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The New ‘Bianca City Dollhouse’ is the House of the Future for Kids!

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If they were obsessed with the LOL Dollhouse from last Christmas, get ready to store that one in the attic because this year it’s all about the new Bianca City Dollhouse.  TBH, we kind of want to live their ourselves!  Read on.

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Recently debuting at the New York Toy Fair, the Bianca City Dollhouse was all the rage for kids and parents alike.  Just look at it!  It’s nothing like any of the doll houses we’ve seen in the past.   Perhaps it’s the sleek and slim stature or all the amenities that come with it.  We wonder what the rent is?  Here’s everything we know about it (so far).

This dollhouse is a 4-story dream home that not only has living spaces that are super airy and loft-like, but it also features boutique stores, a cool gym, a must-see cafe, and even a pet salon because, well, what would the neighborhood be without one of those.

On top of the really cool building itself, it also comes with 25 different accessories so your kiddos can play and use their imagination for hours.  Hey, anything to get them away from their electronics, right?  It also has some really neat interactive features like a set of string lights that actually work and light-up, a working elevator, an easily movable staircase, and even mini frames where you can display pictures.  What’s better than that?!

Now what the parents like the best is perhaps how it can expand vertically for easy storage.  Nothing like getting it out of the way when not in use!    We’re pretty sure this will make the list for best new toys of the year (fingers crossed).

So When’s the Release Date Going to Be?

Right now we’re hearing from KidKraft that this modern dollhouse will officially be released in the summer of 2024.  Our best guess is June 2024, but stay tuned because we’ll update this with more info as it becomes available and, more importantly, exactly when you can pre order it!

What’s the Price Going to Set You Back?

Ok so this one is a bit more on the pricey side but, let’s be honest, really nice dollhouses usually are.  The current suggested retail price is $159.99 and will be available online at Amazon and other major retailers.

The Bianca City Doll House – Pre Order Soon

Pre Order Bianca City Doll House 2024

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