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8 Amazing CBD Creams, Lotions, and Topicals Perfect for Pain Relief and Skincare Routines

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From aches and pains to general beauty and skincare improvements, these are some of the best CBD creams you got to check out this season.

Best CBD Cream in 2024 - Cheap CBD Lotion for Pain

As we know, it seems like everyone is obsessed with all things CBD!  From edibles to oils and everything in between, so many swear by its magical effects.  Now there’s still a lot of research and testing that needs to be done but, speaking from experience, we are believers.  However, as always we recommend to consult your doctor before starting anything CBD-related just to be safe!

There are a ton of different topicals to choose from and many do a variety of different things.  Most people are using these lotions for pain.  They’re said to help relieve muscle soreness, inflammation, achy joints, and more.  Others are adding it to their daily beauty routine helping to relieve them of dry skin, puffy eyes, skin redness, and a variety of other things that aggravate us about our skin on the regular!

Check out some of the best CBD cream brands (so far) in 2024.

The Extra Strength Pain Relief Cream by Biotech – Buy It Here

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If you find yourself suffering from some muscle soreness, aches, or joint main, this may be the best option for you.  It’s extra strength at 1000MG and this lotion also has menthol added so it’ll start to sooth and calm before you know it! You can also use this before you exercise to help loosen up your muscles or after a strenuous workout.

The Scent-Free Body Lotion by Medix – Buy It Here

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This 300MG scent-free formula is meant to absorb into your skin quickly and is ideal for those of us who have sensitive skin.  You can even use it on your face too.  It’ll help to combat aches and pains and helps to sooth your skin at the same time.  We also love their 30-day money back guarantee.  Check it out!

The Lawrence Taylor Pain Master CBD Cream – Buy It Here

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This one is perfect for the sports folk out there or, you know, those of us who try to go the gym when we can and are always hurting like it was out first time there.  LT Pain Master is from the NFL Hall-of-Famer Lawrence Taylor and is an organic, 100% natural, 1000MG topical lotion that works with high intensity.  One recent reviewer has said,

Amazing almost immediate relief for muscle and joint pain. I push myself harder than I should, and my body tells me about it, especially when I finally do sit down. That’s when I reach for my LT Pain Master and it works!”

IrieCBD Face Serum for Dry Skin – Buy It Here

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If you’re like us and suffer from dry skin pretty much all year round (not just the in the winter) this face serum can really help do the trick.  You actually don’t have to use a ton either.  In fact, a little goes a long way.  Just use about 3 drops on your fingers and then pat directly onto your face.  Get ready to say goodbye to those pesky dry skin flakes.  Gross!

The Lord Jones Body Lotion – Buy It Here

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This is more of the ‘designer’ creams and sold right at Sephora.  It actually even made the ‘Clean at Sephora’ checkmark in which Sephora checks the ingredients to make sure it does not contain ingredients people are trying to avoid like parabens, formaldehyde, and more.   This lotion is perfect to use right after the gym, ‘time of the month,’ after a long run or just basically whenever you’re having some body issues.   Did we mention that this one is also vegan?  Vegans unite!

The IrieCBD Pain Cream with Celadrin – Buy It Here


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We love that this one has a little kick to it thanks to the peppermint and menthol, which helps to really provide that cooling sensation sore muscles, bumps, bruises, and the like are really looking for.  The Celadrin will help to decrease the inflammation and help promote flexibility.  This one is also on the more affordable side.  We won’t dare say ‘cheap’ but in comparison to some others you can save a little cash when grabbing this one.

Medix Topical Pain Relief – Buy It Here

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We added this option in because it’s a new formula and, well, we’re usually fans of ‘new and improved.’  They’re using raw hemp oil and natural ingredients to help relieve some of your body pains and aches.  Some users report that it has a bit of a minty scent to it so if that’s not your jam, go for a scent-free option.  We’re partial to mint!

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