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Cubby the Curious Interactive Bear is Way Better Than Teddy Ruxpin Because He’ll Help Your Kids Sleep!

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You just might be able to toss out your “Go the F to Sleep” book because thanks to the geniuses at Furreal, Cubby the Curious Bear just may be the best sleep aid we’ve found so far.

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Another year, another interactive toy.  Am I right?  Well you may want to listen closely because we’re thinking that this one may actually be one of the best sellers of the year come this upcoming holiday season.  Meet Cubby!  He’s, as you guessed from his name, a really cute curious bear who loves to learn, play, cuddle and so much more.  Your kiddos are going to become obsessed with him and you’re going to be psyched someone else can play the 100th round of peak-a-boo with them this time.

Cubby the Curious Bear currently has over 100 different motions, sounds, and features to make him one of the most interactive plush toys that you can play with and cuddle with all at the same time!  He can use his voice, his touch, and more to become your very own best friend. Debuting at the recent New York Toy Fair, Cubby is sure to be an instant hit.  Here’s more of what we can do:

  • He has sensors on his belly so you can rub him and he’ll make all kinds of cute noises and interact.
  • Play games like peak-a-boo and more!
  • You can feed him his honey treats, which include a bottle and even a honeycomb he can hold in his mouth.
  • Brush his hair or his fur with the cute little brush that comes part of the bottle.
  • He’ll lift his arms up for a hug or a cuddle, and will coo when you blow on his nose by releasing a cute little sneeze!

Where to Buy Cubby the Curious Bear by Hasbro 2024 - Release Date & Pre Order

Perhaps the most popular feature people are buzzing about is his sleep mode.  You can switch Cubby onto sleep mode and he’ll actually cuddle with your kids when they’re in bed or taking a nap and do things like playing comforting and soothing sounds like the ocean, the wind, general calming white noise, or even play a very relaxing lullaby (4 different lullabies are available).  This nighttime mode will last about 5 minutes and, next thing you know, everyone will finally be asleep! He’s a great companion for any kid, but especially those who could use a little help falling asleep or may just get a little afraid when they’re by themselves in their bed at night.

When is the Release Date?

Right now we’re hearing that Cubby the Curious Bear will be officially released in August, just in time for the holiday season.

What’s the Price of Cubby?

He’s going to run you $99.99 and will be available at top retailers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

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