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The New Pomsies Lumies are the Most Genius Light-Up, Color-Matching Fluff Balls Ever!

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Could the new Pomsies Lumies actually be the smartest (and most musical) interactive toy so far this year?   Here’s why we’re obsessed.

Where to Buy Pomsies Lumies 2024 - Release Date, Pre Order & Price

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  • Lumies are light up Pomsies that you feed with color, play games with, and make music with!
  • Collect 3 different Lumies (pink, purple, blue)
  • They’ll be priced at $19.99
  • Pre Order is now available here!

As we’re sure you remember from the last holiday season, Pomsies, were one of the most sought after toy of the year.  Well, this year we can all expect the same phenomenon to occur with their new Lumies edition. They were a massive hit at the recent NY Toy Fair (2019) and we’re going out on a furry little limb that your kiddos will be asking Santa for them this upcoming holiday season.  Here’s everything we know (so far).

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What Exactly Are Pomsies Lumies?

Lumies are the cutest (almost cube-like) balls of fur that live and feed off of color.  Any color.  There are currently three different Lumies to choose from (purple, pink, and blue) all with super fun different color hair that you can comb (yes it comes with a comb). Each one overall is white and that’s for an important reason.  When you take one and place it over a colored object it will ‘scan it’ and then it’ll actually turn that color!  So you and your kiddos can watch that white fur turn pink, or blue, or red, or whatever.

You’ll actually feed these cuties by color.  So when it randomly turns pink, for example, you’ll need to find something pink, press it against that pink colored object, and that’ll make your Lumies super happy.  You’ll even hear them say things like “Yay!”  and “Loooove it!”  It’s actually pretty funny.   Did we mention that they’re smart too?  If you scan the wrong color they’re requesting, they’ll let you know.  It’s a great way for younger kids to learn their colors and fun for older kids to learn how to take care of something.

One of the most anticipated things is the second mode where the Lumies can create full-on songs!  You’ll scan one color after another and it’ll put together a really cool song.  Sky is the limit and there are so many options that your kids will have a blast being a little composer.

Finally, there’s even a third mode where secret ‘easter eggs’ can be uncovered.  You’ll press the third mode, begin to scan colors and suddenly a siren will go off and they’ll start flashing all sorts of colors.  Over time there will be more and more easter eggs to uncover, so even created by popular influencers, so we can’t wait to see more!


What’s the Price Going to Be?

We’re hearing that the suggested retail price is $19.99.  It’s a bit more expensive than your Pomsies from last year, but that’s mainly because of all the cool techie things it can do.

When is the Release Date?

These are slated to be officially released in July 2019.  This should give you plenty of time to grab as many as you can before the upcoming holidays or at least point Santa in the right direction.

When Can You Pre Order?

Good news!  Lumies are officially up for pre order right now!  Snag yours here!

The New Pomsies Lumies – Buy It Here

New Pomsies Lumies Light Up & Color Changing 2024 -2020

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The below article was originally created in July 2018.

– The Original Pomsies –

It’s official.  Pomsies is a thing.  Is it a cat?  A fury electronic ball of fun?  The love child between your Fingerling and your kids favorite stuffed animal?  Oh, and where can you actually buy one?  Read on!

Where to Buy Pomsies 2018 - Pre Order Pomsies Review

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If your kiddos loved their Fingerlings for more than 2 days last year, they’re going to be obsessed with the latest interactive toy this year.  Of course we’re talking about Pomsies.  We’re hearing these just might be one of the hottest must-have toys of the upcoming Christmas season but, in all honesty, isn’t every toy your kid wants the ‘must have’ toy of the season?  Anyway, you may be thinking, “What in the holy hell is a Pomsies?”  Welp, let’s learn this together, shall we?

So What Actually Is a Pomsies?

We thought they were cats but, evidently, we were totally wrong on all accounts.  They’re technically wearable pom-pom pets. And they’re interactive, reactive, and latch on to your waist, arm, and more.  Gotcha.  So does that make sense now?

