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Cutetitos (and Babitos) are Mystery Stuffed Animals Hidden in Burritos and We’re Obsessed

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As if we couldn’t love actual burritos more than we already do, now there are collectible mystery stuffed animals called Cutetitos that are wrapped up and hidden inside a burrito for you and your kiddos to discover which surprise they’re unwrapping.

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It seems like every kid is still obsessed with surprise mystery toys, especially when they’re collectible.  Well one of the most talked about new toys of the year (and one that currently has 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon!), are the Cutetitos.  They are seriously, uh, cute and we’re ready to collect all of them!  Right now they’re currently in Series 2 there are 12 different plush animals you can collect.  These are selling so well that we’re sure Series 3 will be announced shortly. Here are the 12 you can collect:

  • Bellito the Dog
  • Cheekito the Monkey
  • Despacito
  • Fluffito the Puppy
  • Frostito the Panda
  • Hoppito the Bunny
  • Luckito the Kitty Cat
  • Oinkito the Pig
  • Pawsito the Kitten
  • Peppito
  • Speedito
  • Sweetito

Burrito Cutetitos 2024 Stuffed Animals

Part of the fun is the total mystery.  You’re not sure which you’ll get and you’re not sure how ‘spicy’ it’ll be.  Oh yes, they all have different ‘hot spots’ and the card that comes along with it will let you know if they’re mild, medium, or super spicy! Your kiddos will also learn about when their birthday is, what type of species it is, its name, favorite quote and more!

One of the best things (for parents) is the price!  These aren’t going to cost you a lot, believe it or not.  We’re currently seeing them for less than $8 each.  Get them while you can and, you know, before they sell out and you’re forced to wait in line during the upcoming holidays just to see if you can get your hands on them!

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[ Update ]

The New (Series 2) Baby Gender Reveal Babitos

Where to Buy Babitos Burrito Baby 2024 - Release Date, Price & Pre Order

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What are These Babitos All About?!

If you loved the Cutetitos, you’re going to really love the new Babitos.  That’s right, they’re babies!  Don’t worry, they’re still wrapped in burritos.  Phew!  What’s super cool about these is that your kiddos won’t know the gender of the baby babito until they’re unrolled from their little burrito blanket and see their gender reveal diaper!  Will it be a boy or a girl?  Only time will tell!

How Many Will There Be?!

There are slated to be 12 different Babitos you can collect.  Some of the cute little baby animals we know about at this point is a cute chipmunk, an adorable owl, a lovable giraffe, a cuddly puppy, a cozy little duck, and more!

What’s the Price?

Don’t worry, these will be priced really well too at just $12.99!

When is the Release Date?

They’ll be officially released into the wild (and the public!) on August 1, 2019 just in time for the holidays.  You can actually pre-order them right now here on Amazon.  Get then while you can!

The New Babitos Baby – Buy It Here

Cutetitos Babitos 2024: Baby Duck

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The Baby Boy Puppy Dog – Buy It Here

Cutetitos Babitos 2024: Baby Boy Puppy

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The Baby Girl Giraffe – Buy It Here

Cutetitos Babitos 2024: Baby Girl Giraffe

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