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20 Women’s Tees That Totally Funny AF

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Make a statement without having to say a word with one of these pretty funny tees for women.

Womens Graphic Tees 2018 - Funny T Shirts for Women & Girls 2024

Who says graphic tees are only for guys?  What.  People do say that and we’re here to say “Oh heck no!” to those people.  We just said heck.  These statement t-shirts for the gals are some of the hottest tee trends we’re seeing this spring-into-summer.  Some are funny, some make a much needed statement, and all are super comfortable.  Wear them when you’re heading out to brunch, running errands, heading to the gym, or just plain old hanging out with your bff’s.  From the Sassquatch to ‘Send Noods’ and ‘Zen AF’ to the vintage ‘Feminist’ tee, check out some of the chicest (and affordable) women’s graphic t-shirts (so far) in 2024.

For the Funny Woman:  The Sassquatch T-Shirt for Women – Buy It Here

Cool Women's Graphic Tees 2018: Sassquatch T-Shirt

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This is one of the sassiest women’s tees we’ve seen in a while and we’re loving every minute of it.  This sassy sasquatch is strutting his stuff and taking names along the way.  Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp!

For the Brunching Women:  The ‘Liquid Brunch’ T-Shirt –  Buy It Here

Mother's Day Gift 2018: Liquid Brunch

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Because you love brunch and you love your brunch cocktails.  This vintage-inspired t-shirt comes in a variety of comfy colors like navy, white, black, heather grey, heather blue and more.  Pick up a couple colors for your brunching pals too!

For the Cuddly Woman:  Hedgehog Hugs in Light Blue – Buy It Here

Cool Women's Graphic Tees 2018: Hedgehog Love T-Shirt

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Seriously how cute are these little love-bug hugging hedgehogs?!  They’re showing their love on this ultra comfy t-shirt and we’re in love with the blueish color too.  A total best-seller for women this season.

For the Empowered Woman: The Vintage ‘Feminist’ T-Shirt for Women – Buy It Here

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Because it really is time to make that statement.  This vintage-inspired ‘Feminist’ t-shirt for women comes in dark grey, light pink, light blue, grass green and more.  Perfect to wear when you’re heading out for your daily run to say something without having to say something.  Pick them up for all your friends and rock them out on a girls weekend.

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For the Cheerleading Woman:  ‘I Just Hope Both Teams Have Fun’ Women’s Tee – Buy It Here

Cool Women's Graphic Tees 2018: Have Fun T Shirt

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And so do we!  I mean, who really cares who wins as long as they’re serving beer or (fingers crossed) rosé.  Am I right?  This women’s tee comes in navy blue and soft cotton.

For the Gal Who’s Just Over It:  The ‘I Donut Care’ Tee – Buy It Here

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And, I mean, she loves donuts right?  This t-shirt comes in lemon yellow, white, heather grey, pale pink, and pale blue.

For the Dog Loving Woman: ‘Weekends, Coffee, and Dogs’ Tee – Buy It Here

Funny Dog Shirt for Dog Lovers gifts 2018 - 2024

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Because nothing really is better than weekends, coffee, and dogs.

For the Caring Woman:  The ‘Choose Kindness’ T-Shirt – Buy It Here

Choose Kindness Anti-Bullying T-Shirt 2018

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What a great way to send a positive message out into the world.  This cute AF tee also comes in other color options like slate grey, baby blue, pale pink, kelly green, and more!

For the Fries Before Guys Woman:  The ‘Best Friends’ Tee – Buy It Here

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Pizza and french fries are all you really need in life anyway, right?  This super cute tee also comes in pink, yellow, light blue and grey.

For the Foodie Woman:  ‘Send Noods’ Women’s Graphic T-Shirt – Buy It Here

Cool Women's Graphic Tees 2018: Send Noods T-Shirt

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Now these are the only ‘nudes’ we actually want you to send us.  Save those air-drops for someone else.  A giant bowl of noodles is all that we need to get through the day and is totally something we’re basically always just looking forward too.  A perfect tee for all the foodie women out there!

For the Wine Loving Gal:  The ‘May Contain Wine’ Tee – Buy It Here

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It’s true.  We totally may contain wine.  Spoiler alert:  We do.  Check it out in some other cool colors too like white, lemon yellow, baby blue, and grass green.

For the Expressive Woman:  The Ghost ‘Boo’ T-Shirt for Women – Buy It Here

Cool Women's Graphic Tees 2018: Boo T Shirt

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This cute little ghost has had enough!  He (or she) is giving the disapproving thumbs down so that you don’t have to.  This funny women’s t-shirt comes in sold red and we’re totally digging it.

For the Gal Who Loves Love:  The Retro Love T-Shirt for Women – Buy It Here

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Because love is a beautiful thing.  The only thing better than one love, is four.

For the Namaste Woman: The ‘Zen AF’ T-Shirt for Women – Buy It Here

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Just in case you (or everyone else around you) needs a reminder where your current state of mind is at.  This ‘Zen AF’ women’s t-shirt is perfect to sport when you’re heading to yoga, the gym, or just want to pair with your favorite jeans or casual skirt this season.

For the Taco and Cat Loving Woman:  ‘Taco Cat is Taco Cat Spelled Backwards’ Women’s Tee – Buy It Here

Cool Women's Graphic Tees 2018: Taco T Shirt

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Because there really isn’t anything better than tacos and cats…just not together. But maybe it’s ok in this green tee?  See what we did there?

For the Dog Loving Woman:  ‘Trust Me I’m a Dogtor’ Tee – Buy It Here

Cool Women's Graphic Tees 2018: Dogtor T Shirt

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We 100% trust this cute little pup doc.  Perfect for all the women out there who are obsessed with dogs and possibly trying to land a doctor.  It’s a thing.  Trust us.

For the Friends Obsessed Woman:  ‘Enemies’ Women’s T Shirt – Buy It Here

Cool Women's Graphic Tees 2018: Enemies/Friends T Shirt

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Enemies or ‘Friends,’ this is t-shirt drums up some much needed Friends nostalgia.

For the Unicorn Loving Gal:  The ‘Be Yourself’ Unicorn Tee – Buy It Here

Be Yourself Unicorn T-Shirt for Girls/Women

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At the end of the day all you have to do is truly be yourself just exactly as you are.  What a great message and what a cute unicorn!  You can check it out in blue, pink, yellow, and green too.

For the Pizza Loving Woman:  ‘Love Fades.  Pizza is Forever’ Tee – Buy It Here

Cool Women's Graphic Tees 2018: Pizza T Shirt

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Because truer words have never been spoken.  We love all things pizza and are pissed off at all things love lately.  One of the classic graphic t-shirts for women this season.

The Mother of All Tees: The Mom2 T-Shirt – Buy It Here

Mother's Day T-Shirt for Mom 2018

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Because she’s a real mother…shut your mouth!  It also comes in pink/purple, lemon yellow/purple, heather grey, and light blue.