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Car-Approved Deals on Floor Mats (and Liners) this Amazon Prime Day!

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Whether you need to replace your old floor mats or just want to upgrade to a customized floor line, right now is a great time to score an amazing deal on a wide variety of them this Amazon Prime Day 2024!

Floor Mat Deals on Amazon Prime Day 2024!   - Sale on Floor Mats & Floor Liners 2024

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Our floor mats really take a beating in the winter with all the snow, ice melters, and nasty salt really wearing them down and, in some cases, tearing them apart.  Replacing them has actually never been easier and more affordable thanks to the currently low prices happening during the Prime Day sale event!  Plus, if you have kids you’re going to want to invest in something that’s easy to clean (read:  liners) so we’ll break down all the best options for you.

Before you pick up a set of four (or less) you’ll have to decide the type of floor mats you’re looking for.  There are a few different types you can choose from and they all have their own pros and cons.  The standard choice is the regular car floor mat.  These can be made of rubber and some carpet material.  They’re pretty universal in size so they won’t always fit in exactly how you’d want them too, but you can always trim them yourself.  The good news is that they’re usually pretty cheap in price.  The other popular option are floor liners.  Individual car manufacturers usually work with the floor liner companies so that they’ll fit extremely well with your year, make, and model.  Just choose those three things and order the ones specific to you. These are usually a bit more expensive, but we found some amazing deals this Amazon Prime Day 2024!

Some of the most popular brands we’ve all come to know and love in WeatherTech (you’ve seen the commercials), Husky, and Rugged Ridge.  Even Amazon has their own brand via AmazonBasic, which are super affordable.  We prefer the more expensive floor liners (go figure) because they fit really well and they’re very easy to clean.  You can remove them, shake them out, vacuum them up, and more.  Scroll down to find our picks for some of the best-of-the-best sales happening now!

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