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The New LOL Surprise Subscription Boxes are the Best Surprises Yet!

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Your mail delivery is about to get a whole lot more fun thanks to the newly released LOL Surprise Subscription Box delivery.  Here’s everything we know (and where you can order it)!

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The LOL obsession continues on and if your kiddos are as obsessed as we are with getting the latest and greatest from LOL, they’re going to totally love this.  The geniuses at MGA Entertainment have announced they’re sending out subscription boxes mailed right to your door with LOL surprises (and toys) included in each.  Here’s the deal.

What’s the Subscription Box All About?

Depending on which delivery option you choose, you and your kiddos will receive this surprise box every 4-months throughout the year (1 per season) and each delivery will have its own theme (the first theme is “Retro LOL”).  What we really love about this is that what you get will be totally exclusive to the box itself and can’t be found anywhere else.  Overall there will be anywhere between 6 – 8 different items included.  Some things inside the box can include things like:

You can check out all sorts of LOL Merch here to get an idea of the type of things you can possibly expect.  Please note, each box will have items that are totally exclusive to the box itself.

What's Inside the LOL Surprise Subscription Box 2024 - 2024

How Much is All of This?!

So the price actually isn’t that bad.  You have two different buying options.

  • Pay Quarterly – Each one is $38.00 (plus shipping and handling, of course)
  • Pay Yearly – Each one ends up being just $34.00 (plus shipping and handling, of course)

If you can swing it, we recommend to pay with the yearly option because you’ll save about $16.00 in total.  Hey, every little bit counts!

When is the Release Date?

These are just about ready to go and will be officially released and scheduled to deliver in the middle of January.  The first one released will be the “Retro Club” theme!  The best part is that now you can just order them directly from Amazon!

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