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Target’s Halloween Decor ‘Hyde and Eek Boutique’ Has Cheap and Awesome Decorations!

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Because you don’t have to spend a ton when decorating your house this Halloween.  Target’s own Hyde and Eek Boutique is super cute and frighteningly affordable.  Here’s some of their best Halloween decór we’re obsessed with in 2024!

Review Target Hyde and Eek Boutique 2024 - Best Halloween Decor and Decorations Ideas

Just as excited as we are for Halloween, Target just released their brand new 2024 Halloween decor collection and there are hundreds of both indoor and outdoor decorating ideas we seriously can’t get enough of.  While most retailers won’t start really releasing their decorations until after Labor Day, Target is all, “Yeah, no, we’re doing it in the summer.”  We’re not trying to rush the seasons, but we’re totally fine with Halloween being 3-months long!

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There are so many choices and so many things we want especially because everything is spookily (see what we just did there?) affordable.  Most items we were looking at were all under $40.  Can you imagine?  Of course there are some that are more expensive, but we’re bargain shoppers after all.  While Halloween (at the time this article was written) is still 3-months away, Target is letting you pre-order so many of these right now! Check out some of the best Hyde and Eek Boutique Halloween decor items from Target available (so far) for Halloween!


1.  The “Hey Boo” Halloween Throw Pillow

$10 |

Toss it on your favorite chair, your bed, or pick up a couple of these super cute throw pillows and add them to your couch.  They’re on the smaller side (16-inches x 16-inches) so they won’t overpower your couch but still give that classic Halloween decor look you may be going for.


2.  The Light-Up Dog Shark

$50 |

Seriously how cute is this little light-up dog in a shark Halloween costume!  While he can be placed inside your home, he’s really made for outdoors. He comes with two ground stakes that’ll help him stay securely on the ground, especially when those spooky fall winds kick up.  Plug him in and he’ll add the perfect little addition to the front of back of your house.


3.  The Falloween “EEK” Decorative Tombstone

$15 |

Just over 14-inches tall, this chic “EEK” tombstone will look great on your end-table, mantle, or even when you walk into your home with a few other little decorations.


4.  The Purple Spider String Light Set

$10 |

It may not be Christmas, but for some of us Halloween is the most wonderful time of the year so tossing up some Halloween string lights – especially when they’re purple spiders! – is a total must.  This spooky set is 81-inches long containing 20 purple LED lights.  You may need a few sets depending on what your light-up goals are!


5.  The Light-Up Trick or Treat Sign (2 Sides)

$40 |

At 3 1/2 feet tall, this trick-or-treat stop sign is the perfect addition to let all those cute little trick-or-treaters know if they can ring the bell to get some candy or if you’re now officially all out!  One side says “Trick or Treaters Stop Here” and the other side says “Out of Candy (Boooo!!).  If you don’t feel like giving out candy at all – well – you know which side to light up all night long.


6.  The “Happy Halloween” Black & Orange Pillow

$10 |

You can never have one too many toss pillows, especially when you’re basically decorating your couch like it’s a Halloween graveyard.  Just us?  For a 16-inch by 16-inch pillow you really can’t beat the price of just $10.  Pick up a bunch!


7.  The 11-Foot LED Inflatable Archway

$150 |

Definitely on the more than pricey side, this 11.5-foot inflatable archway is meant to be placed at your front stairs or front of your house making it look like the kiddos are about to enter into a totally scary place.  The front says “Welcome Mortals” and the LED lights really help bring it to life.  You do have to plug it in, so you might need to pick up an extra long extension cord too.


8.  The Mini-Mantel Wooden Halloween Tree Decoration

$10 |

Add a little fall decor to your mantel, coffee table – you name it – with this 7-inch  4-piece tree with two pumpkins and one spooky/friendly ghost.


9.  The Crashing Witch Tree Prop

$15 |

Is it even Halloween if there isn’t a pesky witch crashing right into your tree?!  This zany witch on a broomstick can be used both indoors and outdoors and looks the best when you quickly and easily tie her around your favorite tree.  Witches can’t catch a break!


10.  The 12-Foot Inflatable Grim Reaper

$100 |

Ok so this one is actually creepy!  This scary looking inflatable Grim Reaper is 12-feet tall (that’s two feet taller than a standard basketball hoop), lights up with a spooky glow thanks to the LED lights and actually does stand on his own.


11.  The “Bone Voyage” Tombstone

$20 |

We always appreciate a Halloween pun and are in love with this rustic-looking decorative tombstone.  It’s pretty large for a decorative tombstone (a little over 22-inches tall) and while it’s mainly for the indoors you can use it outside as long as it gets some shelter from the elements.


12.  The Skeleton Hands Outdoor Lights

$15 |

Why not light up your walkway with a bunch of skeleton hands?  These come as a pack of 3 and stick right into the ground for quick and easy set-up and removal.  And don’t worry, these don’t annoyingly blink on and off – they just say constant lit up.  The only downside is that you may need a few sets of these depending on the length of your walkway.


13.  The 2-Foot Tall Posable Skeleton

$15 |

Personally we feel like everyone should have a posable skeleton all year round, but this guy is a great way to add a little something funny to your home, your Halloween pictures and more.  You can even hang him up if you want to with the rope that comes with him.

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