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Amazon’s “Big Style Sale” is Having the Best Fashion Deals Starting NOW!

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Get ready to snag some major deals this summer, thanks to the newly announced “Big Style Sale” that’s slated to be the fashion event of the year at Amazon.  Read on!

Early Access Amazon Big Style Sale Summer Fashion Event & Deals 2024

Amazon′s Big Style Deals!

  • Amazon Announced Their Summer “Big Style Sale” Fashion Event.
  • The Official Start Date is June 22, 2024.
  • It’s set to last between 7-10 days.
  • Expect at least 30% off major fashion designers and brands.
  • Shop current fashion deals happening now.

Don’t worry, Amazon Prime Day is not canceled.  It’s just postponed for now.  However, if you’ve be waiting for a sale, this summer is officially it!

What’s The Big Style Sale All About Anyway?!

In order to help jumpstart the economy due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Amazon announced The Big Style Sale that will focus on seasonal fashion, style and accessories from both major designers and some lesser known brands that are still pretty popular online.  According to recent details, we can expect to see prices slashed by at least 30% off originally priced must-have fashion essentials for women, men, and even the kiddos.

When Does the Fashion Labor Day Sale Event Start (Show Me the Date!)

While some details are still a bit murky, we’re hearing that the sale (that may have it’s name changed to “The Biggest Sale in the Sky” will officially start on Monday June 22, 2024 and will last between 7 to 10 days which could have it ending on or around June 28th or July 1st.  Sounds like it’ll be the perfect time to snag some summer must-haves just in time for the Fourth of July when there’s still plenty of summer left!

Is There Early Access or a Preview Happening?!

Unlike the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, there really isn’t early access to Amazon’s event. If that changes, we’ll keep you posted So, bookmark this page (if people still even do that?!) because we’ll be updating it a variety of top-selling items from major brands and designers like:

✔︎  Sam Edelman
✔︎  Rebecca Minkoff
✔︎  Calvin Klein
✔︎  Diane von Furstenburg
✔︎  Vans
✔︎  Levi’s
✔︎  Adidas
✔︎ So many more…

In the meantime, take a sneak-peek at some of the best fashion sales and deals happening right now.  We’ll be weaving in general categories like:  sandals, dress shoes, dresses, clothing for kids, and a lot more as the days go on, so check back often and happy shopping!

Calvin Klein

Diane von Furstenberg

Ray Ban

Hugo Boss

Tory Burch


Sam Edelman

Marc Jacobs


Stuart Weitzman

Kate Spade

Rebecca Minkoff



Under Armour

You can never go wrong with Under Armour – so snag some official merch on sale while you can!

New Balance