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11 Ways Your Kids Can Dress Like JoJo Siwa This Halloween!

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New JoJo Siwa Halloween Costume Ideas 2024 - Cheap Jo Jo Siwa Costumes For Halloween 2024

Get ready to hold the drama because now your daughter (or son!) can dress up like their favorite JoJo Siwa ‘character’ this Halloween!  Slated to be one of the biggest costumes of the year, here’s some of the best-of-the-best ideas.

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JoJo Siwa may have started off on “Dance Moms” but now she is literally everywhere!  Not that you needed us to tell you that.  She’s blown up on Youtube, became even more famous on Nickelodeon, launched her own world tour, and is now totally taking over this Halloween season.

When you’re trying to put your JoJo Siwa costume together, one thing is for sure.  Be sure to bring the attitude!  And don’t forget to smile big and show the “peace sign” in just about every picture that you take.  Ah, kids.  This Halloween there are a ton of different ways to dress like JoJo whether you’re looking to rock her “Hold the Drama” look from her D.R.E.A.M tour, come back like a boomerang from her Boomerang video, or just want to show your colorful side with a variety of huge hair bows there’s something for everyone this season!

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