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The New ‘Peep on a Perch’ is Easter’s Answer to ‘Elf on a Shelf’

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Because you thought you were out of the woods after Christmas ended.  Nope.  Introducing Peep on a Perch.  Hey, anything to get the kiddos to start behaving we’re into.  Here’s everything you need to know.

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Just when your beloved Elf on a Shelf went back to Santa’s dream bungalow in the North Pole and you didn’t have to deal with that little guy anymore, we are now being forced to embrace the latest ‘helpful watcher’ known as Peep on a Perch.  Ok fine, we’re kind of already obsessed and totally into this.

What Actually is Peep on a Perch Anyway?!

Peep on a Perch is the a really cute book from author Andrea Posner-Sanchez and comes with the cutest little 4 1/2-inch plush Peep.  The book itself tells a great and inspirational story to all the kiddos out there that may just need to be reminded from time to time to do some good deeds, help people out, and be kind.

In the book, the Easter Peep helps the Easter Bunny decorate eggs, fill up the Easter baskets and, you know, report back to the head Easter Bunny In Charge (EBIC) just how the kids in your home were behaving in the days and weeks leading up to Easter Sunday.

What’s different about this one vs. the Elf on a Shelf is that your kids can touch the Easter Peep and he/she can be placed anywhere.  They suggest to place it in the room your kids are in so they are reminded to behave, be nice, and help each other out.

What is Peep on the Perch

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When is the Release Date?

The book and Peep are both officially being released on February 13.  Mind you, it’s hard to come by and not in-stock everywhere.  We’ve had the most luck find it here on Amazon and over at Target online.  When all else fails, we’ve had some luck finding it in-stock on eBay.  You may pay a little more, but at least you’ll get it!

What’s the Price?

The suggested retail price is $24.95.  However, at the time of the review we’ve found it on both Amazon and Target for under $19.00.  Score!

The Peep on the Perch Book & Plush – Buy It Here (Amazon) / Buy It Here (Target)  /  Buy It Here (eBay)

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