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Now Your Kids Can Ride Their ‘My Lovely Unicorn’ From Christmas Right Into New Years

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Get ready to hear your kiddos whine, “But my unicorn won’t start!”  Eh, teach ’em to drive young. Here’s everything we know about one of the most anticipated toys of Christmas 2018, “My Lovely Unicorn.”

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Remember when people used to love just plain old horses?  Poor horses.  This year it’s all about the unicorn and, well, not just any unicorn.  We’re talking about an actual unicorn your kid can ride and drive all around the house.  Uh, make sure the stairs are roped off, please!  Everyone is talking about all the buzz surrounding Feber’s “My Lovely Unicorn” and how, most likely, parents will be coming to blows to get their hands on one just in time for Christmas.  I guess since Toys R Us is now closed at least that’s one less place to get trampled by other parents 3-deep in their egg nog.

So what’s the deal with My Lovely Unicorn anyway?  Here’s all the cool things it can do and how your child can interact with this rainbow loving horse (?) with a magical horn.  Eye roll.

The Unicorn Details:
  • Your kids (ages 3 and up) can sit on My Lovely Unicorn and ride it around.  It can drive forward or backwards by them simply using the unicorn’s reins.
  • It can reach speeds of up to almost 3 mph (so buckle up!).
  • They’ll use the pedals as well to control the wheels and it’s made for both indoor and outdoor use.  Good luck explaining to them why they can’t ride their unicorn to school.
  • My Lovely Unicorn has a magical horn and it even lights up and makes lovely magical sounds that we’re sure never gets annoying for anyone else in the house.  Ever.
  • The kiddos can brush its long and luscious pink hair with the unicorn brush and hair accessories that come with it.  When not in use you can store it on the top compartment just like with a real unicorn!
  • Oh, and did we mention its battery is 12-volt?  Don’t worry it comes with the charger too.
  • The company is claiming it was developed for girls to ride but, well, welcome to not 1999.  Boys can ride it too.
Where and When Can You Get ‘My Lovely Unicorn’ and What the Heck is the Price?

There is still some mystery around the details on it’s availability.  There was a time over in jolly old England where it was available, but looks like that’s gone.  The rumor is that My Lovely Unicorn will be released in the United States in August 2018.  We’ll update you on that as more details emerge.  The price is pretty hefty, ringing in anywhere between $250 – $280.  Ugh.

[ UPDATE ] We’re seeing some available here at Walmart (check in-stock status)!

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