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The ‘Juno My Baby Elephant’ Interactive Toy is Basically Dumbo Come to Life!

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If your kids are obsessing over the new Dumbo movie, they’re going to be begging you for the new ‘Juno My Baby Elephant’ which we couldn’t be more excited about.  Here’s everything we know (so far).

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The interactive toy trend continues in 2024 and our money is on Juno!  This is the cutest little baby elephant we’ve ever seen and we know it’ll most like make the best-of-the-best toys of the year.  If your kiddos are looking to learn more about elephants and how to take care of something (that you don’t have to) this is the toy for them!

So What Does Juno Actually Do?

Well, Juno is technically a baby elephant and she’s just in the beginning stages of learning how to use her trunk as well as pretty much everything else.  Oh, did we mention she’s a “she?”  Well, she is and we love her!  Your kiddos will have to help train (and love) her in a variety of ways.  Juno loves the top of her head rubbed as well as under her mouth.  As she learns to use her trunk she’ll actually start to use it as a trumpet and it’ll make all sorts of sounds.  Sometimes it’s on the lower sounding side and at other times it’s louder.  She’ll even lift her head, wiggle and move her giant floppy ears (perhaps even trying to give you a hug with them), move her trunk around (as she learns how to try and do a helicopter motion), and makes all sorts of cute little baby elephant babble.  Overall she can interactive with more than 100 different sounds and adorable motions.

One of our favorite things about her is her love of peanuts and her little tiny mouse friend.  You can actually teach her how to eat peanuts.  A fake one (don’t worry allergy-concerned parents) comes with her as does her cute little mouse pal.  Simply pick up the peanut, raise it up to her trunk and if she’s hungry she’ll take it and try to get it to her mouth or lift it up high.  However, just like real babies, if she’s not hungry she won’t eat it.  In fact, she can toss it across the room when that happens!

The one thing she’ll never throw is her mouse friend that comes along with her as well.  She’ll hold the mouse with her trunk, move it around, and even sing to it.  We’ve heard her hum the tune of ‘Frère Jacques’ to her mouse.  How cool is that!  She loves to be cuddled herself.  So when you pick her up and hug her or cradle her, she’ll make eye-contact with you, move her trunk all around, make some loving little noises, and even give you her version of a kiss and a hug.  Seriously, how absolutely adorable is this baby elephant!

When is Her Official Release Date?

Juno is going to hit the market and be officially released to the public on August 1, 2019, according to a Spin Master rep at the recent New York Toy Fair.

What’s the Price Going to Set Us Back?

This one is a bit more on the pricer side with a suggested retail price of $99.99.  Honestly, we think it’s totally worth the price for all the amazing things she can do.

Where Can You Buy Juno?

She’s slated to be in most major retailers, including major online retailers so be sure to check places like:

Juno My Baby Elephant – Buy It Here

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Wildluvs Juno the Elephant – Buy It Here

Wildluvs Juno Baby Elephant 2024 - Buy It Here

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