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The New LOL Surprise Interactive Live Surprise Pets Bark and Love You

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If they’re over their Fingerlings, but are still obsessed with LOL, they’ll love caring for the new interactive pets.  Arf!

Where to Buy LOL Surprise Interactive Live Pets 2024

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The mad geniuses at LOL are back at it again and this time they’ve invented to cutest (and most interactive) Surprise Pets yet!  These little cuties are totally interactive and even respond to motion, touch, and sounds (just like real pets!).  Per usual they’re a total surprise on which on you’ll get, but what we do know is that there are three different possibilities to get:

  1. Fuzzy Fan the Pretty Kitty
  2. Bunny Hunny the Beautiful Bunny
  3. Hoops D.O.G.G the Darling Doggy

The best part is that each of these surprises will interact with you based on what you give them (like food that comes with it).  You can pet them, rock them, feed them, or even lay them down for a little snooze.  They currently have over 60 different sounds and responses.  Sometimes they even blush…and bark!  They even come with 3 different interactive accessories.  Which will they be?  Part of the fun is finding out!

Where to Buy LOL Surprise Interactive Live Pets – Buy It Here

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