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WowWee’s Pixie Belles are Even Cuter Than You Could Imagine!

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Move over Pomsies because WowWee’s new Pixie Belles is the cute (and collectible) interactive unicorn hybrid toy your kiddos are going to be begging you for.  Here’s what we know so far!

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Just when you thought you were out of the cute collectible toy zone, they’re baaaackThis time around WowWee (the company that makes your favorite Fingerlings) has just announced that one of the hot must-have toys of the year is going to be Pixie Belles.  These delightful and fun little critters do a bunch of interactive things and, yes, your kiddos have to take care of them.  The best part?  They’re all part unicorn and part, well, something else.  It could be a unicorn hamster, a unicorn cat, and more!

So What Exactly Do Pixie Belles Do?!

You don’t have to guess how Belles are feeling because their magical unicorn horn will light up different colors based on their mood and exactly how they’re feeling.  Here’s some more things they can do:

  • React to clapping and noise
  • Perform 6 different dances
  • Spin all around (depending on how long you give them sweet little kisses for)
  • Make all sorts of noises (yes, including farts because, why not?!)
  • They’ll attach to anywhere on your clothes thanks to the removable magnet
  • Can attach to anything metal like your locker, refrigerator, and more
  • They come with interchangeable (and trade-able) fluffy tails that your kids can use as a tail for their Pixie Belle or a bracelet for themselves or even a hair scrunchie!

What’s the Price Going to Be?

Similar to other popular interactive toys from WowWee, the suggested retail price is just $14.99.  You can’t go wrong with that!

When is the Release Date?

Pixie Belles are slated to be released into the wild on October 1, 2024.

The New Pixie Belles Toy from WowWee – Buy It Here

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