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Yes, CBD Oil for Dogs is a Thing and It’s Quite the Treat For Your Precious Pets

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Arf!  It was only a matter of time before your favorite pooch wanted in on the CBD oil game.  We’ve rounded up some of the most popular and reputable oils, treats, and sprays perfect for your precious pets.

CBD Oil for Dogs 2024 - Best CBD Dog Treats, Pet Food, Sprays

We’re all about the CBD here.  While studies in pets are still somewhat limited (and you should always check with your vet first before giving your dog any kind of new supplement), early information claims that CBD oil can help relieve pain in your pets and even help lower stress and anxiety levels too.  Just like us humans!  We’re so alike.

Oh, and don’t worry.  They’re not going to get high from taking this as there isn’t THC included.  I mean, even if they beg you to get high (by barking at you) it simply won’t happen. We’ve broken down some really amazing options for you to consider.  There’s your standard tincture in a variety of different flavors, some really yummy (we’ve heard) dog treats in delicious flavors they’ll love, and even some sprays for when, you know, it’s just easier to get it into their mouth.  Check out some of the best CBD oil brands for dogs (so far) in 2024.

The MediPets CBD Oil for Large Dogs – Buy It Here
CBD Oil for Dogs 2024: Tincture
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This is, by far, probably one of our favorite brands.  Not only are the popular among pets (and their owners, of course) but they have great customer service and we are obsessed with their branding.  It doesn’t look so clinical like many other brands, which is super refreshing.  This one is for large dogs, but don’t worry, because they offer it for small dogs and medium-sized ones too! One recent reviewer stated,

Me and my boyfriend have a 11 year old poodle. His joints get stiff and he couldn’t move around too well, since we have started using this he has became so much more active and all around happier! “

The DiamondCBD Bacon Flavored Pet Food – Buy It Here
CBD Oil for Dogs 2024: Bacon Flavored for Large Dog
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Who doesn’t love bacon flavored anything!?  This tincture can be added directly to their pet food, treats, or even in their water.  You may end up trying a variety of ways until you see what works best.  This one is for larger dogs, but they have options for small and medium too!

A recent reviewer said,

Works wonders on my dog to calm her down during storms.”

Yummy CBD Dog Treats in ‘Meaty Steak’ Flavor – Buy It Here
CBD Oil for Dogs 2024: Meaty Steak dog Treat
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Ready for some really delicious treats?  How about ones that are meaty steak flavored! There is about 5.5MG per treat and they’re made in the US!  We love to support local.  One recent reviewer stated,

Helped my nervous dog stay calm. She no longer chews on her paws when something is bothering her. Excellent product. Only give it to her when needed.”

Beef Flavored 125MG for Pets (Including Cats!) – Buy It Here
CBD Oil for Dogs 2024: Beef Flavored
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We loved this one because it’s perrrfect (see what we did there?) for houses that have cats in them too.  You can give the same to both your dog and your cat.  You can give it to them directly (which is sometimes tricky) so feel free to add it to their water bowl or to their food.  Just be sure to check the proper dosing depending on the pet and their size.  One recent review stated,

I purchased this for my 13yo French Bulldog who is having arthritic issues with her lower back/back legs (she carries all her weight in her upper body). When she’s fatigued, she trips and stumbles easily. The first dose I noticed no change, but the second time (I increased her dose), I saw a remarkable difference. She was energetic, happy and more importantly, did not stumble at all. She’s much more sturdy on her feet now! “

The JustPets ‘Liver Meatballs’ Treats – Buy It Here
CBD Oil for Dogs 2024: Liver Meatball Treats
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We don’t love liver flavored anything, but we know our pooches do!  These liver meatball treats contain 100MG overall are said to help reduce anxiety, certain aches and pains, sleep issues, and more.  They have other flavors too like steak bites and chicken biscuits.  Check them out here!

The CBD Pet Spray (100MG) – Buy It Here
CBD Oil for Dogs 2024: Pet Spray
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If you can’t seem to have any success with a standard tincture, we suggest trying the spray.  This is perfect to give to your cat or dog before a trip in the car or just when things are getting a bit tense around your home (hello thunderstorms!).

Turkey, Peas, and Blueberry Jerky Doggy Treat – Buy It Here
CBD Oil for Dogs 2024: Jerky Treat

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These yummy little treats (that contain 100MG) are almost like a Thanksgiving dinner (of sorts) in one delicious piece of jerky.  One recent reviewer said,

My dog has severe anxiety during storms. These treats help so much better than anything else I have tried!”

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