See Available Pomsies

Please Tell Me What Pomsies Do (And Please Don’t Tell Me They Come to Life)

What’s cool and fun about these little pom-pom fur balls is that they’re wearable and your kiddos can take them anywhere they need to go.  They’re also interactive to they’re going to react and interact with you when your pet them and play with them!  In fact they have up to 50 different reactions that, well, never get old.  There’s sarcasm in there somewhere.

Here’s How to Play With Them

Like we said, when you touch them or pet them they can give you up to 50 different reactions.  Hopefully not all at the same time.  Here’s some of the cooler things you can do with them.

  • Pet Them – They’ll react when you pet them and cuddle with them.  The best spots to pet them are the back of their head, front of their forehead, or right under their cute little nose.  Funny, those are our best spots too.
  • Feed Them – Yes, of course, your kid will have to feed them.  And when they won’t, you’ll be forced to.  Luckily there isn’t real food.  Just some fake hand movements.  Score!  All you have to do is tap them on the mouth to feed them.  Easy.
  • Take Them Dancing – So now your kid has a dance partner.  When you dance (read: shake) with them they’ll actually start to sing their special song.  The faster you dance, the faster they’ll sing!  Is it over yet?
  • Take Them With You – For real, please take them with you!  Thanks to their special ‘twist and lock’ tail they can easily wrap around your kids arm, attach to their backpack, bike, and so much more.

Plus, Pomsises will actually talk to you.  Well, sort of.  Their eyes will indicated different messages depending on the colors they light up.  They’ll be able to communicate whether they’re hungry, sneezy, sleepy, or just really happy!

So How Many Pomsies Are There Currently?

Great question.  At last count there are 8 10 in rotation.  Some are available for pre-order and some will be released in the coming months.  We’ll update you with all the ways you can get your hands on a variety of Pomsies!

What’s the Suggested Retail Price?

They’re being released into the wild priced at $14.99.  However, if you have a hard time finding them in-stock you may have to check eBay and then, well, you know the price is totally varying.  Check them out on eBay here.

When is the Actual Release Date For Them?

Right now you can pre-oder select Pomsies on Amazon here.  The full release date is August 1, 2018.  Other Pomsies can be found here right now at Walmart ready to be ordered (with what’s still available).

Where Can I Buy the Newest Pomsies?

[ UPDATE ] The first set of Pomsies were so popular that new ones were released early.  Well, sort of.  You can pre-order a bunch of these new ones now.  The shipping dates will vary, of course, so be sure to check on that when you click over.  Some of the newest popular must-haves is the puppy, the koala, the dragon, and one that’s exclusive to Amazon.  Here’s the current rundown.  Happy shopping!
1.  Pomsies ‘Speckles’ in Purple – Buy It Here

Pomsies 2018: Speckles in Purple

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2. New Pomsies Zoey the Dragon – Buy It Here

Pomsies Zoey the Dragon

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3.  New Pomsies Lulu the Blue Puppy – Buy It Here

Pomsies Lulu Puppy in Blue

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4.  New Pomsies ‘Kali’ the Amazon Exclusive for Pre-Order – Buy It Here

New Pomsies Kali Amazon Exclusive Pre Order 2018

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5.  New Pomsies Purple Koala – Buy It Here

Pomsies Koala in Purple

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6.  Pomsies ‘Blossom’ in Pink – Buy It Here


Pomsies 2018: Blossom in Pink

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7.  Pomsies Snowball in White – Buy It Here

Pomsies 2018: Snowball in White

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8.  Patches in Pink, White, and Mint Green – Buy It Here

Pomsies 2018: Patches in White, Pink, and Mint Green

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9.  Boots in Purple – Buy It Here

Pomsies 2018: Boots in Purple

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10.  Pinky in Pink and White – Buy It Here


Pomsies 2018: Pinky in Pink

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