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The Poopsie Unicorn Surprise Slime Toy Makes Actual Magical Unicorn Poop!

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Because if your toy unicorn doesn’t poop magical surprise slime, does it even truly exist?

Where to Buy Poopsie Surprise Unicorn Slime Poop Toy 2018 - Amazon & Walmart

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Unicorn-mania continues to sweep the planet and this Christmas one of the hottest gifts is slated to be Poopsie Unicorn Surprise.  Yep, you heard all that correctly.  This year toy makers are pretty much mixing up all your favorite things into one genius (yet crude) toy.  We’re talking a unicorn, some rainbow slime and, of course, some unicorn poop.  What could be more magical, really?  Here’s everything we know, so far.

What Does Poopsie Unicorn Surprise Actually Do?

Well we thought it was pretty self explanatory, but we love to talk about this.  First off you can collect (so far) 4 different pooping unicorns.  Their names are:  Whoopsie Doodle, Oopsie Starlight, Rainbow Brightstar, and Dazzle Darling.  Are you with us so far?  Great!  Each magical unicorn can, you know, poop.  Well, not just any old regular poop.  We’re talking all different kinds of poop, especially rainbow slime poop.  Did you imagine anything else?  Here’s everything else we know:

  • Each ‘surprise’ will include one surprise unicorn and, are you ready for this, one ‘glitter potty.’  Yep, we’re talking toilets!
  • There are 4 packets of unicorn food (which is the magical slime powder), 4 magic packets, and 1 glitter sparkle packet.
  • You’ll also get 1 exclusive bottle and one poop character keychain because, of course.
  • Plus, there are more ways to take care of this little stinker by coming with a unicorn diaper and shirt, a spoon, a brush for their long colorful hair, a cleaning too, and a measuring cup. 

Overall there are 20 cute surprises your kiddos will love.  Take a look at some of the possible surprises below.

The Unicorn from Poopsie Unicorn Surprise

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Do You Actually Make the Slime?

Oh you know it!  Not only are you able to make all different kinds of poop slime, but there are surprises too!  Here’s what your Poopsie Surprise Slime Poop Packs will come with:

  1. A unicorn food packet
  2. A unicorn magic packet
  3. 1 spoon
  4. 1 collectible bottle
  5. 1 poop character keychain
  6. 1 unicorn sparkle packet

What’s really cool about this (and what your slime obsessed kiddos will be loving) is that the kind of slime they’re making really will be a mystery.  And there are currently 15 different ones to collect.  Some are regular, some are rare, and some are ultra rare.  Here’s the difference:

  1. Regular = Shimmer Slime
  2. Rare = Metallic Slime
  3. Ultra Rare = Sparkle Slime

What’s the Actual Price Going to Be?

What we hear now is that the suggested retail price will be $49.99.  This is subject to change so bookmark this page to stay on top of all the latest and greatest breaking news info!

When is the Release Date Slated to Be?

It’s still under wraps, but we’re hearing rumors of fall 2018 with specifics around September 1, 2018.  Again, bookmark this page because we’ll be updating as we hear more details.

[ UPDATE ] You can now pre-order Poopsie with the unicorn right here on Amazon.  We’ve seen others where they’re selling just the slime, but the one everyone is obsessing over is the one with the rainbow or pink unicorn!

Where Can You Buy Poopsie Unicorn Surprise?

Right now the only two places you’ll be able to purchase is Amazon and Walmart (go figure), but you totally know that eBay will be getting in on that action too.  Just beware with eBay because you could possibly pay way more than the suggested retail price.  But at least you’ll be able to get your hands on it way before Christmas and remove that level of panic!

Poopsie Surprise With Unicorn – Buy It Here

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The Poopsie ‘Pooey Puitton’ Collectible Slime Purse – Buy It Here

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Now that we’re all on the same page in regards to Poopsy Unicorn Slime, it only makes sense that one of the up-and-comers this season is the ‘designer’ Pooey Puitton purse that comes with 2 unicorn slime powder packets (yes, it makes rainbow poop), 6 unicorn magic packets, 4 sparkle packets, 4 mystery packets, and so much more!  Plus, they’ll totally want that exclusive poop character keychain because who can leave home without it!?  Learn more here.

Rainbow / Multicolor Unicorn with 20 Surprises – Buy It Here

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Get Your Own Slime Surprise – Buy It Here

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This one is just the slime so your kiddos can make more, and more, and more!  Slime FTW!

Here’s More of What You Can Expect

Poopise Slime Surprise Unicorn Poop All 15 Collectibles Poster 2018

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