alive Baby Shark Doll 2024 - Pre Order, Release Date, Price

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What Is It Anyway?!

If your kiddo is still 100% obsessed with Baby Shark and that horrific terrific catchy song, they’re going to love the brand new Baby Alive Baby Shark doll.  There are three different dolls you can choose from:

  • Baby Shark
  • Mommy Shark
  • Daddy Shark

But you probably knew that already, as your home is most likely filled with all of this anyway.  What’s really cute about this one is that each doll comes with a removable shark tail and hood.  Your kiddos can easily and quickly put on the tail and hood and then actually place the doll in water, like the swimming pool or even the bathtub (supervised, of course!).

Your kids can use their imagination and ‘teach’ their Baby Alive doll how to swim and explore just like their favorite Baby Shark characters.    If they’re into waterplay toys, they’ll have a blast!

Baby Alive Baby Shark Mommy Shark Swimming Water Toy 2024

What’s the Price Going to Be?

The suggested retail price is currently at $24.99.  A bit steep, but totally worth it for the Baby Shark obsessed little ones.

When is the Release Date?

Get your shopping cart ready because these will officially be released on July 28, 2019.  Even better news?  Yes, you can actually pre-order them too.  Right now!  Click here to pre order yours today!

The Baby Alive Baby Shark Doll – Buy It Here

Baby Alive Baby Shark 2024

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The Baby Alive Mommy Shark – Buy It Here

Baby Alive Mommy Shark

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The Baby Alive Daddy Shark – Buy It Here

Baby Alive Daddy Shark Doll

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