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Yes, Bob Ross Cereal is Here and It’s Totally Real!

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Get ready to paint a happy little tree right into your mouth each and every morning.  Here’s where you can buy your own Bob Ross:  The Joy of Cereal today!

Where to Buy New Bob Ross Cereal Online 2024

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Who doesn’t love all things Bob Ross?  He was our favorite PBS painter each and every Saturday morning and we still watch him in reruns to this day.  He’d paint happy little trees (as he’d call them) and he’d always make painting seem like such a breeze.  Truth be told, he taught us all way more than simply how to paint (and we could never get our lake reflections to look anything like this).

Mr. Ross has had quite the resurgence in the past year or two and now we’ve uncovered his latest and greatest work of art.  We’re, of course, talking about Bob Ross cereal!  His Joy of Cereal cereal is pretty much like Lucky Charms and, well, we’re 100% here for it!  It’s an oat based cereal that has many different marshmallows included (uh, the best part!) that are all based on Bob’s favorite things like:

  • Happy Little Accidents
  • Lovely Little Bushes
  • The Almighty Mountains

Even better?  On the back of the cereal box is a Bob approved cut-out painting palette that we legit wanted ever since we were 5 years old and, well, now you can cut out your own!

Cut Out Bob Ross Painting Palette 2024

The Bob Ross Joy of Cereal – Buy It Here

Order Bob Ross the Joy of Cereal with Marshmallows 2024

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