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Stanley Cup Accessories – Elevate Your Tumbler Game

Give your Stanley Tumbler a second chance at sipping stardom — because your drink deserves a stylish entourage

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Stanley Cup Accessories and Replacement Parts


Hey there, Stanley enthusiasts! So, you’ve got yourself a trusty Stanley 1913 and you’re wondering, “What more can I do with this masterpiece?” Well, buckle up, because we’re diving into the world of accessories that will take your Stanley game to a whole new level!


Stanley Tumbler Sling Bag: 40 OZ


Stanley Tumbler Straw Covers

Get ready to turn your sipping experience into a fun and functional adventure with a range of quirky and functional accessories for your beloved Stanley Tumbler. From bowls and snack trays to carrier straps with phone pockets, this guide will show you how to take your hydration game to a whole new level. With these fantastic accessories, your Stanley Tumbler becomes more than just a vessel for your favorite beverages – it becomes an expression of your unique style and a companion for you day to day excursions.

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Stickers – a fun form of self-expression.  Personalize your Stanley with stickers that scream “This bottle is mine!” Whether it’s your teen’s go-to sport, your favorite band, a quirky quote, or a doodle that represents you, stickers are the final brushstrokes on your Stanley masterpiece.

With that being said, the idea of adorning your tumbler, bottle or mug with stickers can be a bit polarizing.  While some would never dream of interfering with the clean aesthetic, others are on board with these fun accessories – because a little pop of color is fun! 

VSCO Aesthetic Vinyl Waterproof Stickers | 66 Pieces

A Sticker Shop VSCO Vinyl Waterproof Stickers for Waterbottles & Laptops


Why limit your Stanley Tumbler to just drinks? Upgrade your sipping sessions with specially designed bowls and snack trays that effortlessly attach to your tumbler, turning it into a portable snacking haven. Now, you can enjoy your favorite beverage and munch on snacks without missing a beat.

Reusable Snack Ring Compatible with Stanley Quencher H2.O 30OZ | 40OZ Tumbler with Handle (various colors)

Snack Bowl for Stanley Tumbler


Never worry about juggling your tumbler and phone again. Introducing carrier straps with convenient phone pockets – the perfect solution for the multitasking sipper on the go. Strut the streets, hike the trails, or conquer your daily tasks with ease while keeping your essentials close.

Pink Water Bottle Carrier with Phone Pocket 30 OZ | 40 OZ Tumbler (various colors)

Stanley Water Bottle Carrier Bag with Phone Pocket for 30 and 40 OZ Tumblers


Elevate your sipping game with stylish straw cap covers that not only keep your straw clean but also add a little pizzazz. Choose from an array of designs and colors to match your mood and keep your straw under wraps.

Straw Covers Compatible with Stanley 30 | 40 oz Tumbler – 10 Pieces

Straw Covers Cap Toppers Compatible with Stanley 30 & 40 oz Tumbler


Keep your Stanley Tumbler safe from bumps and bruises with protective silicone boots. These colorful accessories not only add a layer of defense but also bring a touch of flair to your tumbler. Anti-slip sleeves ensure your tumbler stays put on any surface, preventing accidental spills and adding a dash of practicality.

Protective Silicone Boot Compatible with Stanley 30 |40 oz Tumbler (various colors)

Stanley Protective Silicone Boot - Anti Slip Sleeve Covers


Add a touch of whimsy to your tumbler with charming accessories. Whether it’s a tiny trinket, a lucky charm, or a mini figurine, these add-ons bring an extra element of fun to your sipping experience. Collect them, swap them, and let your tumbler tell a story.

Double Sided Initial Identification Charm

Stanley Tumbler Heart Shaped Letter Charm


Fear not! Replacement parts are here to save the day and keep your Stanley in tip-top shape.  But why would you need these accessories and replacements, you ask? Well, my friend, it’s all about customization and longevity. Want your Stanley to match your vibe? Switch up the lid in a different color.  Has your straw seen better days, or had a mishap with the garbage disposal? Snag a four pack of replacement straws. Accidentally dropped your bottle during an impromptu dance party?  Well then you’re my kind of people.

Let’s start with the humble straw – the unsung hero of on-the-go sipping. Upgrade your sipping experience with a Stanley-compatible straw. Whether you’re conquering a mountain or just chilling in your backyard, these straws are the perfect backup to keep on hand.  You can find four packs available for the 30 and 40 ounce Quenchers, the IceFlow and the Travel Tumblers.

Adventure Quencher Travel Tumbler Straws | 30 OZ (4-Pack)

Stanley Quencher Tumbler Straws 30 OZ

Now, let’s talk lids – because variety is the spice of life, right? Stanley 1913 lids come in a handful of colors, as well as styles. From Quencher Tumbler and Flowstate Flip Straw-tops for the spontaneous sippers to vacuum bottle stoppers and lids for the meticulous planners, there’s a lid for every pot so to speak. And oh, lids that help prevent leaks and spills – because life’s too short for accidental coffee stains!

The Quencher H2.O Flowstate Tumbler Lid | 40 OZ

The Quencher H2.O Flowstate Tumbler Lid: 40 OZ

So, there you have it, folks – the lowdown on the latest and greatest Stanley 1913 accessories. Upgrade, customize, and sip on, because life’s an adventure, and your Stanley is the perfect sidekick.  Whether you’re looking for a replacement part to add years to your Stanley’s life, or looking for a little razzle dazzle to add some life to it’s years – there’s something for every cup.  Cheers to hydration with style!

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