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The 9 Best Makeup Fridges Your Beauty Routine Will Thank Your For

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So do you really need to store your makeup in the refrigerator?  The short answer?  Sort of.  Read on!

Best Makeup Fridge 2024 - Skincare & Beauty Mini Compact Refrigerators

The Top 3

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If you’ve spent any time on Insta these days (and don’t even get us started on Snap), you’ve noticed that just about every beauty influencer (yes, it’s still a thing) is swearing by their makeup fridge.  You’ll see them proudly (and cutely) displayed in their bedroom (by their mirror) or on their official beauty station because, yes, they have those too.  We have to admit, we think they’re cute AF and really do come in handy.  But do you actually need to keep your skincare routine in there?

The beauty and style experts at StyleCaster are on the fence when it comes to refrigerating your makeup.  There are some things that totally should go in there like eye creams and serums (it can help with de-puffing), pencils, anything organic, and eyeshadow.  And, well, some things should never go in there like oils (they can separate and congeal), lipstick, and your favorite perfume.

So if you’re ready to get (or stay) totally on trend, we’ve picked some of the best makeup and skincare fridge brands (so far) this year.  It’s like you’re almost a true Kardashian!

1.  The Best Makeup Fridge of 2024:  The Cooluli Mini Beauty Refrigerator in Pink – Buy It Here

Best Skincare Makeup Fridge 2024: Urban Outfitters

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This one is perfect for cooling your favorite serums, liquids, crystal rollers, and more.   We love this one in pink with the pretty matte finish, but it also comes in other colors like black, white, multi-pattern, and more.  See more color options here!

2.  The Cooluli Classic in Sky Blue – Buy It Here

Best Skincare Makeup Fridge 2024: Blue Cooluli

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This one is currently on the best-sellers on Amazon right now!  Not only is such a pretty blue, but it also currently has been rated over 4 out of 5 stars and has over 2,400 customer reviews!  Outside of being able to store our daily essentials, we love how ultra quiet it is and how it’s 100% environmentally friendly.  We love it in blue, but it also comes in other colors like pink, red, black, white, fuchsia, and more.  See more color options here!

3.  The Mini Zang Compact Cosmetics Fridge in Pink with White Dots – Buy It Here

Best Skincare Makeup Fridge 2024: Mini Pink Polka Dots

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Not only is it the perfect cooler, but it can also act as a warmer if you needed that option!  We love it in the cute and whimsical pink polka dots!  Learn more here!

4.  The Ultimate Blackboard Front Mini by Cooluli – Buy It Here

Best Skincare Makeup Fridge 2024: Chalkboard Front by Cooluli

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This one will hold everything you need for your daily beauty routine, but is also super fun to write on!  That’s right, it has a blackboard front door finish where you can write fun or inspirational messages each and every day.  It’s also magnetic, so feel free to toss some of your favorite magnets on there too. It also comes in white with a dry-erase option!

5.  The Cow Pattern Compact Cooler – Buy It Here

Best Skincare Makeup Fridge 2024: Cow Print Cooluli

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It’s super funky, will add a pop of fun to your room and, let’s be honest, is going to look great in all your Insta stories.  See more color options here!

6.  The ‘Keep it Cool’ Skincare Set – Buy It Here

Best Skincare Makeup Fridge 2024: Beauty by Macys

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This one was created exclusively for Macys and, well, we are obsessed!  It comes as gift-set of sorts and comes with the fridge that you can see through, an insulated grocery bag, a beauty list notepad and marker.  Learn more here!

7.  The Retro Pink Frigiaire – Buy It Here

Best Skincare Makeup Fridge 2024: Pink Mini Frigidaire Retro

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How cool is this one!  It’s got a super chic retro flair to it, it’s portable, and pink!  What more could you and your skincare essentials ask for?!  We love it in pink, but it also comes in red, black, and blue.  See more colors here!

8.  The Uber Chill XL in Silver – Buy It Here

Best Skincare Makeup Fridge 2024: Uber Appliance in Silver

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It looks almost futuristic and is a bit larger than the rest so you can typically fit a few more things.  We love it in this sleek gun metal silver, but it also comes in other cool colors like navy blue, matte black, red, and classic white.  See more color options here!

9.  The RCA Retro in Mint Green – Buy It Here

Best Skincare Makeup Fridge 2024: Mint Green RCA

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It looks like something that would be in Monica and Rachel’s apartment on ‘Friends.’  How cool is this mint green color!?  Get yours while you still can!  Learn more here!

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