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These New Grumblies Toys Will Meltdown Faster Than Your Kids

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Forget cuddling and petting!  The new Grumblies want you to shake and poke them until they have a major meltdown.  How calming!

Where to Buy Grumblies Scorch, Hydro, Tremor, and Bolt in 2018 - 2024

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If you kiddos are getting a bit tired or tickling, petting, and cuddling their other interactive toys (read: Fingerlings and Pomsies) how about a new toy that actually wants you to mess with it all the live-long-day!  Introducing Grumblies.  These furry toy interactive monsters with huge buck-teeth are not here for your love and affection.  They’re here to shake, rattle, and roll all over the place.  See what we did there?  Here’s everything we currently know about these super strange monsters that even we’re already obsessed with.

So What’s the Deal With Grumblies Anyway?

Grumblies are one of the latest toys from toymaker Skyrocket that have been released into the wild this year and are already on so many of the “Hottest Toys of the Year” list for 2018.  This means that, yes, your kids will be asking Santa for them so you better make sure Santa has his game on-point and gets these early because, best of luck as you get closer to Christmas!

What do They Actually Do?

Well, a lot actually.  Unlike some other toys that require love and cuddling, these little monsters want to get angry.  They’ll require you to poke at them, shake them (a lot), roll them, flip them around on their heads and more.  The more you do the more of a chance they’ll show you their epic meltdown that everyone can’t wait to see!  They also interact with about 40 different sounds, reactions, and more! Oh and, of course, some of those sounds are fart and burp noises.  Score!

How Many Different Grumblies Are There?

Currently there are 4 different ones to choose from and each of them actually represent a different element of earth.  Here’s the breakdown of each:

1. Scorch – He’s red with yellow hair and represents lava.

2. Hydro – He’s blue with yellow hair and represents tsunamis.

3.  Bolt – He’s purple and represents lightning and thunder.

4.  Tremor – He’s green all over and represents earthquakes and landslides.

When is the Grumblies Release Date and Can You Pre Order Them?

These meltdown monsters will be released into the wild for purchase on August 1, 2018.  You can pre order them on both Amazon and Walmart right now!

What’s the Price of Each?

The suggested retail price is $19.99  for one.  As it gets closer to the holidays and they get tougher to come by, you may see prices increases at places like eBay.  Of course.

Where Can You Buy Grumblies?

Here are the ones you can buy and pre-order right now.  Bookmark this page because we’ll be updating it as more become available and, hopefully, for the best sale price!

1. Grumblies Tremor – Buy It Here

Where to Buy Grumblies Tremor Green 2018 - 2024

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2.  Grumblies Bolt – Buy It Here

Where to Find Grumblies Bolt Purple for Pre Order 2018 - 2024

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3.  Grumblies Scorch – Buy It Here

Red Scorch Grumblies 2018

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4.  Grumblies Hydro – Buy It Here

Hydro Grumblies Meltdown Toy 2018 - 2024

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