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Sweet Smelling Candylocks Dolls With Cotton Candy Hair are Here!

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It’s time for another surprise doll and this time around you and your kiddos will discover the sweetest smelling dolls yet!  Introducing Candylocks by Spin Master.  They’re sure to make the list of hot toys this year.  Here’s what we know!

Candylocks Dolls Spin Master 2024 - Where to Buy, Release Date, Pre Order & Price

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Unboxing and surprise toys are still the most fun, ever!  There’s something about your kids not knowing who they’re going to get and all the excitement that comes along with that.  At the recent New York Toy Fair, Spin Master launched Candylocks dolls that have the longest and most cotton-candy-like hair that is so super soft and, even, better, is actually scented.  How cool is that!

What Actually Are Candylocks Anyway?

Currently in Series 1, there are 25 different dolls to collect.  They’ll show up wrapped up like a traditional cotton candy cone and once they’re busted out of their packaging and your kids move away all the super long soft hair, they’ll see exactly who they got!  But the fun doesn’t stop there.  There are also really fun super surprise accessories that come with each doll too so they can accessorize their hairstyles (like add a birthday cake clip into their hair), clothing and more.

Your kiddos will have a blast styling each dolls hair and sky is the limit with the kind of styles they can do.  Since the hair is soft, yet strong, they can easily create bun hairstyles, ponytails, braids, twists, and so much more!  We love how each doll has hair that smells different too.  We’re talking about scents of cotton candy, vanilla cupcakes, strawberry, lemonade, and so much more!  We’ve spied cute names on some dolls like Lacey Lemonade and Straw Mary.  We see what they’ve done there!

What is Candylocks Doll 2024

What’s the Price of Each Doll?

We love it because these are super affordable.  The suggested retail price is only $9.99.  The price can increase a bit if you come across the package that comes with 2 dolls inside.

When is the Release Date?

Spin Master will be releasing these sweet smelling collectible dolls to the world in April 2019, just in time for that holiday rush.  Get as many as you can while you can.  The good news is that you can officially pre order them today!

Some Recent Candylocks to Check Out – Buy It Here

Candylocks Doll: Blue Hair

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Spin Master Candy Locks Doll Pink/Green Hair

New CandyLocks 2024 Spinmaster

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