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29 Ways to Gift Your Kids Favorite Teacher This School Year

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Because teachers are, literally, dealing with your kids all the live-long-day and deserve a gift.  And a raise.  So at least give them a gift! We’ve come up with some fun ideas they’ll actually want!

Best Teacher Gifts 2024 For End of Year

Who has a more important job than a teacher?  Each day you send your kids to school in hopes they’ll learn something and become a productive member of society.  Oh and, yeah, their teacher is the one who has to help with that each and every day. Plus math is hard enough to figure out yourself, imagine having to actually teach someone that?!  Whether you’re looking for a unique teachers gift for Christmas, the end of year, or graduation, trust us, they’ve already received enough junky gifts to shake a stick at.  I mean, everything they own already has an apple on it.  Am I right?

So shop our picks for some of the best gifts for teachers (so far) in 2024 they’ll actually use and not toss right in the trash.  We’ve heard.

The Best Teacher Gift of 2024

The Silver Apple Teacher Pendant – Buy It Here


Buy at Amazon

Because what they do is probably the most important job in the world and they’ll be proud to sport this. Learn more here!

The Must-Have Choice

The Hydro Flask Temp Control Coffee Mug – Buy It Here

Hydro Flask Mug


Buy at Amazon

They’ll love this best-seller because not only does it look cool, but it will keep their hot drinks (like coffee!) hot for up to 6-hours and their cold drinks nice and cold for up to 24-hours.  It comes in a so many different colors too.  Learn more here!

The Funny Choice

The ‘Wine Teacher Stuff’ Tote Bag – Buy It Here


Buy at Amazon

Perfect for the teacher who has a sense of humor and could really use a break right about now.  This cute tote bag is made of a lightweight canvas-like material and has a reinforced bottom so they can carry their wine important stuff with them to and from school. Learn more here!

For the Real Unicorn

The ‘Teachers are Magical’ Teacher – Buy It Here

Teachers are Magical T-Shirt


Buy at Amazon

Because they really are as magical as unicorns to have to deal with all those kids every day and still be able to teach them something.  This cute tee comes in a variety of other colors too like white, pale pink, purple, black, and more! Learn more here!

The Retro & Cool Choice

The Felt Letter Board (in Pink) – Buy It Here

Felt Letter Board for Classroom


Buy at Amazon

Felt letter boards are all the rage everywhere so why not add it to their classroom decor?  They can write inspiring messages, important dates, reminders, or whatever they want!  We love this one in pink, but it also comes in black, grey, blue, yellow, light pink and so many more.  Check more color options here!

The Candle Choice

The Homesick ‘Books’ Scented Candle – Buy It Here

Homesick Books Candle


Buy at Amazon

This is one of the coolest candles we’ve seen this year!  This one is perfect for the real book nerd! It’s handmade (and hand poured in small batches) in the US and burns for anywhere between 60 – 80 hours.  There are also other cool options from this brand based on holidays, locations (like the state they’re from), and more.  Check out additional options here.

The Survival Choice

The Teacher Survival Kit Pouch – Buy It Here

Teacher Survival Kit


Buy at Amazon

A really cute canvas bag where they can store some of their important teacher stuff in!  Learn more here!

The Meaningful Choice

The Teacher Trim-Box Sign – Buy It Here

Teacher Wooden Block For Desk

$8.16 (32% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

This cute little box sign says, “A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, touches a heart, shapes the future.”  It’ll look great on their desk or even at home.  Learn more here!

The Cool Choice

The Color Changing Coffee Mug – Buy It Here

Color Changing Coffee Mug


Buy at Amazon

How fun is this mug!  When you fill it with your favorite hot beverage (hello coffee!), you’ll see battery charge up and, well, wake up!  Just like you!  Learn more here!

The Personalized Choice

The “Why You’re the Best Teacher Ever” Book – Buy It Here

Best Teacher Ever Book


Buy at Amazon

It’s a great option especially when it’s from the little ones.  They can fill in the blanks on pages that say things like, “My favorite thing in your classroom is ____.”  Learn more here!

The Funny Choice

The “F in Exams: The Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers” Book – Buy It Here

"F in Exams" Book

$7.89 (21% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

Because they can totally relate to this and could probably write a sequel to this book themselves!  Learn more here!

The Desktop Choice

The Concrete Desktop Planter & Pen Holder – Buy It Here

Desk Plant + Pens Holder


Buy at Amazon

Super chic (and super cheap) actual concrete planter for their desk!  They can also toss in some of their pens, their glasses, and more!  This is the small version, but there’s also a bigger version that holds a few plants, pens, cards, and more. Learn more here!

The Zen Choice

The LoveSpa Diffuser Set in Neroli & Mandarin – Buy It Here



Buy at Amazon

Let’s be honest, they could totally use a little zen in their life after having to deal with your kids all day/all year!  We love the neroli and mandarin scent which is fresh, clean, and calming.  There are about 12 other scents available too.  See all options here!

The Personalized Choice

The Refined Monogram Notepad/Stationary – Buy It Here

Personalized Stationary


Buy at Amazon

We love that you can customize this stationary with their name and initial and it’s pretty affordable and won’t break your budget!  The best part, this typically will only take them 3 days to create and then ship to you so it’s perfect for those of us who are kind of last minute, but not totally.  Learn more here!

