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Mosquito-Approved Deals on Bug Zappers this Memorial Day!

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Say goodbye to pesky mosquitos and hello to a stress free summer with these best-selling bug zappers that are having incredible deals this Memorial Day 2024!

Bug Zapper Deals on Memorial Day 2024! - Sale on Electric Bug & Mosquito Zappers

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Get ready to have a bug-free summer (especially this year) whether it be in your backyard, front yard, or even while camping.  That’s right, it’s officially time to upgrade to one of these pretty amazing bug zappers.  And the good news is that you don’t have to totally burn a hole in your wallet trying to afford one because the deals are on and the prices are low thanks to the Memorial Day sale event!

Whether you want to try and keep the mosquitos and other insects away during the summer or even in the early spring or fall (yes, winter usually takes the season off) one thing is for sure – there are a lot of choices out there so it’s tough to figure out which is the best one for your outdoor needs.  While, yes, most are electric there are ones that double as swatters (so you can make it into a sport), but some have their own fly catchers so you don’t have to have the gross job of cleaning them out, some have UV lighting, and some are even totally waterproof.  You just want to make sure that you’re finding the right size for your outdoor space.  Many will capture up to 1 acre and others are for smaller spaces like your back porch or deck only.

Overall you can get yourself a pretty impactful zapper for as low as $29 (on average) and as high as around $200.  Usually the more expensive ones will capture a larger space and will have more bells and whistles.  And they typically look a bit nicer too.  You can save anywhere from 20% – 50% (on average) on some of the most popular (and highly rated) bug zappers during Memorial Day 2024!   Peace-out mosquitos!

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