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7 Cute PopSockets to Keep Your Phone Safe and Your Kids Happy

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Because these little PopSockets are totally cool and actually useful.  Add a little personality to your phone STAT!

Cute PopSockets for Kids to Adults in 2024 - Cheap & Cool Pop Socket for Girls or Boys

PopSockets have been around for the last few years and, well, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, a recent report claims that tens of millions of these have already been sold!  These little safety buttons (as no one but us calls them), easily stick on to the back of your smartphone or tablet and provides an extra grip that makes holding these devices way easier (way more fun) and way more secure.  Did we mention that it’ll totally ‘up’ your selfie game too?  We’re embarrassed to admit to how many phones we’ve dropped (and shattered) while taking a selfie where the phone just slips out of our hands.

Even better than just making your phone more secure, these PopSockets collapse and expand so you can use it for a variety of things.  When you expand it, it’ll act as a functioning phone or tablet stand where you can prop up your device to take a photo, Facetime with your friends and family and, more importantly, watch some of your favorite videos without having to hold it for hours.  You know what happens when you start down that Youtube rabbit hole!

There are a ton of choices out there with so many different designs, colors, and patterns, but we’ve round up some of our favorite (and most cool) PopSockets we could find (so far) this month.

The Inspirational PopSocket for 2024:  Choose Kindness – Buy It Here

Choose Kindness PopSocket 2018

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Because we could all use a friendly reminder to choose kindness each and every day.  Some would call this the ‘anti-bullying’ PopSocket and we’d agree.  We also love the super cute hand-drawn rainbow over the pale blue background.

The Graduation PopSocket:  The Class of 2024 – Buy It Here

Cool PopSocket 2018: Class of 2024

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It’s officially the year!  Graduation!  This royal blue option lets everyone know that the Class of 2024 is happening this school year and sky is the limit!  A great gift to kick off the school year, toss in their Christmas stocking, or just give it to them ‘just because.’

The Cute Treat PopSocket – The Pink Donut with Purple Sprinkles – Buy It Here

Cool PopSocket 2018: Yummy Pink Donut

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This one looks almost good enough to eat!  But don’t!  Don’t even lick it!  We love this one because it’s cartoon-like, kind of reminds us of an emoji, and will bring a nice pop of color to any boring smartphone or tablet.

The Whimsical PopSocket – The Magical Unicorn – Buy It Here

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Seriously how cute is this little unicorn!  We love that it’s on a pale pink background and how magical it makes us feel.  As we all know, unicorns are ‘a thing’ this year so it’s a total must-have.

The Delicious PopSocket – The Cartoon Pizza – Buy It Here

Cool PopSocket 2018: Cartoon Pizza Inspo

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Pizza is always on our mind and we’re totally ok with that.  This cartoon-like hand-drawn full pizza (with pepperoni) is a great addition to any phone, at any time, for any reason.  Kind of like real pizza is too!

The Cutest Monkey – Buy It Here

Cute Monkey Popsocket 2018 - 2024

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Seriously, this monkey is the cutest little guy ever!  He calmly (and cutely) sits on a pale green and blue background and we hear he’ll help you keep your phone safe from drops!

The Classic Santa Claus PopSocket – Buy It Here

Santa PopSocket for Christmas 2018 -2019

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We’re loving this classic retro-inspired Santa Claus on light red holiday colored red background.  It’s a nice friendly reminder that Santa is always watching!

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