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12 CBD Yummy Gummies (and Other Edibles) to Help You Have the Most Chill Day Ever

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They’re officially everywhere these days.  Yes, we’re talking about the latest in CBD gummies and edibles.  If you’re new to the CBD scene, want to learn more, or check out some of the best picks at the best prices, read on!

Best CBD Infused Gummies & Edibles in 2024 - THC Free Gummy Bears Online

There’s been so much controversy in the past couple years around all things CBD.  One of the biggest misconceptions when buying online is everyone wonders if it’s legal.  The good news (depending on how you’re looking at it) is that these won’t get you high.  Glass half empty? That’s where the THC comes in. (or doesn’t come in).   In these legal gummies and edibles, there isn’t THC in them (or at least more than the legal amount).  Still curious?  Keep reading.

While the jury is still out on how much these actually work, we know tons of people who swear by them.  Many are using edibles to help them relax, de-stress, lower anxiety levels, reduce certain inflammation, help lower pain, and more.  Of course, we are not medical professionals and with anything, we always recommend to check in with your primary care doctor first before making a decision to test out any kind of CBD.

There are a ton of different CBD brands currently on the market (many of which may actually be in your state) especially online. We recommend reading the above link to learn more about the top 10 brands out there so you can discover what’s really in each and why they may (or may not) be important.  Check out our picks for some of the best CBD gummies (so far) in 2024.

The Best Edibles of 2024:  Chill Gummies ‘Watermelon Slices’ – Buy It Here

Best CBD Gummies 2024: Watermlon

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If you love sweet and tangy watermelon, these just may be the best best for you.  Currently, these are our faves.  As always, they’re THC-free, made in the good old United States, and high quality.  They also have some melatonin in them so we recommend thinking about having them before bed to help give you that extra productive night sleep.

The Relax Bears by Green Roads – Buy It Here

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We love that these are only 10 calories for one and currently has been rated 5-stars with over 1,600 reviews!

The Medix Sour Snakes – Buy It Here

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Who doesn’t love to eat worms?!  These are made in American (woo hoo!), have 300 mg of CBD, and comes 30 to a jar.  They’re sour and sugary tasting, which we absolutely love!

For the Sour Obsessed:  The Yum Yum Sour Poppers – Buy It Here

Best CBD Gummies 2024: Yum Yum Sour

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This one was a toss-up for us because we love all things ‘sour.’  They are free of THC, but still 1500x strength so even though these are a bit on the pricer side, we feel like they work the best and will last you longer than some others. One recent reviewer said,

If you’re tired of weak CBD products from various vendors try these!”

The CBD Sleepy Z’s with Melatonin – Buy It Here

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Not only are these said to help with lowering anxiety and pain levels, but they’re also formulated with melatonin which can help you get to sleep and stay asleep longer.  We hate to use the word “cheap” but these are priced so right and actually less than our regular go-to melatonin supplements!

The Medix ‘Rainbow Bites’ – Buy It Here

Best CBD Gummies 2024: Rainbow Bites

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Another top pick (so far) this year, these Rainbow Bites come 30 pieces to a bottle, taste delicious, and are made from high-quality PCR hemp oil.  They’re sweet and sour (score!) and you can choose from either 300mg or 100mg if you’re looking to save a little extra cash.

For the Coffee Lovers:  The 4-Pack of Chill CBD Coffee K Cups – Buy It Here

Best CBD Gummies 2024: CBD Infused Coffee K Cups

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It’s one of the best ways to start your day! Now you can have your coffee and CBD all at the same time!  These come 4 to a pack and have the perfect balance of ‘awake’ and ‘chill’ all in one cup.

The Cheap Option:  The Chill Gummies ‘CBD Infused’ Gummy Bears – Buy It Here

Best CBD Gummies 2024: Chill Gummy Bears

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If you’re looking for a high quality option, but a really great price (dare we say, cheap?) we recommend these Chill Gummies.  They’re THC-free and made from industrial hemp.  These delicious little bears are made right here in the USA and currently you can get free-shipping on all orders totally overing $100 and even 15-day free returns!

The 100 Pack Honey Sticks (Pink Lemonade Flavor) – Buy It Here

Best CBD Gummies 2024: Infused Honey Sticks Pink Lemonade

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These are pretty addictive and for all the right reasons.  You can either eat these as is or add them to your favorite drink like tea! There are 100 sticks that come in a container and you get 10mg per stick.

The Classic Gummy Bears – Buy It Here

Best CBD Gummies 2024: Gummy Bear

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Get ready to chill with each and every treat!  These contain 300mg overall and come about 30 pieces per container.  They claim to help with some anxiety and are made in America.  We love to support local!

The Lord Jones Gumdrops – Buy It Here

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We would categorize these more as the “designer” edibles out there.  The design of the box alone is really amazing and makes you feel a bit luxurious before you even try one of these gumdrops.  They come 9 to a box and have 20 mg per gumdrop.  They’re gluten free too!  Plus, right now you can enjoy free shipping.

The Not Pot Vegan Gummies – Buy It Here

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Such a great option for all the vegan lovers out there!  These are strawberry flavored and, in our opinion, the ones that taste the best!  You can save 10% if you end up subscribing to their monthly delivery.

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