The Old-Timey Choice

The Totally Vintage Desk Lamp – Buy It Here

Vintage Desk Lamp


Buy at Amazon

Here’s a great option when you’re sick of getting them things that have apples all over them!  This super cool vintage inspired desk lamp will look perfect on their classroom desk or just anywhere in their home. Hey, sometimes they want something they don’t have to put in the classroom!  Check out additional vintage options here.

The Mug Choice

The ‘I Put the Lit in Literature’ Coffee Mug – Buy It Here

Shakespear Coffee Mug


Buy at Amazon

Because they need yet another cup of coffee and still show they have a bit of a sense of humor.  This one holds 15 ounces and is dishwasher and microwave safe!  Learn more here!

The Must-Read Choice

The Brené Brown ‘Daring Greatly’ Book – Buy It Here

Daring Greatly Book

$13.04 (23% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

We can’t recommend this book any more than we possibly could.  It is a life changing read.  If you don’t get it for your favorite teacher, get it for yourself.  And then get it for everyone else you know. Learn more here!

The Unicorn Choice

The Unicorn Rainbow Tape Dispenser – Buy It Here

Unicorn Tape Dispenser

$11.10 (43% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

A perfectly fun way to add a little something colorful to their desk!  First off, who doesn’t love unicorns?  And who doesn’t love colorful rainbow anything!? It even comes with two rolls of rainbow tape.  Learn more here!

The Geeky Choice

The Brain Glass Drink Coasters – Buy It Here

Brain Drink Coasters

$35.99 (28% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

They help shape your kids brain, so why not use your brain to help keep rings off their desk or coffee table?!  These cool glass brain coasters come as a set of 10! Learn more here!

The Lunch Choice

The Fun & Reusable ‘Grub’ Lunch Bag – Buy It Here

Reusable Lunch Bag

$19.95 (19% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

Now they can carry their lunch to school in style each and every day!  Even better it’s reusable, waterproof, and you can even be cleaned. Learn more here!

The Fun Choice

Corkcicle Wine Glass in ‘Sparkle Unicorn White’ – Buy It Here

Corkcicle Stemless Unicorn Wine Glass


Buy at Amazon

This wine glass will keep their favorite drink cold when it should be and warm when they need it to be.  It also comes in a variety of other awesome colors like copper, rose quartz, turquoise, stainless steel, matte black, and more. More color options here.

The Empowered Choice

The ‘Feminist’ Inspired T-Shirt – Buy It Here

Feminist T Shirt


Buy at Amazon

Let them show their feminist pride (and you show your support for them) with this chic distressed “FEMINIST” t-shirt.  This one is in dark grey, but they also come in baby blue, grass green, heather grey, and pink.  Plus, there are even t-shirt sizes and cuts for guys and kids too.  Keep it in the family!

The Organized Choice

The Hemingway Typewriter Pen and Pencil Holder – Buy It Here


Buy at Amazon

Because this stylish pen or pencil holder looks cool AF and will help keep them organized all year long.  Plus, they’re currently just using an actual coffee cup to store their stuff.  Give them an upgrade STAT. Learn more here!

The Anti-Bullying Choice

The ‘Choose Kindness’ Shirt – Buy It Here


Buy at Amazon

Because anti-bullying is one of the most important things teachers can teach their students.  Each and every day each student (and teacher) can simply choose kindness.  This is a friendly reminder that’ll hopefully get everyone on the same page.  This shirt also comes in pink, blue, grey, asphalt, and more.  Learn more here!

The Realistic Choice

The Funny ‘Don’t Make Me Use My Teacher Voice’ Coffee Mug – Buy It Here

Funny Coffee Mug For Teacher


Buy at Zazzle

Because they’re on their 6th cup of coffee and your kid needs to know they mean business.  Learn more here!

The Yummiest Choice

The Charbonnel et Walker Milk Chocolate Candy Truffles – Buy It Here


Buy at Nordstrom

Because after a long day they’ll love you for this.  Simply delicious and at a really decent price.  Learn more here!

The #Goals Choice

The  ‘Weekends, Coffee, & Dogs’ T-Shirt – Buy It Here


Buy at Amazon

The Wine Lovers Choice

The Stemless Fountain Aerating Wine Glass Set – Buy It Here


Buy at Amazon

Their wine is just going to taste so much better this way and, even better, when they’re finished they can just toss the glass into the dishwasher to clean.  Learn more here!

The Library Choice

The Paddywax ‘Library’ Candle – Buy It Here


Buy at Amazon

Time to zen out! This Oscar Wilde inspired soy candle is scented with cedarwood, thyme, and basil.  Perfect for those male teachers too! Learn more here!

The DIY Choice

The Brooklyn Brew Shop ‘Beer Making Kit’ Everyday IPA – Buy It Here

Beer Making Kit DIY

$41.47 (14% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

Beer lovers unite!  This at-home DIY kit is one of the most popular ones on the market right now.  It’s great for beginners who are just starting out and comes with everything you need to test out your very own IPA.  There’s also 6 other great beer flavor options to try out too!  Learn more here!

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