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Yes, There IS a Dancing Baby Shark Stuffed Animal (Don’t Worry, It Sings Too)

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Just when you thought the Baby Shark craze was winding down.  Oh no.  It’s totally still going strong thanks to this actual dancing Baby Shark stuffed animal.  #FamilyDanceOff

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That’s right, your family (specifically your beloved kiddos) are officially ready to have a dance-off with their favorite little yellow Baby Shark.  Well, good news, because right now they can!  Introducing the Dancing Baby Shark stuffed animal!  Just when you thought that ‘do do do doo doo doo’ tune was finally exiting your existence, it’s totally back.

So What Does Dancing Baby SharkActually Do?

Well if you guessed “it dances” you’d be correct.  All you have to do is lightly press the top of its little shark head and it’ll start to sing and dance to the Baby Shark song (yes, the full song).  You know the one.  What’s really cool about this one is that when they press its fin it’ll play 2 additional songs that are not the one that’s currently stuck in your head (over and over again).  Oh, and did we mention that when your kids say “Baby Shark” to it it’ll give a bunch of different reactions. Pro Tip:  Make sure you turn off the “try me mode’ so that you’ll be able to get access to all the features.

Some of the fun reactions are listening to it sing, watch it dance, or just listen to him talk.  They’ll have a blast clapping and dancing along!

Where Can You Buy It Online?

New Dancing Baby Shark (Yellow) Doll – Buy It Here

Where to Find Dancing Baby Shark in Yellow 2024

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